Old yet young Charlie was sitting cross legged on his toadstool contemplating the times he’d had with Lizzie on the cruise ship and the journey she was taking now on her own. He’d loved to dance with her at the balls and functions but something just wasn’t right. He’d manifested for himself a small accident so he could be taken away by helicopter onto dry land once more. Charlie was not much of a sea faring lad but worse than that the ship had no organic food and little vegetarian let alone vegan dishes. He practically threw himself over board (or made it look that way) so that everyone would consider him a risk. He managed to sprain his ankle enough for a helicopter to be summoned. This was mainly because of all his shouting and wailing which was considered obnoxious and unacceptable to other passengers. Lizzie didn’t know what to make of the whole escapade but mainly laughed and thought it best Charlie went home in the circumstances.

Charlie was used to using all his tactics and manifestation techniques to get exactly what he wanted in any situation. He’d lasted 4 days on the ship but his stomach was feeling queasy as he contemplated the amount of toxic pesticides he’d consumed together with a lack of real food. His luggage was minimal and he only had space for one jar of barley grass and some spirulina. He left Lizzie to her expedition and knew they would meet again very soon. He remembered her face as she looked upwards, mesmerised by his cheeky face laughing in the face of adversity as he got his free ride back to shore. That was always Charlie’s way.

His foot had healed well but he was struck by the lack of good food on the ship and on the train refreshment trolley beforehand. He was fed up with all the unhealthy supermarkets too. It was true that he was destined to live where he was. It must be where the only heath food supermarket existed anywhere. For his next grand manifestation he resolved to turn everything around and make all supermarkets health food shops. 

‘This is what I shall do,’ he declared to himself. ‘I will write a petition signed by me alone, the great Charlie Bones, and I will outline exactly what needs to be in every supermarket in the land. ‘There should be no dead animals. All food must be organic and non with pesticides. No product should consist of mainly sugar. There should be a predominance of whole foods such as grains, nuts and seeds, superfoods and fresh fruit and vegetables. On no account should anything be unhealthy. I will name this petition and manifesto ‘CHARLIE’S FIGHT FOR HEALTHY SUPERMARKETS’.  I will tell them that if they convert to being fully organic and healthy shops I will give them my manifestation secrets for free but I will only do this once it is totally evident that they have become healthy supermarkets. And now I must manifest this great wish as it is surely a big one!’

Charlie sat in his meditative position for a good hour while pondering on all aspects of his proposal. He was not going to ask others to sign the petition as this was the normal way of doing things and Charlie never did anything in the usual way.  He proceeded to the living quarters where he had a huge gong hung up on a wooden stand. He played and banged this for a good hour while sending white light to all the supermarket chains of the world. He spoke telepathically to the core body of each supermarket and told them of his intentions. Some reactions were good and others more negative. He then visualised all the unseen pesticides becoming huge creatures crawling all over fruit and vegetables. He did this through his third eye and shot the horrible image spiralling upwards so that it would reach the super collective conscious. Soon everyone in the world would be having nightmares about pesticides and wanting to eat organic. Farmers would then be forced to convert to organic growing.

Charlie was tired after all his magick-psychic work and sat down on the long grass with a mug of green juice. He sighed with the pleasant taste it brought to his lips and the energy he felt circulating around his body. The butterflies were hovering over his buddleia and a couple of frogs sat slightly camouflaged by the pond. Charlie loved to be surrounded by all of nature and could never live in the centre of town. He had built his eco house without planning permission but somehow he’d been left alone. He had 2 large solar panels on the roof and a small wind turbine at the back of the garden. All his electricity supply came from these sources. The only bill he ever received was for water. It was a shame he didn’t have his own spring or bore hole !

Charlie proceeded to write his best manifesto and petition on a piece of expensive paper he had wangled from a Solicitors office when in town bored one day. He was rarely bored, but on this occasion had a meeting with someone who did not turn up. He always seemed to be in short supply of paper as he used so much of it for notes, shopping lists, spells and new rituals which were scattered all over the place. Charlie was also an inventor and would write down all kinds of ideas which he had not patented yet or taken forward. He would in time, at the right time.

