I wake up at 5.32
A time once of something new
My birth
On planet Earth

I didn’t know whether
To arrive or not
It had been a rocky ride
Inside that salty tide
But in the end I knew
I’d come to serve
And with it
Watery emotions
And deep oceans

I arrived
In the early morn
Cos there was a lot to do in this new dawn
On planet Earth
That was ready for its new birth

I made a pact with God
That’s a fact
I said God I wish to help
The planet and the people
Make dreams come alive
So the people survive
And wish to serve
So everyone gets what they deserve

For we’re reaching the time now
Of global peace
But in preparing the way
It’s no easy feast
The Earth creaks and crumbles
We hear distant mumbles
As people disappear under unseen cracks
And others suffer with disease and attacks

Yet this is the way forward now
Since we must allow
For mighty visions
To guide our decisions
And for lower ways
To disappear so only love stays

For love is the answer
And growth the key
We’re reaching new consciousness
And the enemy we
Must keep at bay
Is simply resistance
To all that is new
Since our souls wish to
Fly now
And this we shall allow

Where dreams manifest
At the speed of a thought
And faith and beliefs are
The guiding force

We don’t have to travel
To this place of evolution
But to be there is a true
And mighty revelation!