Telling the story
Of me, you and yours
Telling the story
Of my past and future
I didn’t want you telling
Me it all
Cos I had to forget the words
You drew from the air
The ones you said and
Told me what to do
A servant of God
Yet God wants no servants
Only bearers of light

I pulled up all the weeds
Re-located the plants
I put them in the shade
And the weeds all died
I toiled for nothing
And failed to save
I had to get out of here
Make it to the top of the hill

You pulled me back again
Said God had more work
So I trundled on back
And rubbed your back
For the two thousandth time
Then left
For the very last bus
That took me on a moon journey
To a distant land

I put up my tent
By the water pipe
And an open field
I didn’t know then
It was so hard
To let go
Of you and them and it
I walked in the forest
At dawn each day
Made magick spells in the trees
Told them to protect and guide me
Along my way

With my bundle of magick
I made tracts to the town
I saw what
I’d created then
In those depths of the forest
For all at once
Souls rushed my way
Asked directions and had lots to say
Yet I was new here
Did not know my way
Yet I held a secret
That would set us all free

I wandered on each day
Not knowing much
Except how to pray
And this I did by the water’s edge
I saw Jesus in a boat
Who called on me
He said Gather the people
Make haste, make hay
So I called them towards me
And they ran my way

We each had a plan
A notion, a vision
And all at once
It became crystal clear
We gathered our maps
Our strength and our courage
And resolved to find
A piece of land!

The Sacred Door

I opened up
The sacred door
I stood and saw
A magical woodland of another time
With a derelict house
And a barn for a
Pure white mare
And a haunting light
With piercing sight

And there in the shimmering stream
Was a clear spring of water
As pure as the mountain’s daughter

Crystals lined the forest gate
And along its tracks
Great deer and hinds
Would guard the forest
Day and night

Owls hoot
Skylarks sing
Robins whisper in the wind
And holly, ivy, bracken and thunder
Come and go
As seasons move along the ground

Lines of silver
Run in horizontal
And vertical vortexes
Across the forest floor
Where portals of other realms
Silently shine up beneath
The homes of elemental beings

And within the fine threads
Of silver
Lay nodules of knowledge
From ancient times
Where skeletons of the elders
Crumbled into golden embers
Where wise words were once spoken
And a magickal token
Left underground
With a piercing sound

My ears were shattered
With the high pitched screeching
Of voices from another world
We wish to speak now
For this is your home
You have travelled very far
Now here you must reside

I took my walking stick
With its ounce of gold
And whispered it
A secret that shall
Never be told
It led me to a clearing
In the heart of the wood
And there I silently stood

I mapped out
My dwelling place
And knew at last
That this was my home
I was given the golden cloak of wisdom

For here I was to welcome
Many lost and lonesome souls
Bring them to a place
Of peace and love
This was the mission
The truth and the vision
Where God had led me
Where I would truly see