I am you
Your breath and truth
All that you are
Is inside me
Inside my heart
In bliss, in truth
In love and respect
For our planet
And all that she holds onto for us
For ourselves
I love you so much
Our Earth, speckled
And painted Earth
That I cannot go on this way
Without you
Inside me
I love to feel your breath
Upon my face at night
when angels come
and tend to the burning pain
Inside the skin of my outer world
When I know that you are there
In the brackets of an outer existence
That is not this one
But another
I am the truth bearer
I will shine my magic upon your
So no man will loose the will to live again
We are in truth
Truth seekers of another dimension
and planet
I will go with you to the mountains
Of deeper exploration
and shine from there a magic hue
there is no bliss to be found here
Amidst the rubble and dirt of another age
I em egging you on dearest Earth dream
To become our reality
The outer shell must crumble now
For the new
to emerge
There is another one waiting
Upon the shoulder of bliss
I do not know where this leads
Except upwards and outwards
Our souls depart now
to outer worlds
Go now in truth and may the long awaited
Plans that we have marry us
Into heaven’s gates
I love to feel your saintly aura
I am dying now, of famine
And hunger
I am growing wings
Yet they have nowhere safe to go yet
Fly now and give me back my sword and shield
There is a long way forwards now
I am the truth seeker
I will deliver the world
From the palm of its hands
I will discover newness and light
There is another way forwards
A greater truth
I have found it here
Inside your arms of
Ash from the last forest fire
This shall be no more
We shall rise up from the ashes
And see once more
A mountain of splendid truths
That I cannot hold back from now
Be in the moment
The truth awakens
Deliver new sounds from above
Into the furnace and survive
The Earth needs you now
Go and make new demands upon yourself
To save the forest fires
From blasting away the rest of the rubble
there is room now
Go and be a wise merchant
As if living in furnaces that were
Once your home
it is true
You live amongst the golden gates
Of wisdom
yet you choose hell fire
This indeed is the hell you have writ
it is the hell of heat when the world
Cries in pain
For the debris it holds inside its palms

Go amidst the people now
proclaim the depths of your knowledge
And go again to the kingdom
Of justice
She will tame the spirit
Of fires
That so oft will fire you Jo

Go now and proclaim your birth right
There is much to be done, achieved now
For in the plight of thundery births
A myriad new avenues of expression appear
I am your lover, I am seeking a new way out
I appear and re-appear
I am the shadow of your former self
I will billow from the mountain peaks now and
Shake the trees anew
There is a new way forward
Go into the tunnel of new beginnings
I am breathing fresh air into your lungs
And it will come to pass
That a merchant of many wares
Will pass by and give to you a new miracle
The miracle birth awaits and it is up to you
Now seek new pastures
there is a new way forwards now
there is is a new way forwards that you
And many others have not discovered yet

It will come to pass in a hundred days time
and in the hundred days there will be a bank
Across the tides of a river
Here you will find the key
To the quay of a new way forward
the key to the golden gate awaits
It is forgotten yet awaits
it is yearning to be re-opened now
and this is the gate through which you shall pass…

The end and at once the sacred beginning