I have not updated this website for some time now due to an initially shocking diagnosis of cancer 2 years ago and then receiving the divine blessing of this and full healing. As a result of my journey I have written an information document consisting of everything I did to heal myself totally holistically through divine guidance. I am now posting this for it to be of benefit to whoever needs this information. There is a huge increase in cancer on this planet and we must look at why this is and what can create true healing. The information I am conveying here is simply me sharing what has helped me enormously. I am not making any claims about anything except to say that I know what has helped me and what I believe can help others, whatever people choose to take from this information. NAMASTE.

Written September 2014 – updated throughout 2015

For the Holistic Approach to the Healing and Care of Cancer

I have written this information, mainly from everything that has helped me on my totally holistic journey through cancer (with no medical intervention of any kind), having been diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2013. Through having an alternative, advanced technology scan called Asyra in July 2014 and repeated in March 2015 I discovered that all cancer had left my physical body and energy field. I now wish to share this information about the remedies, practitioners and other aspects that have helped me to heal in the hope that others can also benefit and find greater health and healing. Each person is different in the specific needs they may have but I have experienced how holistic healing from cancer can be possible if the right conditions are met. May this information help you or anyone you know who is on a cancer healing journey. Even if there is just one piece of information here that could be of benefit may it help you profoundly.

Please note: all phone numbers listed are UK mobile and landline numbers so please adapt according to whichever country you live in.


No-one here claims to be able to cure cancer but each one offers specialized help to assist with holistic health and healing necessary on the cancer healing journey.


My whole cancer journey was guided every step of the way by the Ascended Masters and Archangels (collectively known as White Brotherhood) as channelled by my good friend Jabeen. They guided me about which practitioners to see and when and advice about diet and supplements. At each phase the timing was crucial as to what to do when and I maintained my faith in this higher guidance as I would otherwise not have known what to do or how to cope. They also gave me a great deal of healing during this time which is accessible to anyone simply by asking out loud or in the mind (preferably when in a state of rest). I spent a great deal of time resting and receiving healing in Jabeen’s sanctuary in Wells, Somerset where there is a high level of spiritual and healing energy and a strong presence of White Brotherhood. However, it is not necessary to be in this sanctuary to receive their healing. Please do not be put off by the name ‘White Brotherhood’! They are a large group of beings, some incarnate on the planet currently and others in the spirit realms. They are here to help and are a mixture of female and male energies.

The Archangels and Ascended Masters are available to help and heal anyone who is suffering physically, mentally or emotionally in any way and you may ask for their or God’s help in your mind at any time.

Jabeen is a highly attuned channeller who brings profound messages from the higher realms to guide, protect and bring healing to those who ask. During a reading the Archangels and Ascended Masters or just one Archangel inhabit her body. They speak through her to give the person a higher perspective on their life path, health and all aspects of their being. In this way they can see very clearly details about a person’s health condition and can advise about the best course of action whatever that may be. They may advise about the best practitioner to see, advice about food and supplements, emotional well-being, lifestyle etc. During a channelling they also transmit healing energy which is of a high vibration and can assist a person in a profound way. Jabeen gives readings mainly by phone and also in person in her sanctuary in Wells, Somerset, UK or on Skype.

Jabeen is currently running a very powerful weekly Inner Child Healing Group in her sanctuary in Wells and a monthly group in Totnes. This is led by the Ascended Masters and Archangels as channelled by Jabeen. Participants identify current life situations and issues causing difficulty or suffering and locate these issues in the body. Focusing on this area they are guided to look deeper into childhood issues and situations where these difficulties originated. The issue may be extracted permanently by people visualizing energy in the form of shapes and colours moving through the body. In this way deep emotional issues can be removed from the body permanently in a very short period of time creating deep transformation. The final stage of the process is to ask inwardly what one wishes to create in place of the difficulty or issue. This process can be used at any time to clear emotional issues quickly. Jabeen also offers 1:1 sessions by phone, skype or in person.

I cannot emphasize enough how much this spiritual guidance and the inner child work helped me. I was scared, confused and shocked when I was first diagnosed yet was constantly reassured that all would be well, I would fully heal, I would not die and that there would be many blessings through this cancer experience. This has all proved to be very true.I will write more about this in future posts.

