What is this world
If nothing to share?
What is this life
If nothing to give?
When you are cold and hungry
You can give your smile
When you are cold and hungry
And cannot smile
You give another the chance
To give

We are all one on planet Earth
Like a giant human-Earth body
When one part ails
It hurts another
If you break a foot
Your body suffers
Help mend
the broken foot
Of the world
We make our way
To better climates
Yet new breakthroughs
Of light!

Then we shall never
Need suffer
On Earth
When we recognize
That we are truly
All one
Particles of the same being.
When we assist
When they are down
In turn
We shall be helped

We don’t need to fight
Or compete
Or corrupt
We are here to bring
Ourselves, our light
To Earth
To play in the great
Of this great
Human sound

Play your instrument
Dance your rhythm!
Sing your song!
Walk your own walk!

In the beginning
There was light
At the end there was
Yet more light…