A girl named Andalucia lived on top of the highest mountains in Israeli land. This is not a land well known by many. It is the place that children go to when they are scared of the world, troubled by everything that goes on here. They are taken on Angels’ wings to the high up places away from the turmoil. Here they are looked after and protected by the beings and spirits of the mountains. They are not seen, heard or felt by any human being. Each child is given his or her own special dwelling place which may be a palace or cave or whatever is chosen through their own imagination. They may do as they please each day. Children can bathe in the fresh magical streams; play with other children; meditate with the elders or learn to fly or telepathise with the humans below. They may be alone by creating invisibility domes or commune with the children, spirits and angels of the mountain. It is highly recommended that the special children who arrive here allow a part of themselves to continue living in their Earthly bodies to maintain the illusion that they are still around. If not, the adults will summon up search parties and believe they have disappeared. This is how Andalucia arrived in her Ashram tent on the highest peak of the mountain.

Here she discovered her special gifts. She learnt how to do things to counteract turbulence on Earth. She learnt how to fly, how to wander amongst the fairy folk and speak their language; she discovered how to eat raw berries and nuts brought to her by the little animals. She learnt how to grow a whole forest just by dreaming the vision. She could create anything in her little mind for she was only 8 years old. She learnt how to dance and play and create magic. She discovered that by dancing and singing in a joyful way her visions would happen more quickly. The angels laughed and rejoiced with her since they received the beautiful energy she emanated through her joyful spirit.

Andalucia was 9 years old when it was time for her to return to her Earthly family though they had been under the illusion that she had never left. Her physical form had become sombre, weak and sickly. She had many days off sick from school and barely listened in class. She had become a seemingly strange and weak child who no-one quite understood. Yet high up in the mountain her spirit had been full of joy, gaining spiritual gifts way beyond the abilities of the average human. On returning to her Earthly form Andalucia felt heavy and thick with the worries and difficulties around her. Her father was sick and mother overworked. Her two older brothers and sister refused to do household chores or homework, would run off and meet gangs in the neighbouring streets. Andalucia realised at once what she needed to do and saw that her time in the mountains had been preparation to revive her family to better spirits.

The disturbance in her Earthly body had received much sickness from the family. She would wet the bed and vomit up her breakfast. It was not real food and the low energy of such substance was dampening down her spirits to such a level that it was difficult to function. The high sugar content was interrupting the natural processes of her body. The milk was clogging her up and reminding her of the cows that had had to stand still for ages with machines attached to them forcing them to give up their milk. She knew that this milk was meant for their baby calves and not for humans. It was not fit for human consumption. Her brothers and sister were all affected by this, their bodies constantly trying to fight back from the sweeteners and additives in their foods. Andalucia knew that her first mission was to change the way her family ate. It was bringing disease upon them all.

It is not an easy thing to do, for a child to make things change in the adult world. She had to speak in another language and use her magic skills. She vomited every time she ate something that was bad for her so that it left her system. She asked her mother to buy her different foods that would not make her sick. Her mother consulted a dietitian and other experts due to her increasing concern about Andalucia. She eventually brought home rice and oat milk as a trial and Andalucia immediately felt better. There were still sugary foods and fizzy drinks that made her jump about uncomfortably. She found she could not keep still for long and felt angry and irritated for no real reason. She complained about her food continually to the point of refusing to eat at all, apart from the rice and oat milk. Her parents were sincerely worried about her especially since she had started to loose weight.

They visited the local health food shop for the first time and brought bags of goodies back for Andalucia. She was thrilled. Now she could eat healthy organic fruit, nuts, seeds, similar to the food she had eaten on the mountain. It could never be as pure as that but it was better than the unnatural foods she had been eating. She heard about organic food on TV and learnt that food that wasn’t organic had been sprayed with poisons that got stuck in the body. It was frightening. She was worried for everyone on the planet, people who were just poisoning themselves so much with this food.

Andalucia was going to make a stand against all this rubbish food when she got older, but for now she was making her family change their own eating habits. Her mother became angry and stressed by trying to buy one thing for Andalucia and other foods for her brothers and sister so she ended up buying healthy food for everyone. There was the horrible issue of dead animals on the dinner plates. Andalucia was so horrified to think one living being could eat the flesh of a once living animal. It was horrendous – pure murder, and she would not be a part of this food chain. She opted out of the meat eating and refused anything she was offered. Her mother now had to consult vegetarian recipes and learn a whole new way of cooking. As a result she started making vegetarian meals for the whole family. The other children spent less time on the streets and started to eat with everyone else.

Andalucia put spells and magic into all the food so that the meat tasted bad and was often gone off and every meat scare on TV and radio was heard loudly in this household. Eventually the whole family except dad became vegetarian. Andalucia knew it would take him longer but she carried on in her quest and 10 years later, as an elder, he became meat free!

