By Jo Moon

There have been numerous outbreaks of diseases, supposedly originating from meat or animal products in Europe. These outbreaks should act as warnings that something we are doing is not right. Eating dead animals who have been inhumanely treated, probably for an entire lifetime, then cruelly slaughtered is not right. Many would argue against this and give every reason why it is acceptable to eat the animal kingdom.

Children may be brought up to believe that it is quite normal to eat animals and may not even make the connection between live animals in fields and animals who appear in packages on supermarket shelves. Packaging is indeed very misleading and makes meat have little resemblance to the original poor animal.

If children were given a choice as to whether they feel happy eating a dead animal or not this at least gives them the option of exploring the subject. Schools could devote an entire lesson to the food we eat. Children need to be aware of where food comes from, what happens to it and how to eat a wholesome diet. They need to understand what different foods do to their bodies and minds. What will help them think clearer and be alert? What will calm them? What may cause them to feel hyperactive or irritated? Adult teachers with sound knowledge of these issues would need to teach such classes.

The moral and health implications of eating meat needs to be looked at carefully. Do children really know and understand what meat is? They bumble off on school trips and family outings to see happy lambs in fields, but are they making the connection between these animals and what will end up in their little stomachs one day? How do they really feel about that?

Children are unlikely to be taught about these issues at home by meat eating parents and they are currently not taught about such things at school, at least not in the UK. But children need to know, and not be kept in the dark about their food so they can make wise decisions for themselves. Packaged up meat and dead animals disguised as trendy burgers and take-aways do a lot to convince kids that eating meat is the normal, acceptable and cool thing to do. They need to be told the other side of the story. Dietary health and cooking are skills and knowledge crucial for our well being and growth as human beings therefore for our global health. Children are currently given incomplete information on these subjects.

Children could be asked whether they would eat their pets: hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and cats.

 Their reactions may be interesting. Of course, to many the idea would be shocking. Would they still eat lamb if they kept a pet lamb? These questions are tools for debate and would enable children and adults to think very seriously about the nature of the food they are eating, and the plight of animals on this planet.

If this issue is not confronted on a more serious level now the animals will fight back and it will no longer be feasible to eat them!


(November 2011)

By Jo Moon

What exactly is meat?

It’s the insides or flesh of a once living animal. It is the remains of an animal who has been inhumanely kept for the sole intention of killing it, cutting it up and selling it as a food product. It is a once living animal who has been imprisoned on a farm or similar enclosure all its life against its free will for the sake of giving food to human beings. As humans we share this planet with many animal and plant beings who we are meant to be in harmony with. Yet currently we certainly are not.

There are many who are in outcry against animal testing on food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. There are many who say they love animals and are against hunting or bull fights or other torturous activities. There are those who love their pets and would not think of harming, let alone eating their pet dog, cat or hamster.

So why has it become so acceptable and ‘the norm’ to eat another living being? Why is it accepted that many animals are raised in order to feed us their produce and their own dead bodies? Why do we accept this yet say we are animal lovers? How can we love animals if we allow this mass slaughtering to continue?

The realities of the meat trade are kept very well hidden. Why are children not told exactly where their food comes from? Why are they not shown pictures of slaughter houses and cows having their throats ripped open for the sake of their burger?

Why are they not shown pictures of hens cooped up in cramped conditions in cages like prison camp victims? Children are not really taught about any of these things. Education is selective. Kids will be fed their roast pork and lamb for school dinner and Sunday roast but in general they have no idea what that meat really is. For a start we have disguised the words so it is ‘pork’ rather than ‘pig’. It is so neatly packaged up in cellophane wrapping on supermarket shelves that it looks nothing like a dead animal.

If children knew what they were really eating, and the history of the animal on their plate would they still want to eat it?

I recently heard of a boy who was deeply shocked when he heard of the reality of meat. He had no idea that it even came from a dead animal. I interviewed a boy recently who said he was greatly concerned for animal welfare; yet when I asked him about eating meat he could not see the connection there. He is brought up to eat meat and thinks nothing more of it. But if adults cannot see what is wrong with eating a dead slaughtered animal then how can we expect children to understand the concept?

This month is national VEGAN MONTH. That means it is a golden opportunity to look well into the subject of food and animal eating.