Tel: 07902556789

Email: ghaenmail@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.ghaen.net Jabeen has channelled an e-book, Connecting Heaven and Earth, available for free download on this website.


Sean dowses, using a pendulum, for overall health issues and is able to find out if a person’s body contains parasites, geopathic stress, candida, viruses, bacteria or an imbalance of metals, oxygen or PH levels. He will see if there is heavy metal poisoning or deficiencies of vitamins, minerals or nutrients. Many of these conditions are often present alongside cancer and he generally clears these imbalances first. He can dowse for what supplements are most effective for a person. With cancer Sean is able to re-balance the area around the tumour site, removing toxins, parasites or whatever else may be causing a blockage. He also works on balancing oxygen and PH levels. Through his homeopathic remedies and other holistic supplements he is potentially able to create a healthy environment in the tumour site area and other parts of the body which can more easily encourage healing. Sean has researched the potential causes and treatment of cancer through his work and has very beneficial and specialised knowledge that can help profoundly.


Book with secretary – 01803 863110 or email Sean: medicaldowser@gmail.com


German New Medicine has a specific interpretation on all illness and particularly on cancer. Bill will diagnose the emotional reasons for cancer being in a particular area and side of the body and will talk with you about what shock or trauma you may have experienced before being diagnosed and what resolution occurred concerning this just prior to diagnosis. Having identified these factors in an hour’s consultation Bill will then offer EFT. This involves tapping parts of the body such as face and head and repeating statements to do with letting go of old issues and expressing feelings about trauma from the past.

Bill is based in Totnes but happy to travel around giving his fascinating and entertaining talks on this subject.

Tel: 07598 288 446

Website: www.eftandmatrix.com


Stephen offers psychic surgery at his clinic in Essex on certain days of each month which are stated on his website. You can book on the website for an appointment on these days or you can just turn up by 1pm on the day. Everyone who turns up by this time will be seen. Stephen’s surgery is very powerful and can have profound results leading potentially to full healing if that is for the highest good and if all aspects of a person are ready for such healing.

Be prepared for a short session with Stephen involving lying on a couch and Stephen connecting to his spirit helpers including a former surgeon. He works directly over your skin but not on the actual skin (apart from using cotton wool and water). He uses surgical instruments such as scissors and scalpel like a physical surgeon but these do not make contact with your skin. He works on the etheric body. It may feel as if he is working on the physical as the etheric and physical are so closely connected. You may have a small scar by the end and the sensation of bleeding or being cut during surgery. The scar will disappear within a day or two! You may even feel feint or woozy after surgery. That is because Stephen works with high energy and the process he performs is very strong. You will need to rest well afterwards and watch the changes in yourself following surgery. The operation itself will last about 2-4 minutes. Stephen does not always have time for chatting or engaging in questions when he is busy so be prepared for possibly a quick and functional procedure. His surgery can be a highly beneficial, transformative experience however. He also offers healing if you prefer this. Cost is relatively low at £30 for any treatment. He also offers distant healing if this is required.

Danbury Clinic Tel (9.30-1.30pm): 01245 348 325

Website: www.stephenturoff.com or www.ministrymoe.org


Frank uses a Bio-Resonance device to find out the condition of a person’s health. This can be a short or in depth reading highlighting issues such as heavy metal poisoning, candida, parasites, electromagnetic stress and levels of radiation in the body. He can do this by email as is not resident in the UK. He also sells various devices to assist a person’s health. These include mobile phone and computer protectors and a Feng Shui device for the home which prevents biological damage affecting a person through the effects of electromagnetic stress emitted from phone masts, pylons and so on. These are all ways in which the body can be protected from further stress and damage. He tests all products on the bio-resonance machine to establish which are the best, most effective products available to protect health.



This is an alternative and safer method of scanning for either whole or part of the body (though they do recommend you have this alongside hospital scans). It does cost, however please see sources of funding below. This scan shows up cancer in the body when it has not even grown enough to be detectable by mammagram. It shows the very early signs and therefore can also be used as an early detection agent and as a yearly scan. Clinics are based in Exeter, Totnes and other areas of the UK by request for groups.

The imaging is done by heat which shows areas of the body where there is activity. This could indicate malignancy/cancer or could be other activity such as detoxing.

