The Food That We Eat


I believe there are some serious issues concerning food in the UK and what we eat is of great importance since this contributes to making us who we are.

Food has affects on our moods, energy levels, thoughts, vitality, overall health and well being and spirituality. Therefore we need to be mindful of what and how we eat.

I am writing my manifesto for the UK, but it could equally apply to other countries. I don’t have experience of living elsewhere to be able to comment strongly. I have written this as a result of observation and experience in my own country and of trying to live an almost 100% organic and vegan lifestyle. But it is also based on experiences of friends who have told me they would eat organic and healthier food if it was more easily available. One of these comments came from a friend living in London which I found completely surprising!  TRYING TO EAT HEALTHILY SHOULD NOT BE LIKE A HARD STRUGGLE UP A STEEP MOUNTAIN. IT SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED.

  • Healthy food would be encouraged everywhere and unhealthy food discouraged. 

  • By law every new food product would be tested and presented in front of a food and nutrition body. This body would investigate whether the food had health giving properties and benefits. If not, the food would not be permitted to go into production. All food would need to be certified as being of health value. Therefore something like candy floss or other sweets which are purely refined sugar would not pass this test. A food with high levels of toxic pesticides would not pass the test and neither would a food containing addictive e-numbers and other additives.
  • Food in general would need to be whole-food and not highly processed or with chemicals replacing natural ingredients.
  • Every advertisement for a food product, in whatever form of media, would need to include at least one health giving property of the product.
  • Health food supermarkets would exist in every town and city by law. These supermarkets would provide purely organic whole-foods, be ethical and have a wide range of health foods available. Information would be given on the food and its nutritional and health values. Information talks and events would be presented on healthy eating and lifestyle, with films, interactive events and possibly live theatre. The whole shop would be geared towards helping people establish healthy eating habits and living in a healthy and holistic way.

  • Subsidies would enable health foods and particularly organic produce to be cheaper. Non organic and less healthy food would be more expensive.

  • Every food outlet whether restaurant, takeaway, cafe, shop or refreshment trolley on public transport would need to sell healthy food and drink e.g. organic, herbal teas, superfoods, fresh locally grown produce, healthy snacks.

  • Incentives would be given to all farmers to grow organic and non organic farms would be have bigger taxes or licence fees to pay.

  • Regular tests would be carried out to check levels of pesticides and other harmful chemicals in the air. The results would be investigated thoroughly and non organic farms made to revert to organic or close down if necessary to protect organic farms from becoming contaminated.

  • New crops would be encouraged to grow such as hemp in place of wheat. Hemp would then be used to produce fabric, oil, seeds, milk and many other products.

  • The meat trade would be banned altogether and there would be no further slaughtering or eating of animals. The nation would become vegetarian to start with and eventually vegan. Animals would roam freely and assist with work where necessary. Fishing would also be prohibited.

  • New health centres would spring up in every town and city to teach people about healthy eating and other health issues. Talks and events would be given for free.

  • GM crops would be banned.

  • Food would also be seen as a medicine. Dietary advice would be automatically given as part of a health consultation with a ‘new doctor’. For example a person may need a detox diet, a high iron or protein diet, high vitamin C intake etc. Someone with anxiety or mental health issues may benefit from foods and drinks with a calming influence and would be informed about these.


  • The current trend of tea and coffee drinking would change to a predominance of herbal tea bars, juice and smoothie bars. The rich variety of herbal teas would be seen as a pleasure to indulge in and people would want to gain the maximum health benefits from tea drinking. Tea bars would become the thing to do. Beautiful hand crafted teapots and coffee pots (for dandelion and fig coffee) would be used. Tea strainers in all shapes and sizes would be used. The trend of these tea bars would come about due to a mass shift in consciousness, but also through promotion of the concept. Tea and coffee with caffeine would no longer be available. Raw chocolate and superfood snacks as well as other healthy snacks would be served with drinks if required.

  • A little aside from food in general, the ambiance and intention of cafes, restaurants and tea bars would be to create a space of health whereby the nutritional and nourishing intake for people would be to the maximum. Music would be soothing, spiritual or uplifting. Attention would be taken to the words of songs so that nothing detrimental or negative was played. Words and screen showings on walls would be on themes of love, peace, joy and rejuvenation.

  • Pubs and places selling alcohol would no longer exist. These would all be replaced by the tea bars and healing centres.

  • Drinking water would be tested thoroughly and cleaned with crystals and other purifying agents, not involving toxic chemicals. Fluoride would not be added to drinking water. Systems such as reversed osmosis would be used in tap water.

That is all for now, but please add your own suggestions to this list or question anything I have written here in the comments box or by email.  

Some of this may sound extreme but I do believe this will be the state of things in the not too distant future.

We cannot go on as we are where the world we currently live in is not designed to give us good health. We can however reverse this if we change the way we live in big ways. We will then see the benefits for us as a human race as well as for the planet through making these changes.

About Jo Moon

I write the truth as I see it as I believe that Earthly life cannot be sustained in the way it is under current human consciousness. We need to integrate and live with nature as well as having a divine connection. Connection with the divine is so important. I also wish to highlight the work and messages of a group of Archangels and Ascended Masters known collectively as the White Brotherhood. They are here to raise the consciousness of humanity and send healing and light to all living beings and the Earth. I write about animal welfare, as I believe that animals should be treated with love, respect and kindness and therefore should definitely not be eaten. I am vegan and advocate veganism and healthy nutrition. I also write about specific issues which I believe affect us profoundly in our current human lives. These include: the way we bring up and treat children, electromagnetic stress and other forms of pollution, toxicity and spiritual issues, particularly concerning what is happening to the Earth and humanity at this time in the Earth's history. I am also an intuitive healing storyteller. I make up stories as I tell them. Having no idea what a story will be about before I start, one will gradually emmerge and speak profoundly in its magical language to its listeners! There may be surprises for me and others through this process! But the story is always relevant with particular meaning to whoever is listening.
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