Being vegan does not have to be boring. It does not need to be time consuming or limited

It just requires a willingness to commit to a healthier and more ethical way of living. You may need to be patient and perhaps be willing to adapt to a different way of eating and thinking. However you will get your just rewards for being vegan.  

  • You may start to feel lighter in your body and movements
  • You can discover tasty new recipes and ways of cooking
  • Your heart may feel lighter from being kind and considerate to the animal kingdom
  • You will have created better karma for yourself!
  • Your body will go through a detoxification process and your arteries will be less clogged up with fat
  • You will become more sensitive and aware of the world and people around you
  • Your psychic centres may open up more if you are ready for this
  • You won’t be at risk from contamination through eating meat and animal products
  • You may find that animals are more drawn towards you
  • You may feel lighter in spirit and have spiritual breakthroughs or inspiration to become more spiritual
  • If you wanted to you could even give up using a fridge and save on electricity – but you do need to be careful of things going off more quickly in summer!

However, even vegans can eat unhealthily!

It is important to be aware of eating a well balanced diet as a vegan and include supplements into your daily food intake. We live in a polluted world and our bodies are constantly fighting against toxic chemicals which invade our systems.

Therefore you need to take something like an anti-oxidant food source to fight off free radicals which can harm the body so eat as much as possible of any of the following:


rooibush tea

beetroot, carrots

dark green vegetables



sweet potatoes

blueberries, blackberries


Also a daily dose of a superfood such as:

(its very easy, just add a spoonful of powder to a glass of water or mix with soya yoghurt)





Macca powder

Eat lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetables!

Avoid junk food e.g. crisps, chocolate, sweets, cakes etc if possible!

It is best to consult the wealth of information around to make sure you are getting a well balanced diet. Try the vegan society:

You can also make tasty and nutritious foods such as:

Raw chocolate

Raw crackers


Eat lots of seeds, nuts and pulses (depending of course on whether you have any allergies)

For quickness and convenience there are still foods you can eat and enjoy:

Baked beans (try the sugar free kind)

Baked potatoes and other baked veg (very easy to do, just bung them in the oven!)

Rice noodles and Tamari/Soya sauce with some stir fry veg or just on their own (takes 4 minutes)

Spaghetti (you can get wheat free spaghetti made from a variety of grains now such as corn or rice) and it takes only about 6-12 minutes to cook. Just add some hemp or olive oil and eat with a simple salad or steamed veg.

Vegan Convenience Food

Yes, vegans do this too!

Vegan cheese in lots of different flavours – you can add flavour to food using these.

Soya plain and fruit yoghurt

Vegan sausages – all kinds. Some you can eat raw, others take 4 minutes to cook. All sorts of tofu burgers and ready made food in packets

To maximize your nutritional intake:

  • Cut out sugar entirely (if you find this difficult use alternatives such as agave syrup or molasses. Molasses has a high iron content)
  • Cut out alcohol entirely or do it gradually if you find this difficult (try drinking kombucha instead which has a small percentage of alcohol in it anyway)
  • Cut out any smoking or other drug habits
  • Cut out drinking tea and coffee containing caffeine. Drink herbal tea instead
  • Eat 100% organic if possible, (and even better local as well!)

There are delicious herbal teas on the market now in all kinds of different flavours including chocolate and ayurvedic teas. You can buy teas that warm you up, rejuvenate, relax, help you sleep, clear out toxins, re-generate cells, detoxify and many other such helpful functions. Why drink a cup of tea which gives you some instant gratification yet which will deplete your system in other ways and not give you anything nutritious? Try a herbal tea today and see what you think!

Try being vegan for a day to start with and experiment!

How about a vegan pizza for a very tasty and wholesome, filling meal!

How to Make Vegan Pizza:

  • Make pastry by mixing a flour of your choice (eg rice, rye, corn, wheat, spelt) with a small amount of oil and some water. Press it into a greased baking dish.
  • Pour a tin of tomatoes or some passata over the pastry.
  • Add chopped up garlic, herbs and cut onion/spring onion over the tomato base.
  • Pour a little water over the onion
  • Cut up some veg of your choice e.g. peppers, courgettes, celery etc and place over the base
  • If you like you can sprinkle some sunflowers or other seeds over the veg
  • Grate some vegan cheese over the top and put in oven to bake for about 15 minutes.


