You cried into the night
Took flight
Told me you would jump
I said I would stop
You running to
Your death
Caught in a trap
Losing faith
Losing my mind
Losing my strength
For you
Locking doors tightly
Lest you escape
But knowing
Your time
Would be soon
Running out of space
Depending on
Where you are going
Or will you stay?
I pulled on my clothes
To follow you
I had knife
By my side
In case
I made myself
A sandwich whilst
You thought about
I had it in mind
To call the police
In the middle of the
Too dangerous
For me
What would I do with…
The body
Take it to
A morgue
By your side
You had pills
So easy
Yet a jump
Made for drama
Too much for us all
I called the cops
In my mind
But not in the
Real world
I messed up
Let you escape
I lost the key
So you got dressed
Middle of the night
For a cigarette
Out in the dark
But you didn’t return
Saw you looking out there
He followed
You returned
It could have been me
It could have been me…

I saved us both