Autumn scene in midsummer UK

By Jo Moon

Brown leaves scattered on summer ground

Some leaves in the UK this summer are brown. They are dry and falling off the trees. They have been burnt by the high winds. Maybe they think its Autumn. There are brown leaves scattered on the ground amidst summer flowers. This is unusual. Summer leaves are usually green and autumn leaves multicoloured.

Daisies and brown leaves at midsummer

Large clumps of seaweed have been washed up in the tides. There are lines and lines of green, purple and black seaweed along the south coast. I was surprised to see so much seaweed. Due to the high winds and rough seas, unusually in summer time, the seaweed has been wrenched from the sea bed and scattered on our beaches. It is now dead, just as the brown leaves are.

Dead seaweed stranded on the shore

I look at people’s faces. They look distressed and anxious but far more than this. I see in people a feeling of being wrenched from their roots and flung overboard into a deep dark ocean. That ocean is the place where all our fears, worries, emotional issues and past life memories come to the surface. It is a difficult place and it speaks of a vast truth inside us of who we are at a deep soul level.

We have lived many times before in distant ages. We do not remember much but we may be affected by these past experiences on a regular basis.

Workhouse   dog and boy 2   

We are drawn to certain people and retract from others. We have severe difficulties with certain people which cannot readily be explained by circumstances in this life time alone. We have gifts and skills we have brought from previous incarnations and we have unfinished business too.


In 2012 many of us are trying to deal with lifetimes of experience and emotional and physical traumas which are embedded in our bodily cells. We need to clear out many issues in order to prepare for what is to come at the end of this year. We are not all doing this on a conscious level, however it is happening nevertheless. The extremes of weather and unusual conditions are reflective also of what is happening inside us as a human race and individually.

After torrential rain

There are many ways in which emotional issues are extracted and healed from the physical and etheric body

Healing of various kinds can help greatly. Physical ailments and illnesses also release emotional pain and toxicity. If emotional issues are not faced head on and recognized then difficult life situations may occur to bring out the emotions.


You may experience arguments, accidents, traumatic situations of various kinds. Some of these may be reflective of inner emotional turmoil. Others may reflect past life issues that have not been dealt with or healed. Some patterns may occur and re-occur many times before a change can happen.


It is always best to seek healing and look after your health on all levels as much as possible so as to avoid difficult life situations. Look at your emotional health often and find out how you really feel. You can do this by writing, drawing, talking to a close friend or counsellor or receiving healing. By having healing you cannot totally avoid challenging life situations. However these can lesson the more you take time to look inward.

Art therapy

It is not easy to look at ourselves, feel our emotions and express them in a constructive way as this is not the way most of us have been brought up. We are not taught about our many complex emotions in school, at home or anywhere else. We have been taught (on the whole) to hide them away like little annoying monsters and pretend they don’t exist. We have been taught to eat cake or something nice and sweet, smoke, get drunk or take drugs. We have been taught to indulge ourselves in TV watching, sport, sex or numerous other activities which take us away from how we are really feeling.

 Eating Cake

2012 is a new era and it is time we showed our true faces, our true selves and learnt to take off our masks. We cannot go on pretending we are ok while we slowly kill ourselves off with drugs of various kinds denying our complex emotions which are desperately trying to speak! I am not saying this is easy as I know it is not. But we have to change our habits as a human race now if we wish to survive our new climate on planet Earth.

Chichiri Taking Off his Mask

We are indeed like the new seasons. Summer this year in Britain is sometimes winter, sometimes autumn and sometimes spring. Occasionally it actually does seem like summer! One day I am still wearing a woolly hat and rain coat and having to put a heater on indoors. Another day I am lying out on the beach in shorts. Something is very different this year.

winter in summer  Sun  Autumn Days

By the end of this year something will be vastly different. This information was channelled to me during a talk last year. There have been numerous predictions about this year. We are at a turning point in the Earth’s history and something is going to change dramatically as we enter the new world.

In order to embrace this positive new world we must look inward, connect to the divine part of ourselves and take on a spiritual practice in order to be centred and connected to the divine as much as possible. This will make life far easier and more progressive for us all.

Spiritual practice

I wish you the very best in your life journey. May it go well. May you find what is in your heart to do with your life according to your unique purpose. May you learn how to deal with your own emotional life through all its many seasons!

Summer UK rose

Storytelling can help during these changing times. Stories speak a metaphorical language which helps us understand what is going on in our lives and on the planet as a whole. We are given the bigger picture from a divine source. My stories aim to inspire and give hope and reassurance in an often difficult world. Please see the storytelling section of this site for further information. I offer 1:1 storytelling, group sessions and workshops, performances and storytelling parties at your home or other venue for children and adults. Please contact me at if you would like to hear some stories or book me for a storytelling event.


About Jo Moon

I write the truth as I see it as I believe that Earthly life cannot be sustained in the way it is under current human consciousness. We need to integrate and live with nature as well as having a divine connection. Connection with the divine is so important. I also wish to highlight the work and messages of a group of Archangels and Ascended Masters known collectively as the White Brotherhood. They are here to raise the consciousness of humanity and send healing and light to all living beings and the Earth. I write about animal welfare, as I believe that animals should be treated with love, respect and kindness and therefore should definitely not be eaten. I am vegan and advocate veganism and healthy nutrition. I also write about specific issues which I believe affect us profoundly in our current human lives. These include: the way we bring up and treat children, electromagnetic stress and other forms of pollution, toxicity and spiritual issues, particularly concerning what is happening to the Earth and humanity at this time in the Earth's history. I am also an intuitive healing storyteller. I make up stories as I tell them. Having no idea what a story will be about before I start, one will gradually emmerge and speak profoundly in its magical language to its listeners! There may be surprises for me and others through this process! But the story is always relevant with particular meaning to whoever is listening.
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    Great article Jo. Really enjoyed the content and the way you wrote it. Saving this one!

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