Enjoy being a vegan if only for one day, week, month or year! You will be doing yourself, the animal kingdom and the planet a good service!

Thank-you for reading this!



Cats belong in the wild originally. We have simply taken them away from their natural home, just as we have taken ourselves away from nature. We domesticate ourselves and our animals. Yet at some level we must feel some loss of our natural world.

I am currently looking after 3 lovely kittens who are 6 weeks old. They tear around my flat, racing up and down stairs frantically, looking for places to climb, scratch, bite and chew! Of course this is not very practical in a domestic setting. Curtains are pulled and climbed up; work surfaces walked on, carpets pulled at; plants eaten or leaves ripped; objects moved around and electrical wiring chewed. I don’t like telling the little kitties off for doing what only comes naturally to them. But I have to, otherwise my electrical equipment would break down, my belongings rip to shreds, carpets would need replacing and the plants not happy or even dead!

My kittens and cat need to be in a forest or field, where they can freely run around to their little hearts’ content. They would soon discover what was dangerous, what was good to scratch or chew and where the good places were. They may stumble and fall just as they do in my flat, but they seem so indestructible they would survive almost anything and learn. It is true, there are predators in the wild and other dangers, but is that any more dangerous than being near busy roads and other urban hazards?

I feel I am restricting their movement by having them indoors. They love the plants and a piece of tree trunk I have on the floor – they have also ripped up the remnants of a dried up Christmas tree. I need to bring the forest to them if they cannot be there. The flat is just a virtual world for them. They climb on a wooden desk which used to be a tree and walk through wooden doors which used to be trees. They see no real trees, except through the windows. I am seeing the same view with my own eyes. I am feeling the same restrictions.

We do not know it in general. We get used to our urban lives and our bodies have adapted well we think. But few of us are really healthy. We are not as healthy and fit as we could be. We are not realizing our full human potential on many levels. Through the influence of electromagnetic stress, radiation and the whole unnaturalness of town life we are restricted and contaminated. These electromagnetic fields are becoming stronger and escalating fast. Wi-Fi is readily available almost anywhere which may seem convenient for the Internet, but what is this energy doing to our bodies and general health?

It would be most natural to wake up in the morning, hug a tree, sit by a stream or dance on dewy grass. This is how Anastasia greets the day, from her home in the Taiga Forest in Siberia. She has an amazing ability to run extremely fast, leap, carry a man on her shoulders and bring up her baby with the help of a bear and other animals of the forest. All is possible in nature. Anastasia has never lived anywhere else but the Taiga and receives everything she needs from this place. The squirrels and other animals bring her nuts, seeds and berries to eat. She has no need to cook or prepare food in any way. Her body is able to adapt to any temperature therefore she has little need for clothes or shelter. She sleeps outside on the forest floor. She lives with nature.

Anastasia has amazing powers and abilities. She has never been to school or studied in a conventional way yet she can speak any language and knows just about everything. She receives all her information from nature itself. That is indeed the power of living in the natural world.

This is not to say that anyone would be capable of such skills and powers by living in a forest. Anastasia is particularly unique in this way. However, the question is, what have we lost through not living in nature? And what indeed have the animals lost by being so domesticated? We are all one, and what we see in the animals around us reflects what is also happening to us.

Our minds receive information constantly in our town lives. We see billboards, read news stories, hear and see news stories, adverts, emails, texts etc etc. all day long sometimes. Is it any wonder we do not have sufficient mind space to receive other information through the natural world around us and other dimensions?!

We all have psychic centres and these are usually more closed if we are in towns and cities, watching TV, taking drugs of any kind whether legal or illegal  (many would argue this point) or not taking time to sit quietly in meditation or in another spiritual practice. By turning off the TV (preferably permanently), spending more time in nature and meditating these psychic centres can re-open. You can then notice things, receive information and be more acutely aware of subtleties in the world around you. There is a whole other world out there, and its not the one we are told about in mainstream life!

This is why, it is relevant to observe our pets and animals and see their traits existing in us. We all originally lived in nature and most of us are now cut off from it. We need to retrieve those parts that are lost and spend significant time in nature when we are able. Eventually we need to return to the home that nature built for us aeons ago. It is in the shelter of woodland trees, lakes, streams, mountains, rivers and fields that we thrive naturally.

