You are tall and golden
Like violins
Held by angels
Elongated so your necks
Reach the sky of wisdom (heavenwards)

I am reaching upwards too
Higher than before
Since we are needed
By angels and light beings
They call us
To work at being
In touch with a
Higher reality

The truth seeks us out
As never before
The Earth cracks
Beneath our toes
Light beckons
At our finger tips

I am reaching taller
As your hand
Grasps at my feet
Seeking a way forward
That I do not know

We are crumbling mountains
Yet the moon holds
Many truths
Reach up and hold me
In your palms
I will bathe you in water

Longing to reach upwards
Where answers and solutions
In a golden truth

But the sun glows hot still
On my window panes
As it has nowhere safe to go
Climb aboard the magic yacht
Swim up into the sky
I am calling you
My Earthling angels
You have much
Work to do