I have lots of you
Inside me
I always look and search
For more
There is never enough water

It follows the moon
Makes the tides
Rush in and out
Of the Earth’s womb
And mine too

It flourishes and gives
Life to plant and animal life
Then smothers, swamps
And kills

I have to go
Collect water
Hot jars of instant H2O
Or I will burn a hole
Inside my stomach
Scorching dry like a desert
As I cannot function
Without water

I am a camel
Searching through cacti
In the jungle
For more water
Thirst burns my throat
As a hot ball of light
Scorches my toes

I am inside
A desert tent
Canopied by the stars
I am surrounded by
Water in jars, bottles,
Jugs overflowing
With different coloured liquids
To alter my appearance
My perceptions of what is
What is not
I am waiting to become
A rainbow-child-warrior
Waiting to emerge
Into dust
Above the funeral pyre
I was
And am now
Inside a million different
Coloured rainbows
My mission has been given
I will soon bring you
Into my world
Of God
Where everything is seen and heard
Through telescopic vision
Of coloured rainbow waters

Walk into the light now
Allow the water into your heart
Learn to smile again and be
For water is life-giving
Life-saving force
Energy in motion