One day, there will be a positive new way forwards on this Earth where we can all be part of nature once more, thriving and growing as never before on a different land. We do not need to live like cave people or those from the past. We can create a new world with advanced alternative technology, living and growing together with the natural world around us.


I was walking through a field of sheep the other day and noticed how fluffy and warm they looked. No wonder people for centuries have used their wool and skins to make warm clothes and blankets. Yet, how fair is this? If someone I knew had a good head of hair and I had just lost mine would I want them skinned so I could put their hair on my head? This may sound outrageous yet it is a fair analogy. Of course, people wear wigs instead, but take authenticity a step further and there you have skinned human hair.

 Millions of sheep are slaughtered every year so that someone can wear a sheep skin coat or deck their home with furry rugs. The meat industry is bad enough, but the skins are not always just a bi-product of that, as the skins fetch more money than meat. Therefore animals, especially exotic ones such as kangaroo and alligators, are often slaughtered for their skins alone. (see links below)

The thought came to me that it would be lovely to sleep or sit on live sheep for warmth and comfort. This could only happen if we made friends with the animal kingdom and at the moment this is difficult when they no doubt see us as the enemy, ready to take away their lives at any moment. They must know this on some level. It is apparent how frightened sheep are in general when approached by humans and is that really surprising?

Anastasia lives in the Siberian taiga Forest. She lives in harmony with the animals and they look after her. Read her books written by Vladimir Megre (Ringing Cedars Series). These books are highly insightful and true. A bear provides her with warmth and comfort. The squirrels bring her nuts and berries as her staple diet and a big eagle gave her new born baby rides far up above the forest trees. If we lived back in nature, in forests and glens and befriended the animals we could live in harmony with the whole of nature. 

Perhaps wild sheep could keep us warm; cows, bulls and other large animals push heavy weights for us. Perhaps these animals could guard us and keep away predators. I would not want to think of any animal being a servant to us, yet if they wanted to help us out of their own choice then this could benefit us all. Anastasia has lived in the taiga all her life. She has known no other life and therefore has no fear or aggression towards the animals there. They are her friends. They helped bring her up in her secluded world where her parents died early on in her childhood. Her story and her insights into life and the powers she has are incredible but I would recommend reading the books to find out more.

I am not suggesting we all live like Anastasia since that would be impossible and not to everyone’s liking. However if more groups of people formed small rural communities in woods and forests, living in harmony with the animals we would be taking a big leap forwards in terms of our spiritual evolution. We could live in eco-sustainable structures such as straw bale buildings, yurts and benders. We would be closer to nature and closer to the animal kingdom.

One day it will seem barbaric that we even considered taking the lives away from other beings on this planet for our own ends. Just as there are warnings on cigarette packets now there should be warning labels on all animals products:

‘WARNING: An animal has been inhumanely slaughtered to make these shoes. Do you still want to buy them? Think carefully! Act with compassion!’

‘The sheep that made this garment was slaughtered on 19th January 2010. It lived in Snowdonia at Hill Crest Farm until it was 8 years old.’

‘After her mother was slaughtered, this unborn calf was made into a leather belt. How do you feel about that?’

New laws could be created that enforce every town or shop to show films and video clips of the origins of all animal products: meat, clothing, leather goods etc to bring awareness as to the realities of the ‘animal industry’. These video clips could be shown at stations, libraries, post offices, bus stops, tube stations, at traffic lights and on buses – until the message finally gets through. Because one day it will have to…

It has become such common practice to buy a pair of leather shoes that few people contemplate or know where that leather came from and the suffering endured by so many millions of animals to fill all those shoe shops.




Imagine if: Constant meat scares resulted in toxic poisoning and outbreaks of new diseases meaning that the meat trade could no longer function. The serious hazards meant that meat had to be banned altogether for at least a period of time. What would people do? How would the world change? At last by some God given gift people would have to re-consider their diets and look at alternatives. And maybe that is the only way things will ever drastically change. Because the animals are sick of the way they are treated, they will make the human population sick too.

That is the nature of karma….

Think and act now before its too late! Eat vegetarian or vegan food, buy plant based products, say ‘no’ to the meat industry and make a stand by befriending animals, not alienating them from us further by eating them.

THANK-YOU FOR READING – please comment if you wish…


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