I started writing future stories following a channelled talk in 2012 given by my good friend Jabeen. A small group of us assembled in my healing room in East Sussex at the end of September 2011 and were told that, not only would we receive many messages, both personal and global, about 2012, but we would also receive healing energy and divine inspiration. The talks were given by a group of Ascended Masters and Archangels known collectively as The White Brethren and I have worked with them for a few years now, as guided and helped by Jabeen.

I have received much healing by The White Brethren and helped Jabeen set up a Sanctuary space in 2005 where these beings were able to inhabit the space and give people healing without the need for a healer to be present. This is a new healing method and Jabeen set up the organisation GHAEN to initiate the establishment of many Sanctuary spaces around the globe. GHAEN is a network of people involved in spiritual and healing work involving The White Brethren.

The name of these beings has had much criticism for being sexist and racist! However, this could not be further from the truth. The White Brethren consist of those such as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha and Archangel Michael and their aim is to help humanity and the planet to heal and raise consciousness. This is not a religion but a spiritual way of being. Anyone can call on The White Brethren and ask for help, guidance or healing as long as they are sitting or lying quietly somewhere where these beings can be accessed more easily. For more information on GHAEN see www.ghaen.net.

My introduction has to include information on The White Brethren as it was following their talk on 2012 that I started to write my future stories. I felt inspired and my mind was full of visions of a future world or potential future worlds. I take all these visions seriously as I am attuned to the White Brethren and ask for their guidance whenever I write. Through my writing they wish to communicate much truth including spiritual knowledge and a positive way forwards for humanity. You can of course simply enjoy the stories in their fictional form but I believe there are warnings and advice here that need to be taken seriously.

We are currently going through a huge shift in global consciousness. We are changing as a human race and we will only survive if we find new ways forward which are far more sustainable and based on us unifying world wide. We are not in reality separate from one another and each one of us can have a positive or negative impact on the whole. Let’s choose to create positivity in the world and work together in unity to create a planet that sustains everyone equally.

What particularly struck me in the channelled talk was the despair expressed by The White Brethren on the complete inequality currently present in the world. They said there is absolutely no need for one part of the world to live in starvation, and the other part to often overeat. How true!

Although this is a book of fictional future stories I have written them at this turning point in human history. I am writing this introduction now at the beginning of 2012. I see that we need to act now to rectify many difficult and chaotic situations on Earth. We need to end the perpetual struggles, the war, greed, competition and disconnection from one another. We need to see how we are all interconnected and how dramatically different it would be for nations to positively help others rather than to compete and fight in wars.

I have been writing short stories, articles, poetry and plays for many years now, but the turning point in my writing came when I met Jabeen and was introduced to The White Brethren. From this point onwards my writing changed and took on new meaning. I am able to receive visions through my meditations and access information from these beings in other dimensions.

Please take the stories in whatever way you wish! I am simply highlighting here that science fiction often contains much truth and I have consciously worked on this in my own future stories, through the guidance of The White Brethren. I have discovered in recent years that there is a strange blurring between what is considered pure fantasy or science fiction and what is in fact real!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my stories!

Foreword by Jabeen