A large part of Europe has been blanketed in brilliant white snow this month. In my own town in the south of England I experienced it too.

Snow brings out a magic which doesn’t always exist in mundane life. I was walking through the snow filled town and countryside in the space of a few hours and everything was lit up in a completely different way.

The sounds of traffic have diminished in this new, sometimes silent world. The trees and lamp-posts glisten with a new sparkle. Roads are pure white without roaring cars, buses and lorries. Icicles hang in unexpected places. The sky is a mysterious looking grey-white. Everything stands out in a more magical way.

Time disappears under the snow

Children and adults build snowmen, snow-houses even, throw snowballs and sledge down the hill slopes. Play and mischief is everywhere, like the fairy kingdom in A Midsummers Night Dream.

It is this fun, magic and play which the snow brings out in us and which we need more of in the world. It is so easy to be bogged down in financial worries, the hardships of work and family life and the troubles of the world. I am not saying this is negative because we are all affected by these things and sometimes it is unavoidable. But to create the right balance we need to bring out the magic and fun in life a bit more.

When we have fun, laugh, sing, play music, dance and just play we can manifest many great things for ourselves because we are changing our energy. It is truly the answer to many of our woes in life! But this should not be done through alcohol or drugs of any kind which create further problems.

Try making part of your day just fun time, or do the mundane but bring an element of fun into it. Do something ridiculous, silly, amusing to yourself.

  • Sing while you do the washing up
  • Play with your pets or children
  • Dance from one room to the other
  • Jump up and down
  • Pretend you are an animal and see how you move or make sounds as this creature
  • Try drawing, scribbling (It doesn’t have to be good or look like anything at all!)
  • Write a list of all the things you love to do
  • Indulge in a feast of tasty thoughts and ideas
  • Write a few sentences about how you’d like the world to be or how you’d like your world to be
  • Walk down a path you have never been down before
  • Canter like a horse
  • Take photos of unusual sights in your neighbourhood
  • Just say ‘OM’ three times out loud
  • Say ‘I am happy!’ even if you aren’t

If non of these suggestions appeal to you, make up your own! What is it you love to do just for fun? (but not alcohol, drugs, cream cakes, chocolate or any of those kind of things!)

The magic in life could be brought out more

We live in a world where people often reluctantly get up and go to work in a routine they are not happy with. People sit cramped together on a commuter train where everyone dives into a newspaper and avoids everyone else. We are pressurised by adverts. There are bills to pay. We are saturated by toxic chemicals everywhere we go. We don’t necessarily have contact with nature. We have pressures, responsibilities and time limits. The roads are noisy. People are in a hurry.

Here are some ways in which magic could be brought back into life:

  • Car free days where no-one drives a car at all for one day a month. This could apply to particular towns.

  • Free cups of herbal tea could be offered to commuters on trains. Each person is entitled to one cup. There are no conditions on this and no adverse motive involved! Free tea could be offered between 7-9am and 4-7pm.

  • There is a games room on each train. Everyone who goes into the room plays a game facilitated by a person employed to do this. There could be a small payment for playing games.

  • Books/pamphlets about spiritual matters in a light hearted/’easy to read’ way could be freely available on trains. These pamphlets could be about the difficulties we face in life and ways of dealing with them. See

  • Train and bus stations could have a prayer, meditation and relaxation room with soothing music.                                                      

  • Every town could have a policy of using bright and colourful colours on its buildings including the colour gold.
  • Positive words and sentences could be hung up on billboards and banners in towns such as ‘Be Love Today’, ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, ‘Love yourself’, ‘God loves you no matter what’, ‘Walk your truth’, ‘The day is yours. Just be yourself.’
  • Spiritual choirs that sing in towns, streets and at events to bring in positive energy. Music could include mantras, Sanskrit chants and use of sacred instruments such as Tibetan bells and bowls.

  • Use of crystals in government, local councils, organisations and for individual homes. Crystals could be seen as an essential component to creating a positive environment and positivity between people in general. They could be used for many different purposes.
  • Use of pyramids of different sizes in towns, villages, events, organisations for positive healing and spiritual energy.

The point of these suggestions is that life could be made more helpful and enjoyable for people in small ways rather than making it a burden, a difficulty and a way of getting money out of the population.

Small gestures can make a lot of difference in a person’s day. Currently people often search for something more pleasant through mobile phones or eating junk or sugary food.

We can co-create this world to make it more magical, spiritual and less of the mundane

Many of us love to watch fantasy and sci-fi films. No matter what we believe in we watch films and read books about magic, fairies, elves and gnomes, goblins, spells, witches and wizards, aliens, other planets, other worlds, other dimensions…We really crave all these things, otherwise why are these books and films so popular: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars?

Ask yourself, if you could bring one element of these books and films into your life what would it be? I am really interested in your answers to this question and any comments on the subject so please write any ideas below! Thank-you!

Finally, the more we notice the smallest pieces of magic in our own lives the more these elements will grow and grow. We may indeed be very surprised by what we then discover!


About Jo Moon

I write the truth as I see it as I believe that Earthly life cannot be sustained in the way it is under current human consciousness. We need to integrate and live with nature as well as having a divine connection. Connection with the divine is so important. I also wish to highlight the work and messages of a group of Archangels and Ascended Masters known collectively as the White Brotherhood. They are here to raise the consciousness of humanity and send healing and light to all living beings and the Earth. I write about animal welfare, as I believe that animals should be treated with love, respect and kindness and therefore should definitely not be eaten. I am vegan and advocate veganism and healthy nutrition. I also write about specific issues which I believe affect us profoundly in our current human lives. These include: the way we bring up and treat children, electromagnetic stress and other forms of pollution, toxicity and spiritual issues, particularly concerning what is happening to the Earth and humanity at this time in the Earth's history. I am also an intuitive healing storyteller. I make up stories as I tell them. Having no idea what a story will be about before I start, one will gradually emmerge and speak profoundly in its magical language to its listeners! There may be surprises for me and others through this process! But the story is always relevant with particular meaning to whoever is listening.
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