Jo Moon

We are breathing in and ingesting hundreds more chemicals into our bodies than we can really handle. A 2004 UK report analyzed that adults and children have an average of 75 different toxic chemicals in their bodies which should not be there at all.–toxic-tests-on-unborn-babies-are–alarming–name_page.html

The world is in distress. It is contaminated with wars, pollution, famine, starvation, hunger, abuse, poverty, homelessness, destruction and sickness. These vibrations spread across the whole planet and affect us all. We are all one. We are humans living on our one body, The Earth. She screams out in pain at our maltreatment of her and the distress we create through our activities. We accumulate within us her stress and illness as well as the many other causes of ill health. Children’s sensitivity often picks up on these vibrations far easier and quicker than we do as adults. There is no point in smacking a child for being rude, unruly or in some kind temper tantrum. The child is not feeling good. He or she needs listening to and compassionate understanding. That is the way forwards with children; not to scold, but to listen and act with compassion at all times.

Children are the way forward in the world.

They are our future and without them we will not have a future race. They know why they have come to the Earth at this time and we are reaching a very crucial stage in the Earth’s history. Therefore it is crucial we give our children the time, space and opportunity they need to do their life’s work for the benefit of us all.

If they are not happy, find out why. If they cry, give them love. If they refuse to go to school or some other activity, find out why. They may have a very good reason for their behaviour and actions. They may not be able to express this clearly, in adult like terms or words, but they each have their own way of expressing themselves. There are many institutions, situations and systems that no longer function in the world or do not serve a high enough function. Therefore, many advanced children such as Indigos, crystal and rainbow children, see that these systems do not work and wish to bring this to our attention.

There are many ways in which communication takes place on this planet, and the new children (those I have mentioned above) have different ways to express their needs and communicate with one another and others. They use telepathy and are adept at such skills. They are advanced healers, psychics and artists. They know many things that many of us adults, may not know. They are wise and yet often feel threatened in the world and need a level of safety and understanding. Otherwise they feel alone, misunderstood and will want to attack and retaliate back.

The world is in crisis, and is it any wonder that a new consciousness of child is brought into being to help raise the vibration of the planet? Give them love and understanding and they will help us build a new planet, with a new energetic grid system across its many lay lines and circumference. They have come to help, but they need help too in order to acclimatize to the density and lower vibration on planet Earth.

See the children as potential emblems of peace, angels of awakening and striders into a new vision and it shall be manifest. They know there is a higher vision that can be created on Earth. They know there is a new way forwards to heal many problems on the planet. They know they are like battle ships in the night, in the eye of a giant storm. They know all this, but they may not tell you. They may simply seem distressed, distant, unable to concentrate on mundane subjects or just want to do everything their own way. They may have plans and ideas that make no logical sense to you. They may disregard everything you see as sacred and balanced in your world. They may long to hear your truth and prod and poke you until you reveal it. You may feel their power through the strong emotion you feel in their presence or through having them in your life. You may not fully know the power your own children have over you to make you be in your true essence; because they want you to be your true self in the world, your full potential as well as being this themselves.

The new kids will not back down, change or confirm. They have made a pact, commitment before they were born, to make changes in the world. It is often their sole function for being here. They may communicate messages through music, art, drama, dance or any art form. They may refuse to go to school, play up or develop some condition, termed by medics as ADHD or similar. They will persist in their need to raise consciousness on the planet and to change systems. Indigos particularly are ‘system breakers’ because these systems need to break down and we need to break out into a new world order that serves us all in a higher and more sustainable way.

It is not about a financial crisis, break down in communication, Earth shattering events such as natural disasters or climate change. All these things are happening, but until we find and act on the real answers, these problems will not go away. We need new voices in the world, new consciousness and young vital energy. It is the children who give us many answers. They are here to help so let’s welcome them with open arms and give them a real voice.

We need children’s councils (some of these exist already, but lets see more of them). Let children make more decisions. Let them act with integrity on what they believe will make it a better planet. Let them talk about their ideal school, activity, life, world. They will speak their truths… and we may be pleased and thankful for what they have to say. It is also true that there is much resistance in the world to change and therefore not all ideas will be accepted initially. Yet in times to come we will realise how authentic, true and wise our children’s voices are and how crucial it really is to LISTEN TO OUR CHILDREN!


Jo Moon, on behalf of the children


In a sometimes stressful adult world, it may not always seem easy to be compassionate, calm and loving towards children, especially those who seem to be playing up or creating havoc, when we are in a turmoil ourselves. Tune in at these times to a higher reality, to your higher essence and listen to the still voice within. See how children may be reflecting your own stress and busyness and try to be loving, not only to them, but also to yourself during these times. Whatever love we give out to others is often what we really need ourselves and our children often reflect what is going on with our own inner child. So be kind to your child and you are also being kind to your inner self.