Website: www.thermalogica.co.uk

Tel: 0844 332 1711

Or: Rosa Hughes also does this independently around the UK. She also has a DVD you can buy which highlights the defects and drawbacks of mammagrams.

Tel: 07736 521 789 Email: rosa@medscans.co.uk


Isobel works intuitively to find the flower essences that will help a person in a holistic way to greater well being on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level. She works closely with flowers and makes a mix suitable for any individual. This is very helpful on any transformational/healing journey to help with a healing process. Isobel makes individual remedies for each person and sends through the post with a written description.

I found Isobel’s flower remedies assisted me in dealing with strong and difficult emotions at various times. Tel: 07790909165


This is how I discovered all cancer had left my body. An advanced technology which scans the whole body and gives an in depth report of any abnormalities in the body which can be hundreds! It can show allergies, intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, illnesses, parasites, fungus, miasms, food additives and toxins etc. A specialist cancer programme can also be used which detects if there is cancer anywhere in the body and at what level it is. The results are received on a computer by using electrodes which send a pulse through the body. At the end of the scan the machine itself makes up a homeopathic remedy to rectify the imbalances along with any supplement and dietary advice you may be given.

To find a practitioner in your area:

http://www.asyra.co.uk/find-a-practitioner/ or Tel: 01730 233 414

Sarah Miners in Pilton near Glastonbury (also nutritional therapist) –

Tel: 07701074875 or email: sarah_miners@hotmail.com Nutritional advice can be incorporated into the Asyra consultation if you choose. Dietary advice is given by using the Asyra equipment to see what may be missing in the diet or what is needed most. (I had my scan with Sarah).


Specialist dietary and supplement advice to help with the treatment of cancer and other health conditions: Tel: 01508 481957 W: www.inbeingwell.com, www.glutenfreedairyfree.com


Beautiful location where anyone who has ever had a cancer diagnosis may benefit from services it offers. A person’s supporters, carers or close family and friends are also entitled to use facilities and attend courses. You may stay on residential courses which are there to help anyone on a cancer journey whether receiving conventional medical treatment or/and holistic treatment. All services are offered on a donation basis making it accessible to anyone. Healthy, delicious and mainly organic meals are provided on all courses and can also be bought if attending the centre for a day. Courses focus on basic meditation and relaxation methods, healing, nutrition, mindfulness, emotional support, spiritual aspects of living with cancer and general holistic wellbeing and support.

There are medical doctors who give consultations on some courses with a very holistic view point. There are also day courses on nutrition/cookery, Nordic walking, chi-gong, yoga, singing etc. People are also free to use the facilities at the centre which include art room, library, sanctuary space and you can book to have lunch. There are beautiful grounds to walk in. Following an initial Introductory day people are free to access all these services. It is also possible to arrange a course of holistic therapies, healing, consultations with the centre doctors or nutritionalists. The ethos of the centre is to cater for whatever needs a person has in relation to their illness and the effect of it on their life.

I have found this a truly nurturing, caring and relaxing place where it is like staying at a holistic 5 star hotel with amazing and delicious healthy food served 5 times a day during residential courses!


Tel: 01275 376100



Salvestrol Platinum is a food supplement made of the bitter part of fruits. This part of the fruit is used to kill fungus in order to protect the fruit. Therefore it has been used to kill cancer cells and case studies have shown this has been possible. The standard dose is 5 a day spread out throughout the day with meals along with 2 capsules of biotin. This is generally taken for 6 months to a year. Sometimes a lump can become benign with this treatment rather than disappear. It is stated that if after this initial treatment if you take just one salvestrol a day for the rest of your life it can protect against cancer.

For more information about this product contact Michael Cleary:

Tel: 01424 440965 Email: micleary@talktalk.net

Ordering Salvestrol – Bio5o shop Hastings: 01424 465408 or online


A non alcoholic probiotic drink brewed from a culture with many health benefits and also delicious! It comes in different flavours and is fizzy, being full of chi energy. There have been cases of people assisting the cancer healing process with this amazing elixir. Avalon Kombucha, brewed near Glastonbury, can be sent by courier in the UK and comes in amazing different forms and flavours including rosehip and hibiscus, ginger, elderflower, hemp, blackberry, cordyceps as well as honey-mustard salad dressing and a very detoxifying vinegar. The most recent additions are cordyceps (a medicinal mushroom known for its energy giving properties and assistance with cancer healing) and hemp. Kombucha also assists with healing the potentially damaging effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

