Back Home

Making my way back home now
To the land of God
My creator
My one love…

Cliff Hanger

You cried into the night
Took flight
Told me you would jump
I said I would stop…


I sit here gagged
A black tape
Around my mouth
Too much brewing…

A Sea Boat Story

Lying here
A body drifting out to sea
On a vessel of seaweed
Trying to get to another land…

Yes She Said

Yes she said
To the conductor of her life
Of course I will do what I am told
If I don’t I will get beaten…

The Soldier’s Lament

I haven’t been in the sunshine for 100 years
I lost the picture of your face
I couldn’t face the one I loved the most
Because my face was shrouded in a shawl of white mist…
Future Stories

Introduction to Future Stories

I started writing future stories following a channelled talk in 2012 given by my good friend Jabeen. A small group of us assembled in my healing room in East Sussex at the end of September 2011 and were told that, not only would we receive…
Future Stories

When Stars Shine Above and Below…

Angelina was cutting out images from her head and sticking them on the stone wall. The head device made it easier now. She was taking images from her mind and projecting them against the walls of her shack. She hoped it would transform her life.…
Future Stories

Hover Toys

There is a town somewhere on the peninsula where they have banned those hover toys. When that boy struck one right into my left ear and I had to go to emergency bay I was really pissed off with the whole gadget thing, especially the…
Future Stories

In the Era of Earth Decay

I was walking past those old bins, the antique ones on the corner of Maidstone Street, where all the old garbage goes. Some people still use them. Most, of course, use the sky trains and load their rubbish onto them when they're passing to get…
Future Stories

The Lost Enchanted City

I was walking across the sea bed when the sun was just rising. That's when I first viewed the city rising out of the foamy waves. They told us it would happen one day but not yet. But here it was just after the storm.…