The golden sun peeps through
The bars on my window sill
So I don’t jump out
Give up, fall apart, drop and drip
Down the drain pipe
Since love has left me
The council must have known
My lowness of heart
And wished to keep me alive
To save the planet
And fight against them
The thieves of freedom
She speaks to me now
Through a hundred voices
My soul that got locked
And tied up for many years
In a prison cell
With hoards of other souls
Yet now she is safely kept
Within my third eye
So I may know
The truth of my
Upon the Earth
Fly now Jo
Tell them a joke or two
To lighten them up
Then take a sup
Of your magic potion
And let the gulls and
Golden hawks
Take me upon their wings
To mighty heavens
Where my stories shall be told
And wise words offered
Beneath the shelves
Of angel wings
In deep blue skies