She was blowing in the wind like a fine waft of a feather, Esmeralda the mountain spirit – yet she was neither human or spirit. She wore her lilac and white tunic, looking far out to sea on the highest cliff, above her dungeon of caves. Esmeralda stood there waiting for the next lost soul to arrive. They did so in their droves; there were the hurt ones, rejected ones, wounded ones, troubled ones, ones who were burdened down with so many worries upon their sore backs. There were the little ones and older ones, all ages came here to the top of the ancient cliff.

She would watch with great sadness in her heart as the littles ones came cuddling their teddy bears, the older ones with their whiskey bottles – which indeed she did not allow in her sacred temple cave – and so they would dry out, or chill out or lie out in the sun. All those who came were never the same again, and this is how our dear Esmeralda wished it so. She dried her magic potion herbs upon the rocks and sprayed her magic essences like cloud formations upon the rocks and dungeons. She wafted sweet perfumes in every corner of the caves. She knew exactly how to conjure up the great white spirit above and place HIM upon the Earth. That was her sacred mission.

It was one of these fine days, or rather sad days, that a young lad, Billy, walked and trekked with 2 sticks in his hands clutching onto a bleeding thumb and an aching heart, as he had been torn away from the ones he loved the most, his dear beloved parents. He was not sure if they did indeed love him or not. He had been an orphan from an early age and that in itself is a distressing thing to be – he never felt he really belonged anywhere in this cruel world. He had tried to adjust to his new parents but they didn’t love him like a real parent, like a blood parent and he would never be the same as the other kids he knew. He was different and he didn’t really belong. He felt sad. One day he had simply left his ‘home’ and walked and walked, and talked to himself over and over again until finally he came across the beginning of a strange and magical place that was shrouded in a shimmery mist which rose up between his finger tips. He then found himself looking into a mirror that wasn’t really there – and upon her lips she spoke, the great white magician – Esmeralda. She glanced at him and a tear-drop fell from her left eye. He heard her beckoning him to the place on top of the cliff. He left bare footed and never had he trod on soil so softly and lightly as he did while clambering up that rock face to meet the wise Esmeralda.

It is in this place that Esmeralda resides. It is not a real place upon the Earth, but a place through another dimension where people are able to slip through if they are distressed enough – and Billy was indeed very distressed. The distressed are privileged to see this place and be in this place – and the happy may never know it – though maybe they do not need to. But that is a question for further debate.

Billy stood at the edge of the cliff looking far out to sea and Esmeralda appeared. She took him by his small, grubby hands and told him he was dearly loved and cherished by one above and many others and that he never need worry about a thing because all good things work out in the end no matter how dire they may appear. Billy shed a tear or two and Esmeralda took him down to the deepest part of her dungeon cave. Here he was taken to a great deep pool where many people sat around – they at first appeared to be in a great tranquil state, but Billy soon noticed that each one of them was crying big tears of woe – and these tears were what were making the giant pool. ‘Yes, billy, I have many helpers here who make my water!’ Esmeralda explained that all her water comes directly from her visitors’ tears and that they never need go thirsty up here in the mountains and never need go without a beautiful wash not like any you could have elsewhere. ‘A deeply cleansing pool of water indeed!’

Billy was astounded and awe struck but he soon found himself bathing in the pool and joining others in making the pool bigger and bigger with his giant sad tears. It was here that he met dear friends and in the evening they danced and sang together well into the night. Esmeralda explained that once many tears have been shed it is a natural thing to want to dance and sing and so there was much merriment in the evening and much shaking of hands and bodies so that more was shed and everything becoming a whole new world and reality. It really was such fun up on the mountain cliff and deep down in the caves – the whole experience left Billy completely awe struck and he never wanted to return to the other world from where he’d come. The beautiful tear pool created a lush stream that ran all the way down the cliff edge making rare plants, trees and bushes grow in extraordinary ways along its edge.

‘No you must return, young Billy, but do remember that you are welcome here whenever you wish for a break from the batterings you sometime get down on the Earth plane. I am here for you and you never need be alone. There are many here as your friends and helpers and I shall never disappear. I am eternal. The eternal spirit mother and here I shall reside for all times. You shall visit me more and more yet less and less as your needs become fulfilled elsewhere. However, for now, know that you are in a state of recovery and that when you return things will never be quite the same again. Indeed you shall reap many rewards for your hard work here – for shedding tears and shaking out the old is no easy feat at all – and you have done well. You are so much better now, my dear one, and so you shall return to Earth with a new spirit and a wiser head and healed heart. That is all for now. Do not forget my words. For this is indeed the truth. And when you call on them, the angels and the almighty one, they shall appear and tend to your fears and worries whenever you are suffering. You are never truly alone.

With that, Esmeralda suddenly disappeared from Billy’s view as if she had manifested a totally new reality and vanished into a cloud. Billy was no longer in the cave or cliff but back at the edge of the cliff right at the bottom where he had first started. And it was here that he smiled and knew all of a sudden the truth that Esmeralda had spoken. He skipped with a lighter step than ever before and longed to tell many others about his adventures but knew somehow that this could never be possible as it would be a great secret between him and Esmeralda. He would return many times – he knew that much for sure. Just as he had that thought Esmeralda’s face appeared in front of him winking her left eye and then she disappeared once more!


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