She rode the horse to the circus
And back
Arm in arm with the panther
From hell-fire
Arm in arm
With a dragon on her back
The one that told her
To breathe out her fire
Instead of
Taking it inside her
Like the curse of the
Almighty cosmos
In dolphin sick
Like the elf at the end
Of a mountain peak

She would ride to the
End of
The blue lagoon
With a feather on her bow
Peep at the crowds
Tell them who’s boss
Cos she aint got
No calling to be
Here right now
Just a dance
In a place
That speaks of love
Echoes of diamonds
From the lost blue
That ripple along
Life’s tip
Of the ice berg
She was no saviour,
Or Romany
She was an elfin wanderer
Of the land
On fairy feet
Drifted with the tide
On the back of a whale
Learnt to speak
The language of dolphins
High up in the clouds
Where she never was seen
I seen you fair maiden
Off with your crown
You pretended to be
The luxurious one
Yet you have not lamented
Times of the past
When once you began
Life out on a limb
Just a soldier of light
Waking up
At dawn darkness
Waiting for salvation
In the middle of the night
Not quite found yet
Until times past
Have been truly forgotten
Learn not to regret
One single iota
Cos the truth
Is worth knowing
The past is now gone
All that remains
Is a bright glowing future
One that glistens
Like golden elf teeth
One that runs with gold
Splattered water
Urns of true love
Just waiting for lips
To drink…