They found blue-Moon-Baby in a rock pool. No human knew of its existence here; born in the mist between summer and winter, high sky and low sky, dark moon, full moon. Born in the in-between world of summer and winter solstice and dark-full moon node. It was a purple baby, mixture of blue ray of song and white ray of purity. The fairies smuggled Blue-Moon-Baby out of its pool and placed it safely within the cave. Its mouth gaped open for food. They began to feed it fish and sea-shells.

The fairies watched it grow until it sprouted wings. They knew then it was a fairy child yet different from the rest. Its purple wings glowed and the boy child sang with a sweet voice. He played the harp beautifully after 9 months and flew above the rocks with the rooks and crows. Five moons later the fairies kept him deep inside their cave and watched as his wings unfolded while they warmed his heart by the glowing night fire.

I am not of the fairy kingdom and do not know how I came to be with them, how I stumbled upon them and how I was able to see the fairies when many do not. I would walk and talk to myself as I sung to God, my own lullabies for the baby I had taken away from me by brutal force. I was in love too but he had been taken away by another. The forces of nature were cruel. I ambled day after day on the speckled beach of no beginning and no end, glaring at the smoky green horizon for the loves I had once shared and who were no more.

As I ambled aimlessly across the beach, over rock pools and sliding on green seaweed I heard a distant sound – a crying, lamenting. I believed it to be just my mind mourning the death of my poor stolen child. I cried and stepped into the fetal birth water of my baby, the foaming sea. I did not wish to remember, and somehow the ocean reminded me of places that I had once been that I wanted to forget. The haunting of the cry continued. I dived in. I was fully clothed yet the summer solstice was calling me in a misty way. I hastened to shore and shook all my outer clothes off: skirt, t-shirt, sun-hat, sandals. I threw them onto the sand and dived once more into cool waters. It was my birth canal, womb, place of humble safety. I wanted to forget, to forget, to forget.

The fairies sensed an intruder, yet not an unwelcome or destructive one. It was always wise to be cautious. Moon-berry and sun-ray clenched their wings around Blue-Moon-Boy while mother fairies fed him leaves and seaweed. They heard footsteps approaching and saw the naked figure of a woman emerging ghost like out of the water. She was clasping her heart in distress and was surrounded by a dappled grey-green ray. They knew then that she had lost her baby and was searching. The fairies met inside the telepathy channel and decided to let her in and for the mourning process to cease for her.

I don’t know why but I found myself walking out of the water and being pulled by a magnetic force. They were talking to me in my sleep yet I was not asleep. I felt as if I had slept under water for an eternity. My tears became the ocean. Oh, how I wished so much for the return of my young baby who was never ready to leave my side. I had cried so many tears, shed layers of skins. Yet,I am in the throws of new found love, the love of the ocean.

How I have bathed my angst away, yet not. I have to find the ones, those that live inside the rock pools. I have merged with a blue and golden butterfly. Oh, what am I saying! Is this the truth? I cannot know. I am a new woman. I cannot love you any more Devra. Yet why leave me with babe in arms and marry the sea? The sea reigns within me too yet she has taken my babe away.

The fairies prepare the woman with new seeds of thoughts to allow the lower entities to disappear and for her mind and heart to open up to new clarity. Fairies take away babies but only the ones who are not mothered sufficiently. Blue-Moon-Boy awakens and cries for he senses the baby-less mother. Clouds and skies thicken. The two will meet under cloud-fairy-dust. She is in the ethereal realms now where babies meet mothers. Her heart reaches out to him. Blue-Moon-Baby adorned by the parting skies. She is in love with a blue-born. They shall reunite while caves open up their mouths to speak and where skies thicken with all embracing human-fairy love.

Blue-Moon-Baby awakes. He hears his mother’s cries. She is of the Earth, no longer princess of the ocean, yet not of the fairy realm as he. He feels a longing to be close to this mother though knows not why. The fairy mothers tell him he may depart now if he chooses. He spreads out his wings further and breathes into the fire. It is extinguished. The fire burning inside his tiny heart is yet stronger. He has extinguished the fire breath, the one that attached him to the fairy kingdom. Now he must venture forth into the human world and teach them about the fairy world. His wings grow invisibility fluid. His breath becomes the breath of words, human words. His fire heart grows stronger in love as this he must most of all teach the human world. He prepares to leave. His fairy tears drip onto cave floor for all that he shall miss and leave behind. A new seaweed begins to grow in this place.

A naked woman stands at the entrance of the fire cave. She crouches beneath a large pillar of stone and does not see the fairy kingdom around her. She remembers the birth giving moment; crouching by a sun-parched tree in Africa, painless as if pushing a peanut through flour. She does not know why but she sits crouching wanting it all back again, her baby birth, the pulsating of another heart, baby’s warmth and love next to her.

He crawls towards her just as a human baby does. He has forgotten his wings for now, though they are there upon his back. He crawls like an angel across the hard stone cave floor and sits beneath the wailing woman who waits for a new birth. She pushes and pants and groans as she relives the moment of her other birth. Her new labour has produced a child. He scampers before her in love and she awakens. Blue-Moon-Baby child sits before her. He shows her his harp, his heart and most of all his love. She awakens and cries when she sees his face and body as if by some miraculous awakening.

Blue-Moon-Baby appears. Out of the corner of her naked eye human woman sees the winking of an eyelid from another eye. It is the mischievous eye of a fairy queen. The woman grabs her baby in disbelief and through her tears envelops him close to her breast which feeds him immediately. Reunited in peace they hold each other, one suckling, the other feeding until the exchange has been formed for eternity. Nothing matters. All that was lost is found once more. Baby-mother love, heart warm fire. Breath of lost human heart found in angel-fairy kingdom.

The End