AVALON KOMBUCHA: www.avalonkombucha.co.uk or Phone: 07534494913


These contain B17, a vitamin which can help as a preventative measure against cancer. I was taking between 8-10 kernels a day for about 9 months although on the packet it usually states that the maximum dose should be around 2-3 a day. They can be obtained from Amazon or other sources online. See this inspiring video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phQ-sDiXgY4

PAU D’ARCO TEA The inner bark is used and has been known to be beneficial in the healing process of cancer. It can assist on the healing journey and has many good properties. It can also be effective in treating candida. I drank about 3 cups a day for about a year.

ESSIAC TEA There are many different theories about the best kind of essiac tea which has been known to heal many different health conditions including cancer. Here is the website I used for my supply and there is lots of information online about it and its history: http://www.bulk-essiac-tea.com/

ASTAXANTHINThis is said to potentially heal many health conditions. It is a powerful antioxidant and supports the immune system.

CBD CANNABIS OIL – A highly beneficial plant extract potentially able to kill cancer cells and without THC, therefore without any psychedelic affects. It is a powerful dietary supplement. It is available from Hemp in Avalon shop, Glastonbury and through various sources online.

http://freecannabis.net/hemp-in-avalon/ Tel: 01458 835769

Hemp Wax made by herbalist Noel – inglandherbals@yahoo.co.uk

See Youtube videos: ‘Leaf by Dr Courtney’, ‘Run from the Cure’

BICARBONATE OF SODA WITH MOLASSES in hot waterThis acts to alkalise a tumour site. The cancer feeds on sugar so is attracted to the molasses. The bicarbonate of soda then alkalises the tumour area. Cancer cannot survive easily in a very alkaline environment. Alkalising the body is very important.

VITAMINS – D3 is important to take for treating cancer. Extra doses of vitamin C are also necessary. Check your levels of B12 also. A deficiency in B12 can affect the nervous system and your mood but this can easily be remedied by taking a supplement or injections if necessary.

ZEOLITE – In powder or liquid form this is a paramagnetic volcanic mineral rich rock which can eliminate free radicals, toxins and heavy metals from the body; improve the immune system; balance PH levels and absorb radiation from the body. It is being used in Fukushima for this purpose. It is a powerful antioxidant.

Available from Chocolate Love Temple, Glastonbury: www.choclatelovetemple.com and Hemp in Avalon shop, Glastonbury.

Frank Albrecht: info@thelife.ie (information sheet on Zeolite)

Herbal Tinctures individually made for any diagnosed health condition (can also be mixed with Hemp Wax) by herbalist Noel who has been working with herbs from the age of 14.

Email: inglandherbals@yahoo.co.uk


WILD CHAGA mushroom tincture and tea: Anti cancer adjuvant – decreases side effects of chemotherapy & other aggressive medication and compensates for the ill effects of these drugs on the immune system. Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, high level antioxidant, anti-aging, supports healthy blood pressure. Has potential to reduce tumours.

Barry: 07751156786 Mia: 07823610531 essential.nature@yahoo.co.uk

TURKEY TAIL Mushroom powder: www.mycologyresearch.com

NEW EARTH DRINKS (By Tony Taylor who I met at a cancer conference) Delicious hot chocolate drinks made with Chinese herbs to specifically build up jing energy described as ‘like a core inner battery’ or inner strength. He also has a shop in Torquay where he sells other beneficial health products as well as online. WWW.NEWEARTHDRINKS.COM or Tel: 01803 605494

There are many supplements and potential holistic cancer remedies which I cannot list in their entirety here as the list would be too long! I also have not tried all of them myself. By researching online and consulting with charities such as ‘Yes to Life’ and with the Penny Brohn centre you may discover more. My personal view is that by consulting with a medical dowser such as Sean Ferris or using Bio-Resonance with Frank Albrecht you can get a more accurate view as to what is most beneficial for you personally since you can get lost in all the hundreds of holistic remedies and supplements available for treating cancer and there are many theories which contradict one another! There were other supplements I took for short periods but listed above are the main ones.


From my experience the spiritual aspects of healing are so crucial and important it has to be given a mention. I was guided through my journey by Archangels and Ascended Masters and took their advice seriously. I also prayed regularly for healing and for a miracle. My good friend and healer Jabeen prayed very strongly for my healing and for a miracle too.

