What if: mobile phone masts expand to such an extent that they almsot overtake the world, like an invasion of daleks?! What if, in the not too distant future, we are only ever 20 metres away from a mobile phone mast? What implications would this have? Is it worth the risk of millions of people being killed off with cancer type illnesses for the sake of having a mobile phone? This is a hidden reality. Yet there must be a cure.

Why does it seem impossible to expand and develop our technology without making it harmful to our health? I feel this is a significant question.

The ancient civilization of Atlantis is said to have destroyed itself through its misuse of advanced technology for negative purposes. The Atlanteans used crystals, telepathy, flight travel over ley lines and many other fine arts.

We now approach 2012 and though our technology is escalating at an enormous rate it also sometimes carries with it serious health problems. It is very useful to be able to pick up a mobile phone and text or phone someone from almost any location and country around the globe. Yet, we are sending electromagnetic stress and radiation into our delicate human systems every time we do this. We have a world full of mobile phone masts giving off huge amounts of elecromagnetic radiation. There has been evidence to suggest that people living near mobile phone masts have been susceptible to various cancers and other health conditions. This news story proves the effect of this:

So what is the answer? We need to communicate with one another, even more than we used to for some reason! A 15 year old boy said to me that if we all stopped using our phones, whether landline or mobiles we would re-discover and develop our psychic and intuitive abilities and people would just meet one another through synchronicity. That may sound far fetched and perhaps it is at the moment, but maybe this is the way forward for the future.

If our health starts deteriorating as rapidly as it appears to be already, then as a human species, what will happen to us? Could we become extinct?

There does seem to be an increase in serious health problems: cancers, unexplained symptoms, mental health problems, ME and others. Yet the connection between these conditions and the world in which we live is not always highlighted. Originally we were designed to live in natural surroundings, living on the land and eating food that grew around us. Many of us now live in cities, surrounded by bill boards, artificial lights shining all night long, noise and fumes of traffic, other types of noise pollution, TV’s, microwaves, fast trains, planes jetting out pollution, chem trails, harsh chemicals in our food, clothing, furniture, the air that we breathe, our vehicles etc etc. We cannot escape the polluted world in which we live. It is no longer a natural world. Our bodies shut down, contract, pull away from the clutter, break down or all manner of things to counteract the invasion they are confronted with perhaps on a daily basis. We get ill, tired, headachy, dizzy, feel sick etc.

My question is, what is the solution? I don’t think we are ready to throw our phones away and master telepathy and synchronicity in an instant. The new kids, the Indigos and crystal children, may well have many of these gifts and they have incarnated at this time for a reason. They have come to help us find new and better ways forward so that 2012 can be a positive turning point in the Earth’s history. But right now, we are all part of this transition, and we can all play a part.

There must be a better technology that works effectively without the use of harmful radiation and electromagnetic stress. Have scientists looked into the power of crystals or sound waves? There may be a new way forwards that has yet to be discovered. I believe this new way must be found soon, as we are all being affected by phone masts, mobile phones, Wi-Fi and all our other gadgets and devices that give off damaging radiation and EF’s.

We are bombarded by advertising and marketing that does a good job of making us feel cool, trendy and part of some community spirit by owning and using the latest style mobile phone with video, photo and Internet technology. Even the term ‘Top up’ sounds like a cool thing to do, when it is simply about paying out more money to talk on an unhealthy device. We do not know the full implications for our health from using mobile phones. We have yet to discover this. Maybe we have to learn through our mistakes as a human race.

If we have the technology to do what, only 10-20 years ago may have seemed impossible, why then can a healthy technological breakthrough not be made? Perhaps there has not been sufficient evidence to show that certain things such as mobile phone masts are bad for our health. Or because our health is not the predominant concern of inventors of new technology. Yet it should be. Everything we do, consume, buy, ingest and use on this planet should be beneficial for our health or at the very least have no adverse effects on us. These should be the criteria under which new inventions are tested and given the go ahead. If they damage our health in any way, then we need to be protected from this or the invention has to be modified.

Why give ourselves further health problems when, as it is, our bodies need regular maintenance to keep them in good shape? This question needs serious consideration.

For further information on electromagnetic stress and protective devices that act against these negative energies see

About Jo Moon

I write the truth as I see it as I believe that Earthly life cannot be sustained in the way it is under current human consciousness. We need to integrate and live with nature as well as having a divine connection. Connection with the divine is so important. I also wish to highlight the work and messages of a group of Archangels and Ascended Masters known collectively as the White Brotherhood. They are here to raise the consciousness of humanity and send healing and light to all living beings and the Earth. I write about animal welfare, as I believe that animals should be treated with love, respect and kindness and therefore should definitely not be eaten. I am vegan and advocate veganism and healthy nutrition. I also write about specific issues which I believe affect us profoundly in our current human lives. These include: the way we bring up and treat children, electromagnetic stress and other forms of pollution, toxicity and spiritual issues, particularly concerning what is happening to the Earth and humanity at this time in the Earth's history. I am also an intuitive healing storyteller. I make up stories as I tell them. Having no idea what a story will be about before I start, one will gradually emmerge and speak profoundly in its magical language to its listeners! There may be surprises for me and others through this process! But the story is always relevant with particular meaning to whoever is listening.
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