By Jo Moon

This is a new concept but a much needed one. There are already transition towns based on the concept of certain people choosing to help create a more sustainable environment where they live. The idea I am proposing here is going a few steps further than this.

Going a few steps further...

We live in a polluted world. We live under an umbrella of toxicity.

Our trees are even diminishing. The world and humanity is in desperate need of healing. The toxicity we live under is not just chemical but also emotional, spiritual and mental. There are negative thought forms, a spiritual disconnection and emotional turbulence. All this is not surprising considering the kind of unsympathetic world we live in.

The Christmas Tree Graveyard

The world is indeed in chaos: wars, famine; starvation in one part of the world and over-eating in another; unhealthy lifestyles and nutrition, dependence on legal and illegal drugs, alcohol and financial collapse. We have not learnt how to live in harmony with ourselves let alone with other life forms. We are killing plants, trees and animals for our own means with little thought to the destruction we are causing. Nature will not tolerate this and will fight back eventually.

This is a summary of life on planet Earth currently. We are now in 2012 when great changes can occur and a golden opportunity to set things right and get on track again in our true God like forms.

A New Golden Opportunity Awaits

We can rectify every negative situation in the world with the right will and intention. We are being helped by many unseen beings in other dimensions and on other planets. Without their help we may not have survived this long.

We need to build communities of light in many rural parts of the globe. These communities of eco-dwellings, powered by the sun and wind, will create great light which will spread across the world sending out healing. People are already gathering together to create these communities.

What we also need is for specific towns and villages (new or existing ones) to devote themselves to being HEALING TOWNS OR VILLAGES

These towns/villages would be run in a very specific way and would only allow people to live there who are dedicated to living a healthy and healing lifestyle.

  • Pubs, bars and nightclubs would not exist and alcohol would not be permitted to be sold in any shop or outlet. Cigarettes would also be banned from being sold or smoked anywhere. In place of these would be juice bars, healing bars, raw chocolate bars and healing dance venues. There would be plenty of healing and healthy activities for young people and adults. 
  • There would be a central large holistic health centre with low cost and subsidised healing and therapeutic activities for everyone. This would also be a venue for meditation, yoga and other such classes, creative healing arts, a spiritual sanctuary, talks, workshops and support for living a healthy lifestyle.
  • These towns would have beautiful gardens and lots of trees, plants and greenery in many places. There would be central composting schemes whereby waste vegetable/fruit matter could be collected from homes and used to make community compost. There would be growing schemes whereby fruit and vegetables are grown within the town or on the outskirts specifically for local use and sold at markets and local shops.
  • A central large health food store would be created in place of supermarkets. It would also have low cost products and could be a co-operative.
  • Wind turbines would be in operation (possibly a wind farm in nearby countryside) and solar run events, shops and cafes.
  • There would be vegan and vegetarian cafes and restaurants catering for specialist dietary needs and no meat eating outlets allowed. Therefore shops would not be permitted to sell any form of meat or fish in any form.
  • Everyone living in this town/village would need to be totally committed to this way of living and wanting to live a healthy, meat, alcohol and drug free existence.
  • There would be no wi-fi, mobile phone or tetra masts.
  • Public transport would be greatly encouraged and made easy and low cost.

  • People living in these towns and villages would need to contribute as much as they are able from their own funds to make the venture work. Investors would be needed rather than dependence on government.
  • Schools would be within an alternative framework giving children more of what they really need. Children would contribute to the running and creation of the school based on their own ideas and needs.
  • There would not be a council. Local residents would form their own self governing body which could be a co-operative or similar organisation. A constitution of sorts would be drawn up so it would be completely clear what the ethos of this town/village was. Each town could add its own specific ideas to these central themes.

  • A larger body/organisation would provide funds and other support to all of these HEALING TOWNS/VILLAGES when needed.

This is an ideal and it is all possible if enough people wish to live in this way and support such a scheme. It is quite different to how most towns are run now. Alcohol is usually a central theme, pubs being even in the smallest of villages. This needs to change dramatically if we wish to survive as a human race. We have to rethink our whole way of living down to the tiniest detail.

If you have any comments to make on this idea please write in the comment box below as I would be very interested to know others’ views on this concept. Or email me directly on the contact page. Thank-you!

