I was looking out to sea when you left. You never told us you were leaving. Just came and went with the mist. I called your name 17 times but you were gone. Why did you not hear me call you? I had seen your…

Face the Cliff

She walked solitarily up its face, not knowing if she would ever reach the top of this foreboding cliff. She knew she would have to make it this time or try again until she came face to face with its full reality. There was no…


She sat in her study coughing and spluttering like some tobacco worn out addict. Yet she had never tasted tobacco in her entire life and she was not addicted to anything except love. She wanted to get on with the novel she was writing. Aged…


Hey you ‘Looking Glass of no Return’! Do you really know my future? Can you show me all the things I want to do in life? Will it all happen before I’m 30?  I look at myself, covered with acne, pale in spring from studying…

Cliff Hanger

You cried into the night
Took flight
Told me you would jump
I said I would stop…