Take away your risk assessments
Your assessments of what
We do to cause harm to others
With our magic potions,
Balms of peace
And protective presences
Of angels and love

That was then in witchcraft days
When magic was frowned on
And witches kept at bay
Through silent torture,
Burning and death

But now you fear the silent intruders
That step upon your path
The witches have re-emerged you fear
Yet we are the magic ones
The light bearers of the future
The ones who shall shine the way for you

You are left in the old ways
And we terrify you still
Yet you cannot burn
In our cauldrons
Or be poisoned by our herbs
We slither along the ground now
In search of our healing place
Yet you wish to diminish our powers
And make a mockery of all that
We create

We wish to dwell in caravans
In yurts and tree houses
Close to the sky
We function best close
To the Earth’s crust
And this is what we seek

If you deny us
In this lifetime
There will be
Upon the Earth
For we have to complete
Our missions now
Before the Earth
Crumbles into silent death

Be away with
Your orders of cleanliness
You do not know
The meaning of such

Since the germs and bacteria
You seek out
Are simply the germs
Inside of you
It is not an unsightly thing
To have fears, doubts and despise
It is simply a fact of life
Yet to deny is more harmful indeed.

Allow us to live in peace
Upon the land
The place of our true homes
Then ride with the magic
Of healing
And see how you shine too!