About Jo Moon

I write the truth as I see it as I believe that Earthly life cannot be sustained in the way it is under current human consciousness. We need to integrate and live with nature as well as having a divine connection. Connection with the divine is so important. I also wish to highlight the work and messages of a group of Archangels and Ascended Masters known collectively as the White Brotherhood. They are here to raise the consciousness of humanity and send healing and light to all living beings and the Earth. I write about animal welfare, as I believe that animals should be treated with love, respect and kindness and therefore should definitely not be eaten. I am vegan and advocate veganism and healthy nutrition. I also write about specific issues which I believe affect us profoundly in our current human lives. These include: the way we bring up and treat children, electromagnetic stress and other forms of pollution, toxicity and spiritual issues, particularly concerning what is happening to the Earth and humanity at this time in the Earth's history. I am also an intuitive healing storyteller. I make up stories as I tell them. Having no idea what a story will be about before I start, one will gradually emmerge and speak profoundly in its magical language to its listeners! There may be surprises for me and others through this process! But the story is always relevant with particular meaning to whoever is listening.
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6 Responses to HEALING TOWNS

  1. Thank-you, Jo. What a vision indeed! My first reaction was a weary, sardonic smile. But then I experienced the purity of your suggestions. Yes; it can be done. But how to start?
    Perhaps it needs to grow organically, like a seed, from a small community, as every great city did.
    Or like the hyacinth bulbs, that were once ‘blind’ and now fill my living space with the very purest of perfumes.
    Please keep me in touch. God bless your Faith in the good.
    (PS I found the picture of an angel somewhat offputting. Not because I am anti-angels. But because the image was, I thought, a bit of a cliche.)

  2. Jo Moon says:

    Dear Michael,

    Thank you for your valid and honest comments. I would love to know what kind of picture you think may be more suitable for the beginning of this article. Also, feel free to forward me one if you have or find something suitable. I am always open to these sort of suggestions. I chose an angel to demonstrate that when a town, centre, or any venture takes on a healing or spiritual focus it is most likely due to angelic guidance – or beings from higher dimensions. We do not physically see a lot of what is going on in our lives. There are unseen forces helping, guiding and protecting us all the time, but I am sure you know this! The angels/God guide people, organisations and groups and then we often find ourselves being prompted to do or say things perhaps unexpectedly and energy flows and expands to create sometimes great manifestations!

    Regarding the evolution of these new towns, I believe that in this auspicious year of 2012 when the world is being forced to change quite radically, we cannot know what miracles may yet happen! I was particularly inspired by the channelled talk I heard on 2012 by my good friend Ja’been, who channelled words of the White Brethren concerning the great light which will come to Earth at the latter part of this year.

    It is in the raising of our consciousness that great and positive change can occur and this will happen quite rapidly this year and particularly at the latter part.

    To read transcripts of these 2012 talks please see: http://www.ghaen.net/messages-and-teachings.html or go to http://www.ghaen.net and see ‘messages and teachings’.

    Please keep your comments, ideas and inspirations coming in. We can all help to manifest a bright new golden planet for us all!

  3. Jenny says:

    I love the idea of a vegan village/town/country and have often spoken about – and wished for – such a place. However, I would need Wifi and my mobile – sorry! 🙂

  4. Jo Moon says:

    Thank you for your comment Jenny – its great to know that others aspire to this idea too! I quite understand your need for mobile phone communication and I would probably need the same myself. However wi-fi and mobile phone masts currently have very negative effects on our overall health (you can read about this on other articles I have written on this site).

    I believe there must be a better alternative whereby we can use our mobile devices to communicate with one another but where there are no health risks. I am not a scientist and therefore do not know the answer to this but I feel sure there is a solution out there somewhere. If technology can reach the complexity and heights that it has done so far, then surely the next stage is to make it safe and healthy as well!

    I hope that clarifies my vision and please send any further comments in on this topic! Thank-you!

  5. Pip Sparkles says:

    Thank-you so much for showing me that I am not the only living soul wanting healing for a planet. I agreed with everything you said, untill (really sorry to bring a bit of dark with me, but I believe in balance not in light or dark individually.) You started making big rules. Some that would even exclude me a very like minded person to your-self.
    I agree with ‘being the change’, but I feel what you are proposing is just going to re-create a very similar society. I believe that in the extreme there should be no money, no rules as such. So I too don’t know how to do it. And other than what I am doing. Which is to take all my guiding principles and build them in my back garden and share it with my neighbours (regardless of who they are or what they believe or what they have done ‘wrong’) I would love for this to spread and I think I am on the brink of watching that happen, but I feel I need more energy from others wanting the same things. I have the energy of the planet but I am still learning how to tap into that. I am going to mark this page and watch this space, as if your proposal works I will think again and go for setting one up.
    Hope I have not offended. I want to convey my support but also to let you know my position is slightly different, although I think we want the same result.
    Love Pixi

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fruit juice is not healthy at all. Google Dr Robert Lustig.

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