I write stories which may be science fiction, mystical or for children but they all contain truth about our lives on planet Earth and therefore can be taken seriously, as well as appreciated in a fictional sense.

I write articles, stories, snippets of information, creative prose and visual imagery.

I am a spiritual healer and intuitive storyteller and aim to create healing through both my written and spoken words…

The Real World…


I have a background in creative arts including contemporary dance and drama and creative writing for personal development.

I facilitated drama, movement and creative writing workshops for adults, young people and homeless people with mental health difficulties, physical and sensory disabilities for a period of 7 years in a variety of settings.

I trained in storytelling back in 2004 following guidance given to me during a reiki healing session. I was told that the severe cough I had would be eased by telling a story. I told a story that evening by randomly choosing one from the book ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. The story I chose was ‘La Loba’ (The Wolf Woman) and my cough began to get better. I realised the potential for healing through storytelling and soon afterwards a letter popped through my door inviting me to WAY OF AWEN storytelling workshops run at various youth hostels in the UK South East by storyteller and Bard, Tallyessin AKA Kevan Manwaring.

I attended two of these workshops; Voice of the Fire and Voice of the Wind and the first involved an initiation ceremony on top of a windy hill where stood the Long Man of Wilmington. We battled against a fierce gale, all wearing our blue cloaks and painted noses. We faced north, east, south and west and declared our dedication to the story! I have never looked back!

I began by telling traditional stories, but found I was able to make up stories intuitively which proved to be healing for whoever was listening. I have now developed this further by tuning into angelic beings prior to telling a story.

Through my creative work with vulnerable people and children I gained many insights about health, healing and humanity. I explored this further following a profound spiritual and emotionally healing experience over a period of about 2 years from 2005-2007.

I am affiliated with the spiritual organisation GHAEN which can be read about in greater depth on this website: www.ghaen.net

My predominant aim now is to write about insights I receive about the world and humanity through my connection with angelic beings known as The White Brethren or Brotherhood. I write about the truth as I perceive and receive it through these beings. My storytelling is also a form of channelling or conveying of messages from these beings of higher realms.

I hope what I write and tell may be of interest and help in a sometimes chaotic, turbulent and difficult world. I welcome any comments, questions or feedback. Please see the storytelling section for workshops and performances I offer.

The truth is not always easy to hear but it will ultimately lead us all to a greater depth of understanding about ourselves, our lives and our planet and will lead us towards our own evolution as a human species.


2 Responses to ABOUT

  1. very nice site and a lot of good work you may enjoy a piece i wrote about destruction of the world we live in today. .my name kevin keep writing its really nice and very interesting.

  2. Debbie Winstanley says:

    I like your intentions. Well done.

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