The sickness in her family was subsiding. There were still other forms of disturbance, often unheard and unseen. The underlying issues that lay at the core and centre of every family are hard to detect but are there somewhere. Andalucia saw that there were many hurts and misunderstandings going on between everyone. There were those who felt left out, others who could not make themselves heard no matter how hard they screamed out; there were things that seemed unfair and arguments that never got resolved. Sometimes screams and cries and shouting and swearing could be heard all day long. It was nothing like the peace and quiet she experienced at the top of the mountain. She realised it was very difficult for everyone to live and love together in harmony on this planet. She made a pact with herself to make it easier and less painful for them all. She would have to plant a large dose of love and understanding into the family for it to gradually recover.

Andalucia called a special family meeting and though there was much resistance, everyone turned up eventually. She organised it on the coldest Saturday of the year in December when there was no school or work and no-one wanted to go anywhere. They were practically snowed in. Andalucia had learnt how to look into the future to predict the weather and people’s moods. The Green family sat hunched up on chairs and cushions in the scruffy looking living room, with white confetti dripping playfully down the window panes. Her brothers stared in annoyance at the blank computer screen which had crashed due to Andalucia’s interference. Her sister tried avoiding everyone’s attention while painting her finger nails bright seaweed green to match her woolly hat. A dim sun could barely shine through the windows with the large neglected bush and tree trunk in front covered in white. Net curtains were grey and disintegrating and the faded green carpet stained with ink, wine, custard, jelly, and all sorts of other things, probably a mouse hair or two. With her two eyes gleaming brightly Andalucia sprayed the room with invisible pink dust that created a loving energy. Vague smiles began to emerge on everyone’s faces.

‘I want to start by thanking you for all being so willing to come to my meeting today and thank you everyone for being such a loving family!’ everyone’s ears pricked up at Andalucia’s words which sounded almost unreal on such a miserable and cold day. She hugged everyone in turn and kissed her brothers and sister on the cheek. She then rang a little bell to call in the angels then continued the meeting grabbing everyone’s attention with a beautiful dance and poem. They all applauded and then she cried out, ‘let’s dance!’ they gradually rose up after some reluctance and had a wonderful time dancing, laughing and singing under the magic of Andalucia’s imaginings. Many angels were invisibly present as well as Andalucia’s fairy friends from the mountains. They helped cultivate an atmosphere of frivolity and celebration knowing that this would bring great gifts for all the family. When everyone flopped down exhausted Andalucia handed them a magic wand and asked each person to make a wish and air a gripe.

This turned out to be quite fun. Everyone laughed when they heard each other’s gripes which seemed somehow ridiculous. The whole family loved making wishes. John wanted a girlfriend, Rob wished for a sledge. Fiona wanted a new green dress; mum wanted peace and rest in her home, dad wished the horse he’d betted on to win the Grand National and for his sore back to get better. Andalucia used her special powers and all their wishes came true except for the winning horse. Instead the angels tended to dad’s back with their loving energy and it soon recovered. It was so inspiring that Andalucia’s meetings became very popular. News spread around the neighbourhood. Everyone wanted family meetings and yet they never turned out quite as successful as Andalucia’s. She had to attend all the other family meetings and give them her dancing and magic. The whole street turned around! Lots of people gave up meat and milk. The cows were starting to feel a whole lot happier. Andalucia was in great demand.

When she grew tired and her powers needed topping up she returned to the mountain for rest and to re-activate her magic. Yet her earthly body continued in its work.

Things on Earth were changing dramatically as more and more children were spending time on the mountain and bringing their powers to Earth. Families, schools, communities and systems began to change in dramatic ways. Children were starting to create the world they wanted. This was simply through their magic and powers from the mountains. Without this it would have been an impossible task. Yet adults benefited so much from it all that children were given their own parliament and were able to influence and advise those in power as Prime Ministers and Presidents, Kings and Queens.

Children regained their rightful position in the world by demonstrating their own special powers, wisdom and insights. The world became a better, more beautiful and respected place. The animals were allowed to live in peace at last and therefore they no longer attacked or poisoned humans. Everyone had family meetings and no one was allowed to eat or produce food that was potentially poisonous. The world became a bright, loving, beautiful place full of fun, magic, spiritual wisdom and power (not forgetting dancing, singing and lots of amazing music and jubilation!).

It is time for you now to take your magic wand ,make your wishes and experience the power of the mountain. Through this you will help to bring peace and positive transformation all over our beautiful planet. You are part of this great change! And somehow, somewhere you can make a difference. Don’t forget to call upon us angels whenever you are in trouble for we will always give you a little powerful magic, help and healing along the way!

The End