Lying here
A body drifting out to sea
On a vessel of seaweed
Trying to get to another land
Yet failed
Though I lay there
Waiting for a place called
I could not wait in the parched
Sea air
No more
Waiting for help
That never came
Waiting for salvation
For a helicopter
For a friendly hand to help the
Drifting vessel
An inch more
Just waiting for this
That carries me home
To move there
Yet in the setting sun
It waited and waited
Could not move no more
Gave up in the lapping waves
Drifted off to another place
Not here or there
Just somewhere in-between
Hovering above and below
While its wooden planks
Slowly rotted
To a fine mesh
Leaving her drifting
In her pink nightie
Waiting to be sucked
By the sharks
Of another era
Too late now
Just have to die
There is no waiting game
No lying place
Sacred myths that waited
To be put to bed
Told a never ending story
Of love and joy
But she listened
And could not quite see
Where that fitted in
To her life
Drifting with the lost ocean
Waiting for a better land
That was too far out of
Sight now
They were here now
Waiting for her return
Sending her the right
That she never heard
Only empty space
She spat out poison
From before
Said a prayer
Of forgiveness for all
Those who
Once tormented her
Till it lay
Dead and buried
On the ocean floor
She had to sit up
Tell a story or two
Before taking
A last breath
And drifting under water
That is all….