Pray and ask God, angels, universe, divine or great spirit, light or whatever you believe or even don’t believe in – and help and healing will arrive (you can also ask the White Brethren who, as a group of Ascended Masters and angels will bring healing and help whenever called for)

Imagine a beautiful colour surrounding you and your child – the nature of the colour may come to you spontaneously or it could be pink for warmth and love, white light for protection, green for healing or a mixture of these (the power of visualization is strong)

Imagine pink hearts, angels, flowers or dolphins surrounding you and your child, giving out healing energy. Ask and it shall be given.

Chant a healing mantra such as ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ for compassion.

Play a game together, have fun, laugh about it all

Make every chore a game, bring fun into whatever you do together whenever possible

have a race

Run or walk somewhere together

hold hands

cuddle on a chair together

Sit together by a tree

Make music

listen to dolphins or other relaxing music

play with a pet

Listen to the wind, ocean, birds

Watch the sunset or rise together and count the number of birds on a tree

dip your feet in a natural source of water, whatever the weather

play soothing music

enter a dream world

make magic happen by visualizing what you really want

hold healing crystals or buy one

hold a pebble, stone, rock, shell

read a story or make up a story

Watch the wind blow in the trees

Perform healing magick together – never let go of faith and a movement towards a better, more peaceful way of being.

What do Children Really Need?©

By Jo Moon

What Do Children See in the World Around Them?

I took an 8 year old child out to a playground recently and on our way home we passed a pub with 12 hour opening times. People were hanging about outside smoking with pints in their hands, in a drunken state. We next passed a man sitting on steps very drunk, rolling up a cigarette. We had to edge our way around him. Its getting dark now with the clocks turned back an hour. We left the playground around 4pm just as some older children had come in and were throwing swings quite violently over the top of the metal stand and huddling in groups smoking. This is the way of the world, this is life in the town or city.

I looked at the pavement wondering what young eyes from a lower angle would see and perceive in this world. There was litter on every pavement, in every street, dog pooh and cigarette stubs. I have to tell this child to dodge the pooh and I somehow want her to avert her eyes to the overall picture of disillusionment around us. Some may argue that a few people smoking and drinking outside a pub is not disillusionment. But I will say that at 4pm on a weekday afternoon it is not a positive thing for people to be hanging around half ‘out of it’ on alcohol, or at any time of day or night for that matter.

Children Are The Future

We need to be very careful of the world our children see around them. They are vulnerable and susceptible to the energies around them more than we realise; they receive messages about the world from what is in front of their eyes. They are led to believe that it is completely normal to have a drink, go to pubs. They will then be the next generation to carry on with this cycle and so it goes on. All they see around them in towns, cities and villages is pubs and other places selling alcohol. They see on TV constant adverts for alcohol and films, programmes and soaps where people are often smoking and drinking. It is part of everyday culture. Rarely is drinking seen as a bad thing to do unless it is a severe problem – but when exactly is it severe?

Some day there will need to be a massive global change whereby pubs and drinking as a social activity will no longer be the normal thing to do. Instead people will seek out healthy activities rather than unhealthy. Huge healing centres will take over from pubs and instead of going out for a pint people will go out for a healing session, massage, reflexology, counselling session, chanting, meditation or many other therapeutic activities on offer. It will no longer be seen as ‘cool’ or ‘fashionable’ to go out and drink poisonous substances which create ill health, disease and addiction. It will no longer be seen as the thing to do, to collapse in the street with an overdose of alcohol or wake up with a hangover.

People are not given many alternatives at the moment. The world is in chaos and human beings are full of difficult emotions which they have not in general been taught how to deal with. From a young age we have experienced deep rooted emotional issues, some very traumatic, others milder. Some have experienced more pain and suffering than others but we have all no doubt suffered in some way at some time.

 Should we Accept Drinking Alcohol as the Normal thing to Do?

To counteract the turbulence, dissatisfaction and difficult deep rooted emotions many people go out to pubs and clubs and have a few drinks as a totally acceptable social norm. Or some may stay at home and drink. But it is all basically the same. I’m sure many will argue with my point here and say that drinking is a harmless and fun activity if not taken to excess. But when is it ok and when does it go beyond that limit? If you have regrets after a night out, or forget exactly what you did or feel sick or vomit or just feel unable to function properly the next day, is that all ok and acceptable for you? Do we just accept that this is the way to live? That this is the way it is? Why should we?

Looking at our internal pain is not always easy. Most of us have some pain somewhere but it is also easy to run away from it, conceal it from ourselves or consciously or unconsciously avoid it in some way. It will always catch up with us somehow though at some time, like a boomerang or picture in the mirror. Drinking is one method of escape, but that will never cure or help anything. It is just a deadly trip downwards to a never ending cycle of inner destruction.

Could we Abolish Pubs and Alcohol Drinking Altogether?

What we do need is big healing centres in place of pubs and for it to become the normal thing for people to meet in these places and receive the healing they really need. The problem now is that many healing activities and therapies are expensive and not accessible to many people who really need them. Therefore these healing centres would need to be subsidised in some way so that healing is given freely or at very low cost. Alcohol and smoking would certainly not be allowed inside or outside. Food could be served in healthy cafes which would also not serve any animal products therefore all food would be vegan and organic and locally produced if possible.

