You call
Deep into
My eyes
Say there is no love
In this world of ice
I know
How you feel
When angels appear
To have diminished

You pull me towards
Into your eye pools
Reaching for love
In a misty alcoholic haze
Of loss, misery, aloneness

Is this all the world offers you?
Your solitary standing pot
On planet Earth
Where no soul may enter
Your loveless state

You may sleep
A hundred dreams
Count boats on the water
Dream mountains
Of cigarettes, ale and spliff

You reach further
Into my eyes
Longing and beckoning
A touch of love
I give
Wanting more you say
And walk off
For chips, alcohol
Expression of the soul

I told you I felt
This way too
Let down, abandoned
Disarrayed by
Human, not computer error

I said goodbye
To one I loved
Yet despised
For all the meaningless
Exchanges of petty
Love tokens
Paper flapping in the air
On ship’s mast
Too delicate to stay
Now mulch
For the sea bed
For other life (forms) to grow