The manifesto was a long one which he wrote in gold ink on the expensive blue Solicitors paper. The cow doorbell mooed. It was at an unexpected time and he did not have a chocolate or manifestation circle today. He pulled the rope and groped his way past the buddleia branches towards the door doing a triple cartwheel along the way.  

Standing right in front of Lakshmi, staring him in the face was Lizzie!  ‘What on earth brings you here Lizzie? Charlie has to confess he’s a trifle shocked! Shouldn’t you be on a boat to the Himalayas or dancing at the ship’s ball? What’s happened my lovely one?’ Lizzie rushed up to him and sprawled herself all over him in a tight embrace. 

‘Oh Charlie I’ve missed you so much! I just wanted to get off the cruise and see you again. I couldn’t wait till the end so I asked them to take me off. I did what you told me to and visualised them hauling me up in a helicopter. I said my husband had just had a serious accident and was in the coma ward. Charlie I know I lied but I just had to get off the ship. I don’t know what has become of me really. I’m sorry. I really feel silly now somehow!’

‘No, no no no my dear Lizzie! It is so good to see you and such apt timing I must say! Let’s go outside with some tea and see what we can do for each other shall we?’ 

‘Yes Charlie please let me know what I can do for you. You’ve been so good to me and I’ve given you very little in exchange. I thought I wanted a cruise and all that food and drink for free and everything but it wasn’t what I wanted at all. I wanted to see you. That’s all I wanted. I really need your manifestation tools Charlie. I need something from you. I have to make things change dramatically in my life now but I don’t know what it is I want exactly. Can you help?’

‘Dear darling Lizzie, of course I can help. I am Charlie Bones. There is little old Charlie can’t do and I am here to help, at your service. And now you can do a great deal to assist me too. I have a little, or maybe big project you can assist me with now dear Lizzie so please come into the garden and I’ll tell you all about it.’ 

Charlie sat behind Lizzie cross legged on the gold rug while he massaged her scalp. ‘Now Lizzie, the point about manifestation is that you never quite know what you want until you have what you think you wanted. It’s all a process you see and when you find out what you don’t want you also find out what you do want. Does that make sense?’

‘Perfectly yes. But I’m all confused Charlie. I thought the cruise and the Himalayas would be just what I wanted. But I found out how unhealthy the food is – you’re right. Its not good enough and it made me angry that I was surrounded by all that meat and very little vegetarian options. I realised how right you are Charlie to make a stand against these things and I want to do more of that myself.’

‘Perfect!’ Charlie almost whispered to himself. ‘You’re welcome to help me out on a new project Lizzie.’ Lizzie turned round suddenly and then instantly found herself nestling into Charlie’s lap. ‘What is it Charlie?’

Charlie proceeded to tell Lizzie all about his plan and manifesto. He took out his board and let Lizzie read it. She smiled happily. ‘I’m glad you met me Charlie. I have the contacts of every supermarket manager in the country. They all know me. We have to be connected in certain ways you see, even if it is just on Twitter.  My aim has always been to influence the mainstream supermarkets to become more like Sassy Foods. That’s great Charlie. I really want this to succeed. Charlie gave Lizzie a broad grin.

That night neither Lizzie or Charlie wanted Lizzie to leave. When 2 people have the same wish much magick can occur! Of course nothing is normal where Charlie is concerned. It was almost the solstice, hot and summery, and the time of year when Charlie usually slept outdoors. He made a bed up for them using rugs and blankets and told Lizzie all about the stars. They watched the stars and other night life then drifted off into a deep meditative and peaceful dream world where much in the manifestation world begins to brew.

