You told me
Not to think
Instead, play by instincts
You told me
How to play
With no reason or fear
You told me
How to survive
Yet now I build around me
Psychological defences
To keep warm
You scavenged and hunted
For food
Now I hold a
Supermarket trolley
Filled with dead chickens
That hatched in
A laboratory

You told me how to gather nuts, seeds, berries
I find now in a packet
Called ‘Tesco’s own brand’
I didn’t know
They come from trees
I see you locked in cages
In a zoo
At the end of the A2740
You look funny
We mock you
Turn you into replicas of us
You told me once
To walk away from
Cities, crowds, congestion
The outer state
Walk back inwards
To my true way of being
Gather nuts, berries, seeds
Sleep in packs
And hunt for nourishment of
A different kind

You told me once
I forgot
Who I was
In this daemon
Supermarket paradise
I am caved into
With other caged species
We live outside
Our own parameters
We are watched
Day and night
By the secret zoo keepers
In case we try to
Run off
Into night time wild bliss…