I piss in a pot
I forgot to clean my teeth
Twirl around the crevices
And cracks of my jaw
With a tiny stick
Like a monkey

I forgot to have a bath
It’s been – three years
They told me
It would wash
Away my aura
Make me grounded
Lose protection
I’m glad now
To be away from
Chlorinated fumes
Infiltrating lungs, stomach, heart

I wanted a way out
Of concrete superficiality
Where germs and bugs are
The enemy we war against
Not friends of nature
Who protect our skin
From other more serious

This invasion is now
Not then or in some
Other way
We are catapulted
By chemicals of a
War-zone fallout
That we do not wish to see
In this our
Day to day reality

Don’t you know
The two thousand chemicals
That infiltrate your
God given body and soul
Where your divine right
To spiritual wisdom
Has been tampered down
To make you numb
And unseen to the
Purity of your true essence

We are walking experiments
Not tested on animals
But humans instead
Where premature death,
Disease and lowness of heart
Is simply the norm