In the morning he brewed them both some green chai over the fire then brought them a pot of wheatgrass juice. Lizzie felt slightly awkward all of a sudden and said she’d have to leave. ‘Not before you’ve sampled some raw chocolate dearest one!’ He brought out a tray of delicious looking chocolate and they munched and drank until Lizzie felt content again. ‘You’ve fed me so well Charlie. How do you have the energy to do all this food preparation?’

‘Because the food gives me energy Lizzie and for no other reason – except that I just love it!’

‘Ok, and what would you like me to do about this Manifesto?’ Charlie looked up now excited by the prospect. ‘Can you please email it for me to every supermarket chain. I think that will be a faster and cheaper way of doing it.’

‘Yes, definitely. Of course I’ll do that.’

‘That’s the only thing I can’t do you see – computers and technology – we’re not good friends I’m afraid. We don’t mix and match very well!’

‘Don’t worry Charlie. I’ll do all the admin work, but what about the manifestation?’

‘We’ll do that now Lizzie dear one. Remember what we need to do first?’

Charlie and Lizzie lay naked on the bare grass and for half an hour they both simultaneously visualised mainstream supermarkets agreeing to become healthy shops. They visualised sending the supermarket core bodies white healing light and then began a Lakshmi chant for abundance and financial flow. Lizzie was not averse to doing these rituals with Charlie. She had learnt a lot during the few days of the cruise together. She didn’t know what was happening between them but neither did Charlie.

Time went on and gradually, gradually Charlie had his Magician’s Assistant and Lizzie had her full set of manifestation tools. They had also contacted every supermarket chain in the country and were waiting for the response. Every day they would spend more and more time performing manifestation rituals, chanting Lakshmi mantras and playing the giant gong together. They were in a heart felt space of emotional love for each other as well as having the manifestation tools now to conquer the world almost!

Lizzie walked in having been away for 24 hours. ‘Charlie, we have our first success! We’ve done it. We’ve really done it Charlie!’ As he approached the Lakshmi statue Lizzie thrust a piece of paper into his hand. He looked down and read it carefully. It read:

Dear Mr Bones

Thank you from the management team for your hearty and fully detailed request and manifesto for a healthy supermarket chain. We are delighted to inform you that after several meetings at head office we have decided to give this idea a trial since sales have plummeted during recent weeks. We do not want to make a full commitment to this project but we will give it a month’s trial and see how sales are affected. We are however aware of many issues concerning our customers’ needs and therefore will be carrying out a tight survey ourselves during this 4 week period. If we meet with success we will be contemplating a serious turnaround in the way we supply our customer needs which may be to become a health supermarket. 

Thank you for your suggestions.

Yours sincerely
Nigel Denton
Head Office

Well done Lizzie! You know you are as much a part of this as I am now, the Great Charlie Bones! I could not have manifested such a fast response without your help and that is admitting something, I must say!’

‘Don’t worry about your ego Charlie. Let’s just keep at it and soon we’ll have the whole world turned upside down and round and round the other way round!’

They walked into the garden as usual and sat cross legged facing each other on the gold rug. ‘I love you Charlie’ Lizzie declared wrapping her arms tightly round his neck. ‘I love you too, you silly one Lizzie. Will you be my Magician’s Assistant for real now? Will you apply for the job Lizzie?’ She looked into his eyes and laughed heartily.

‘I already am, aren’t I Charlie? I already am.’

After a mammoth solstice ritual and manifestation 2 days later a letter arrived directly for Charlie:

Dear Mr Bones

We are happy to announce that our trial run as a healthy supermarket went extraordinarily well and we are about to make an official turnaround to change our store on a permanent basis now. This will effect every supermarket in our chain and hence will have a national effect.

To reward you and your assistant for your suggestion we would like to invite you to open up the new supermarket and to accept these 2 vouchers worth £500 each for goods at our store. You will also receive a weekly discount of £20 which is enclosed with this letter. If there is anything else we can do for you please do not hesitate to ask.

Yours sincerely
Nigel Denton
Head Office

Charlie wrapped his arms tightly round Lizzie and declared. ‘Its all in the name of love dear Lizzie. It’s the power of love!’