You a child
Call out my name
Ask for love
You wanted more
That I cannot give
I gave you my heart
Only half left inside of me
When I needed love
It was not there
You took my heart piece
Ate it whole
Told me you loved me
Yet my heart was half
I gave you more food
Chocolate and
You scoffed it down
A starving baby
In need

When I called out
You did not hear
I wanted to speak
But you closed
My mouth
I told you my heart
But instead you
Called me aggressive
Said I was not smart
You put your needs first
Mine were last
I called upon you
In great pain
Yet your need
Always more…

I held out my hand
To give you bread
You snatched it
Before I had taken
A bite
You told me
I was funny
When I cried myself
To sleep
Yet when I woke up
You forgot my tears
Instead you had yours
I mopped them up
With the bucket
Gave you hot tea
And biscuits
You wanted more…
I told you a tale
It lightened your heart
Yet it was about
My ailing heart
You told me to grow
The heart back
To mend it
With love
I said
I have none
You said you had

I told my heart
To grow
It refused
At first
Said she needed
Too much
But I wanted my
Had to be whole
She said just ask
But it wasn’t enough…

The boys came and went
And none were
Quite right
She said
Have faith
So my half heart
And prolonged its
In anticipation
Of a long
Sustaining love
That would
Mend her
Poor heart…
She hoped.