When praying or asking for a miracle it is more effective to say ‘thank-you for a miracle or for miracle healing’ rather than ‘please give me a miracle’. The reason is that by thanking the universe or God/Source for what it is already bringing you (even if you can’t see it or believe in it yet) demonstrates your faith in being provided for. Having faith is a crucial part of any healing journey.

Jabeen and I prayed, made intentions and did rituals at sacred sites in Glastonbury on a regular basis including the Tor, Chalice Well and White Spring. We chanted various Sanskrit chants together and individually, including going to the Friday evening Kirtan at Shekinashram, Glastonbury. While chanting I would visualize the lump being taken away or dissolving. I would pray to God for divine intervention and to be fully healed. I would feel myself rising into a higher state of being and in this state knew that anything was possible and felt a determination to fully heal and be well.

I asked White Brotherhood for information about my past lives and for healing for these past experiences which were very connected to the cancer in me. Jabeen said it was important to attune to the highest possibility of my life and to activate my divine blueprint on a daily basis.

Asking to be attuned to the highest possibility of your life and healing journey everyday will activate this in your vibration so that you then attract to yourself all the right circumstances and answers that will make this the reality you experience on Earth. Jabeen


Instruments such as Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs etc can be very powerful as healing tools. I was told by White Brotherhood to acquire 2 crystal bowls with specific frequencies and to play them every day to assist strongly with my healing. One was F sharp to activate the Higher Heart and the other was A to activate the 3rd eye. These were to help connect me to my life path more strongly in order to assist the healing process and to give me the motivation to live. On one occasion when Jabeen played them to me I went on a spontaneous journey (or visualization) to a magical crystal cave beneath a mountain in India. I felt I had travelled to a very high energy place that was truly healing.

There are practitioners who offer sound healing of various kinds including sound baths. I experienced sound healing with the following practitioners.

Colin and Olive: www.gongbath.co.uk , tel: 07875 564677

Gwenolye (sound and shamanic healer): 07889507480

Sheila Whittaker: www.healing-sound.co.uk


Looking at pictures of specific flowers, imagining them in your mind or seeing them in their physical form can assist the healing process. This is similar to taking a flower essence or remedy internally but instead attuning to the vibration in a different way.

The following flowers contain an energy which is said to assist in clearing cancer cells: avocado, apricot and hawthorn flowers.

apricot flower cancer healer

Peach flower strengthens the etheric body and stimulates healing in the physical.

peach flower for etheric

The colour gold helps strengthen the immune system

Hyssop helps with guilt in the system.

hyssop for guilt

(I found pictures I liked of all of these on the Internet, put them on a slide-show on my laptop and watched almost every day for a few months.)


I have always written creatively so I wrote poetry and a journal to express my feelings and also told stories. I was fortunate in having the opportunity to participate in a course of dance therapy sessions at the Penny Brohn Centre too which I found very helpful. I believe that creative self expression is very important on any healing journey as deep and complex emotions can be very difficult to deal with and can create further ill health if not expressed and dealt with in some way. As the cancer in my body was trying to leave me the deep emotions locked in the diseased cells came out to be released. I had to find an outlet for them in some way and this is the nature of a holistic healing journey.


Find what it is you love to do, feel inspired to do and what is possible for you: dance, music, movement, singing, painting, drawing, drama, poetry, video journal, audio journal, art and craft….also find at least one person you can talk to about your feelings, whether this is a friend, partner, professional or within a support group or all of these.


Very important in general, but can help especially when going through a difficult time. Connect in whatever way inspires you and what is possible. Nature is truly healing.


Changing negative habits can be difficult but this is a crucial aspect of healing. When trying to heal from a serious health condition it is vital to do what serves you and to let go of that which does not serve you in whatever way you can. Finding sources of support is also very important, in whatever way is possible for you.


This is very important in whatever way you enjoy the most and what is possible for you. Toxins need to be released through the lymphatic system which only works fully when we exercise and massage is also helpful. It was suggested to me to jump up and down for a minute 3 times a day. I have to say I didn’t manage to keep that up for long but tended to walk more instead.


