Future Stories

Butchers of Hell

We are the new butchers. We butcher away what has gone before. We have been given this entitlement by the higher government. With the new expansive energies of 2012 we were given the knowledge to build our sonic laser beams of light. We are able…
Future Stories

Toxic City-World

There was a rumbling in the old shanty town. She didn't know what it was at first. She was a stranger in town. Her mother and father had moved here only 3 weeks ago, but the rumblings had got bigger and louder. Her ears hissed…
Future Stories Zion-X


Hilary was only 16 when she found the next parchment. This time, they left it underneath her bed guard, Rupert, a huge Dalmatian who slept beside her to stop her being afraid. It was hard living away from home yet it gave her freedom from…
Future Stories

St Leonards in the Future

I guess I had brushed with the past often, down the old Kings Road and London Road. It was funny to see how they used to be full of pubs and meat shops and places where you could buy liquor poison and that kind of…
Future Stories

The Gardeners

Dear Georgio I'm writing to you from abroad now. I left St Leonards about 6 months ago as I really wanted to live in a hot place - I'm in the south of France, Marseille, following the publication of my book, 'Gardens for the Future'.…
Future Stories Zion-X

Zion-X and the Parchment of Truth

They say I am an avatar of peace. I have the blue ray of protection, that is true, But I am not always attuned to the light and my ray becomes dimmer sometimes meaning I cannot see or hear them clearly. My reality is blurred…
Future Stories

Telepathic Wavelengths

I knew it was summer when all the leaves on the trees were green and the my aubergines, tomatoes, lilies and hyacinths were ripe and golden like a butterfly coming into its full season. I had even watched as the chrysalis lying hidden under a…
Future Stories

Future World

Sarea looked overhead at the flying hieroglyphics from the healing towers. She wanted to submerge herself in them, merge with the oneness, be the shapes and holographic images that appeared so infrequently now from the sky temples. She could do this here in the Love…
Future Stories


I often wander on the old beach. Here the anchor sticks in the sand like a limpet left from ancient days. I stretch my eyes far out to sea at the limpets on the hydro-power station that emerge like bumps on the horizon, charging up,…

Ape Man

You told me
Not to think
Instead, play by instincts
You told me…


Go now with the wind
Fairest Jo
It is not so far to go
Just fly…

Cuckoo Calling

There is a cuckoo calling
She summons the last sun drenched
Dewy grass
To make light and air…