In this new world I would take my child to the playground and afterwards we would wander into the local healing centre. Perhaps my child would attend an emotional intelligence session where she learns how to express and deal with her many different and sometimes difficult emotions. She would be encouraged to draw pictures, act out scenes or engage in play-therapy type activities in order to understand and express herself more in a constructive way. She would learn that she was accepted as a human being and that it is safe to express all her many emotions.

When this child becomes an adult she will learn to interact with others in a more healthy and honest way, knowing that it is safe to be who she is. If all children had this experience we would have a totally new adult population whereby relating to one another and to ourselves would be a far easier, honest and healthy thing to do. We would engage in healing activities when life felt difficult, but we would no longer need the escape of alcohol, tobacco and other mind numbing, destructive drugs because we will have found a far healthier option which will truly serve us as human beings and take us forward as a human race. 


I was watching a young child with her parents and grandmother on a train the other evening. Everyone was wanting her to go to sleep but the girl was very active and could not settle. It was 9.30pm and the girl looked about 4 years old. Initially she sat down and said she wanted to lie across the seats with a blanket over her. Her dad suggested she put her head on his lap which she seemed very happy to do. She lay there with a blanket wrapped around her and was content for a short while. She then became distracted by other things and wanted to sit with mum and play with her Mickey Mouse toy.

Her family gradually became more and more frustrated by the situation, and her mother was obviously exhausted. Eventually mum put her head down on the table and went to sleep. The little girl was passed to her dad. For the next hour or so grandmother and dad continued trying to persuade the little girl that she needed her sleep. They said she would not have the energy to play with her toys the next day or go to playgroup or even get up in time. The girl did not appear to register any of this reasoning and eventually screamed out, ‘I don’t want to be tired!’

The exhausted mum went to another seat to sleep and the other 2 adults appeared exasperated by the scenario. The little girl persisted in being more and more active and needing attention. The adults had little energy left to give to her. The girl was talking incessantly in quite a desperate kind of way.

I observed with interest, wondering why this was happening and what the solution was. I prayed and sent healing to the family and watched what happened next. Very soon after my prayer mum woke up and asked her little girl if she would like to sleep in her buggy. The girl looked eager and happily said ‘yes.’ As I got off the train I witnessed a sleepy mum holding her daughter who was happily asleep in her mother’s arms.


  • prayer and healing always work – thank God in advance for helping any situation and leave the predicament in his/her hands. Let go of forcing the issue and just allow the right solution to be found as God knows far more than we do.

  • Ask a child what he/she wants or needs and find out what the problem may be. The child may not be able to communicate adequately to you what he/she is experiencing but by being asked it shows that you are listening to the child and caring about their needs, rather than just trying to tell them what to do.

  • As an adult, by taking care of your own needs and taking time out to rest or nurture yourself in some way you are preparing yourself more adequately to be able to give more fully to your child. This might mean taking yourself off for a little walk somewhere in nature, along the beach or across a field or park. It might mean having a massage, going for a swim, going out for the day, for an hour. It could mean meeting up with friends, watching a film, having a foot massage. It might be for 10 minutes or it might be for 10 days! Look at your own needs as well as those of your child. And of course, see what is possible and where there is a slot of time available for self nurturing and ‘me time’!

  • Children are affected by far more in the environment than we are often aware of. Fast speed trains containing hundreds of mobile phones all operating at the same time in confined spaces is a recipe for high levels of electromagnetic stress. We cannot see, feel or smell these energies, but they are there and they affect children’s young and developing bodies even more so than adults’.

  • In order to rest children need calm, relaxing environments. A high speed train is not calm and relaxing, even if we are sometimes under the illusion that it is.
  • High sugar drinks, sweets and food may create hyperactivity in children as well as the addition of e numbers, additives, artificial colours and flavours. Many sweet foods, especially for children, do contain these ingredients so read labels carefully if you want to avoid the after effects.

I believe we are living in a world that is difficult for children. We live at a fast speed, with mass technololgy in every sphere of life, less contact with nature together with family and other pressures. Children are exposed to the problems of the world through TV and computers. This is a high level of information for them to deal with. They are not protected any more. We are fast approaching 2012 when Earth energies are increasing and chaos can prevail. On some deep level the kids know they have a job to do, especially the Indigos, Crystal and Rainbows, but they do need our help along the way, to make their journey a little easier.

They need to learn about technology because that is the way forward, yet it needs to be used with consciousness and with a level of protection. If possible invest in electromagnet protective devices for mobile phones and computers. Encourage sensible use of technololgy.

One day there will be trains with children’s carriages where there is soothing music playing, crystals and electromagnet stress protectors. There will be toys to play with and soothing colours on the walls. Adult areas may also contain relaxation music and services on offer such as reflexology and other healing arts and therapies.

Trains should be made that cater for people’s needs while they travel between two destinations. We need to care for one another on this planet rather than competing, fighting, stealing and other negative interactions between individuals and countries.

The child on the train is waiting for the right solution, the one that contains the most LOVE. Then she/he will be happy and so too will the rest of us.

LOVE is always the answer.


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