A long way to go
I am losing myself
In dreams
That cannot last
It does not matter
We are here to save,
Nourish, enlighten
It shall transpire
In the dawning of new times
Let life be the guiding force
Smash up the old
Start again
Let storms rage
Till all the un-environmental mess
Has been destroyed
There shall be death, turbulence
And anger
So let it be

You have been asleep
At the castle gates
For too long
She our Earth
Has had enough
Die if you must
Insist on killing others
Since death is simply
A willingness to
Surrender to life
And transience
A necessary moving on
When missions have
Been accomplished
And no more to be done
Yet this Earth cries out
In pain
And her will shall be done
You, her destroyers
Shall be her saviours
Adieu to the old
May the new be re-born!