Do an activity regularly that is nurturing for you in whatever way that may be. It may be receiving a holistic therapy, meeting good friends, walking in a flower garden, being cooked for, sitting in nature, watching a film. Make time for this kind of thing in your life, on your healing journey. Write a list of what a nurturing activity means to you.


MACMILLAN CANCER CHARITY – One off Grants available for anyone with a cancer diagnosis.

http://www.macmillan.org.uk/HowWeCanHelp/FinancialSupport/MacmillanGrants.aspx Tel: 08088080000

YES TO LIFE CHARITY – Tell your story or someone else’s online, describing what you need money for specifically for a health or social need. Once your project/story is up and running for a few days people donate money to your cause. This is called ‘crowd funding’.

www.justgiving.com/yimby (Applications only accepted for people using medical sources of help as well as holistic.)

CROWD FUNDING – To find out more about this whole concept and a list of crowd funding sites see: http://www.ukcfa.org.uk/ also www.gofundme.com

THE HOLLY EATWELL TRUST: A charity set up to help people diagnosed with cancer. A free weekly organic veg or fruit box for 3 months can be applied for and may continue for longer than 3 months. You may also borrow a juicer for 6 months. There are also grants available.



I have not read many books during my cancer healing journey but found these very informative and inspiring. There are many more books available.

DYING TO BE ME – My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death toTrue Healing – BY ANITA MOORJANI (Meditation CD also available)

Compelling reading and an inspiration!

CONQUERING ANY DISEASE BY JEFF PRIMACK – very useful and detailed nutritional advice with sources for accessing specialist supplements etc.

EXTRA SOURCES OF HELP (Not experienced by me)

Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida, USA – Many people have found healing from cancer and other diseases through staying at the centre and receiving a strict regime of therapies including diet, supplements, heat treatment etc. www.hippocratesinst.org

Please note I am not writing about diet in depth as the subject has many contradictory opinions! However here are a few foods and drinks I was taking due to recommendations. I ate a totally raw diet for about 3 months then felt a real need and wish for warm food when Autumn arrived. I was almost crying when I made my last salad(!) so progressed to soups and other cooked food in combination with salads which felt a very natural thing to do.

Lots of coconut water (about a litre a day) to help with the detox process.

Eden Beetroot juice

Kombucha vinegar

Raw garlic

Green juices and carrot juice for a period of time

Large salads 4 times a day for a period of time

Mixed vegetable and fruit smoothies for a period of time (including lemon and orange peel and fruit pips)

Turmeric in everything, powdered form and the root

Tea as made up by herbalist

Use of lots of fresh herbs in smoothies, juices and salads e.g. coriander, parsley, basil…

Warming soups

Everything 100% organic and vegan

Berries eg blueberries, red-currents, blackberries, black grapes

Quinoa, tempeh and bean sprouts for protein

Black Radish (I was recommended to have this but only managed to find one once at Wells Farmers Market which was a shame as it had a good taste!)


Drawing Pictures

I was guided by White Brotherhood to attune to a healthy me in the future and to focus on this every day. I chose to draw pictures of myself (which looked nothing like me actually!). I am not a good drawer but I drew rough pictures of myself in my journal every day for a couple of months or so. I drew a big smiley face and surrounded myself with hearts and stars. I labelled the drawings ‘happy, healthy, abundant Jo’. I drew these when at times I was feeling miserable, anxious and unwell. However I really made myself look very healthy in the pictures with bright colours. I noticed that a few months after doing this in the summer of 2014 almost every person I saw commented on how well I was looking. It was very noticeable how this was happening and people thought it incredible that I seemed so well. I felt better too. I had more energy and stamina than I had before I was diagnosed with cancer.

Talking to Cancer Cells and other parts of the Body

I started doing this spontaneously in February 2014 although I had done some NLP exercises in the past, involving talking to different body parts. I spoke to the cells in my left breast and ordained them to reconfigure, for the cancer cells to die and to be replaced by cells of light. I asked if any other body part objected to this. I heard my heart say it was worried about having to work and give up benefits if I was to recover! I talked to it, reassuring it that this would not happen yet. By the third day of doing this there were no objections from any body part. I felt my whole body say that if the breast could be fully healed then other parts of the body would then receive more attention automatically so it was best that this diseased area was healed first. On one occasion when I did this exercise I felt a very strong healing process. I felt very tired and fell asleep. When I woke up the whole room was filled with a deep blue colour. Jabeen confirmed later that the blue was an archangel working with me.

