The king looked down upon his disciples in ripple valley and saw that all was in order, all in tune with the way he ran his methods and calculations and torture chamber for those who disobeyed. Now that all was as it had always been and he had drunk and eaten plenty he looked down and noticed that not, indeed not all was in the order he had spoken of. For there was a giant disguised as a mouse which he spied out of the corner of his eye. He saw the deception immediately but chose to ignore it until the mouse claimed himself as his true self. The ing saw to it that he tamed and taunted the mouse to the best of his abilities. The mouse was captured in the castle gates and put in a sling where an arrow of poison was wedged between his knees making them split in half and then the mo was strung up by his waist until a multitude of snakes and lizards were sent to twirl themselves around her. Yes, it was indeed a she mouse which made the disguise even less obvious yet the wise and 3 eyed king knew all these secrets. He knew that if he taunted the mouse enough she would at last reveal her full and true self. But the mouse suffered greatly at the hands of the king and for her own reasons decided not to reveal her true form. However in her very survival of the torturous acts he put upon her she showed her power and strength – since nothing defeated her and she carried on in her mouse form.

Suzie mouse had come to this castle as she knew that the 3rd eye king was indeed powerful but was using his power in the wrong capacity. He was taming his people like a crowd of pigeons being sent to war. He was preparing, constantly preparing the people for war and scaring them into thinking there would be a war and that he would help them survive by being a regimented army under his control. However, Suzie knew that there would be no war and with the expectation of peace would also come peace and that the king needed to learn this. He too needed to learn to use his third eye wisely and not with the same level of fear and control that he was doing now. He had seen a distant army in the background horizon steadily making its way towards his valley, yet it was his imagination that had created this illusion which would become the reality if he continued with such a thought. As the mirage and illusion of war grew and grew in his mind and third eye so too did the reality of this begin to emerge. An army appeared as if from out of the river and Marcus the King of war continued in regimenting his valley of people who did as they were told as they too were led to fear war and imminent death if they did not comply to the king’s commands.

Suzie fought to get out of her predicament through her mousse antics, proving that little ones are as powerful as the bigger creatures like the king – but still any other mouse would be dead by now. However she had her own magic and played her concealed flute which he held underneath her tongue and here she began to play a tune which made the lizards and snakes and torturous pains melt away and drop off her like flies. And then she made her escape and climbed on top of King Marcus, onto his curly head of hair and bit him on top of his right ear. Just as he was loosing his balance she fled and became the mighty king of gold that she truly was. She showed herself in her finery, a gold tunic, golden hair and gold crown of red berries. She was the spectacle of the valley and everyone now flocked to her instead of the king as her magnetism was indeed bright and those who came to her were immediately struck by a feeling of peace and love and they felt soothed and bathed in a light of a higher dimension. And Suzie immediately became their leader and told them that no war or army existed. And immediately as everyone believed Suzie and felt at peace the mirage of the army and the real army that had started to grow withered away to dust until great trees of succulent fruit grew in the place of this fear.

The river became lined with the most beautiful fruit and everyone in the valley flourished and discovered new skills and talents that they did not know existed before. People grew plants and flowers with special healing and beneficial properties. People built golden gates and statues and made a new village with a magic golden ball in the centre where anyone could make a wish and the stronger they believed and imagined this wish the more likely it was to come true. No destructive wishes were allowed however, nothing that would cause corruption to others or harm in any way. Flowers grew, new animals and creatures emerged as if from nowhere. The sun shone brighter and brighter every day and then in a torrent of thunder and lightening one day King Marcus woke up out of his coma and made a pledge to follow Suzie the wise king and to make his visions out of love and not fear. And so he imagined great trails of travellers arriving at the valley gates and asking for food and shelter and company as they had travelled so far and were tired and hungry. And they would be given great feasts. And he imagined other travellers who were wealthy and generous who would bring great caskets of food for the whole of the valley and there would be so much that there was enough to give away to the hungry travellers too.

It became known as golden valley where anything could happen and everything did happen but only by the wishes and visions made by all the people at the valley. Suzie led people to this higher way of living and did not dictate or lead in any way like Marcus had done and Marcus was truly thankful now for the way Suzie had arrived and revealed her true self.