My world
Is not your world
When I scream
You laugh
When I cry
You are gone
When I want to laugh
And play
You are sick
I forgo fun
To care for you
When I am sick
You are gone
What is this world?
Where are my friends?
When I am in the opposite
World to you
When I am alone
On a boat
And you are in the sky
And when I am in heaven
You are deep in the underworld
When I am crawling in the mud
In search of sustenance
You cannot even see
That I exist
You see flowers and roses
Soft dew on bright grass
When I see black treacle
Messing up my hair

You cannot see me
I cannot see you
When two blind mice
Meet face to face
They only feel the other’s
But cannot do a thing
They part like magnets
Repelled by the other

I am just alive
But wanting warmth
To sustain me
Give me strength
Through this wilderness
You come and go
Through thick mist
Give me your hand
I feel spindly fingers
Like ice
You pull them back
I cry into the night
Yet willing an icy
Hand back
As if it is the
Last salvation
You cannot deny
What is
What was
Yet I am alone in this
I am the icy maiden
Who once had a heart
That froze with
My last breath
In the