Blessing Food

I was struck by the affects of an energy ball made and given to me by a Krishna Monk at a festival. After I ate it I started spontaneously chanting Krishna songs. I told him this and he said he had blessed it thoroughly with Krishna energy so it wasn’t surprising! After that I made a point of blessing all my food with healing energy from God. Although this is something I would often do anyway now it was for every meal without fail!


I wish you well on your healing journey. Cancer is a huge life challenge yet it can potentially bring huge transformation, great healing and a significant life change. It can bring insight, emotional release, a time of inner reflection and a break from the business of life. For everyone it is different but for everyone there is a gift in their journey somewhere. I’m sorry if it does not seem like this for you right now!

Each person has a deep need and awareness of their truth, a life path and a special gift to offer to the world. Who are you and what do you truly wish for and need in this life-time? How can you get your needs met? What is the cancer in your body trying to communicate to you? Please be kind to yourself during this precious and vulnerable time and know that you can always call on higher beings for assistance and healing too – angels, God, Source, The Universe, Ascended Masters, or whatever name or being you resonate with.

(For more help and information on these spiritual matters see details of Jabeen in practitioners list).

If you are having a really difficult time, feeling very unwell or do not know how to change things in your life for the better know that help is available through the practitioners I have mentioned and from those on other realms who are there to serve all of humanity. Whatever you may be struggling with there is help at hand. You do not need travel this difficult path alone.



With all good wishes from Jo Moon

Please email if you would like any further information or are interested in joining a cancer support group in the Somerset area.


My crowd fund campaign: www.gofundme.com/moonhealing



  • Light Language Healing with Michiel Kroon: This is very high level powerful healing given by Michiel assisted by those from the planet Pleiades, light beings and angels. Michiel sings the Light Language over you while you are in a relaxed position. He also intuitively draws a healing design for you which can be taken away. The picture itself gives healing. For example you can place it near to where you sleep and it will give healing during sleep and also alter the frequency of the room. Light Language can dissolve old baggage and old patterns. It can be directed at a specific part of the body or it can be used to focus on specific emotional or physical issues. First session is by donation.

Michiel Kroon: 079-18588199 (based in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK)

  • Epigenetics and remedies with Greg Meanwell, Peter Chappell and Leilani van Koten: A new and powerful healing method whereby issues, traumas and illness in the family, going back many generations may be affecting a person currently. The person is asked for as much information as possible about their family history: parents, siblings, grandparents, great grandparents and further back if possible. This information is noted down by Greg while Peter dowses to discover what the core issue/trauma is that is affecting the person currently. A remedy is then given to treat this core issue. There will be follow up consultations following this. All sessions are by donation.


The Vital Remedies Clinic is based in Buckfastleigh near Totnes, Devon, UK.  Consultations are by donation only in their clinics on Wednesdays and Fridays. Greg Meanwell: 07875260573 (text only)



About Jo Moon

I write the truth as I see it as I believe that Earthly life cannot be sustained in the way it is under current human consciousness. We need to integrate and live with nature as well as having a divine connection. Connection with the divine is so important. I also wish to highlight the work and messages of a group of Archangels and Ascended Masters known collectively as the White Brotherhood. They are here to raise the consciousness of humanity and send healing and light to all living beings and the Earth. I write about animal welfare, as I believe that animals should be treated with love, respect and kindness and therefore should definitely not be eaten. I am vegan and advocate veganism and healthy nutrition. I also write about specific issues which I believe affect us profoundly in our current human lives. These include: the way we bring up and treat children, electromagnetic stress and other forms of pollution, toxicity and spiritual issues, particularly concerning what is happening to the Earth and humanity at this time in the Earth's history. I am also an intuitive healing storyteller. I make up stories as I tell them. Having no idea what a story will be about before I start, one will gradually emmerge and speak profoundly in its magical language to its listeners! There may be surprises for me and others through this process! But the story is always relevant with particular meaning to whoever is listening.
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  1. anneofgreengablesreturns says:

    Many congratulations on producing all this Jo! It’s wonderful. So glad to hear your health is going well!

    Lots of love,


  2. sarah says:

    Tremendous 🙂 🙂 🙂

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