She walked solitarily up its face, not knowing if she would ever reach the top of this foreboding cliff. She knew she would have to make it this time or try again until she came face to face with its full reality. There was no choice. The others told her the secret lay inside the cliff pocket. Everyone of magick knew that but not everyone had the power to reach it. You needed magick to get there. Will power was one part of the equation but there was more. No-one had made it yet, but somehow they believed that Jes would. She was a bright spirit. She knew something they didn’t.

She held the crystal wand in her right arm, strapped by tape and a pink ribbon. Once at the top most corner she knew she would have to wrestle with her inner self. Once there her breath would be shallow. It would be almost gone for an instant until the deed was done. If she did this the cancerous lump inside her body could disappear rapidly. If you knew the full magick, if you knew how to do it anything was possible. She had mastered the 7 wave. She had called to the higher spirits. She had left her physical body on numerous occasions. This was her last attempt at survival and soon she would not even have the strength to climb the cliff face. Her elder advisor told her it was risky and dangerous in her condition. She risked death. She told him she would rather die like that. But somehow she believed she wouldn’t. Faith meant she could climb a cliff face alone and sick yet live. Another part of her was still in doubt.

Every footstep counted; every golden touch of her magical hands upon the white cliff stone. She saw others below her. They were tortured by her sight. Next it would be RAF helicopters and rescue boats. She would show them. Rock was crumbling. She held her breath then breathed out strongly. You had to breathe through this she reminded herself. Every step, every breath, every finger hold was crucial. Thoughts of her mother passed through her mind, thoughts of her brother after his car crash; her father in pursuit of her with a broom after she dropped paint all over the kitchen floor when she was 10. She remembered now at this time, why? She saw the upset and pain of a life time. Flashes of memories submerged in her unconscious emerged fresh in her psyche. As she watched like a haunting film she saw herself aged 3, 13, 33 and now at 37. She watched as people in her past had damaged her psyche, her aura, her integrity, her life path. She watched as a bright shining aura changed from indigo, green and orange to a dark greyish colour, how the lump appeared in the aura first, when she was just 22. She saw it growing and growing and then how it merged with her physical body and became it, invaded it and poisoned it. 

She focused back onto her climbing. Her right foot was numb. The cliff pocket showed itself to her, the cave inside the cliff face. She would have to climb further and further, reach it. Her arm stretched upwards. Another foot or two and she would be there. Looking down made her feel sick. Her advisor was on the cliff floor below her and the other on the cliff top. The ritual had to be performed alone otherwise it would not work.

God, universe and all higher beings I declare to you now that I wish to be treated with respect, love and to be honoured as my true self at all times and to love, respect and honour myself above all else. I make this declaration and commitment to myself now and wish to release and let go of all that no longer serves me. I wish to forgive myself, forgive those who have damaged me for a lifetime. I wish to surrender to the process of life, of my life and the path I walk down. I commit to total dedication to my life path above all else. 

She cried in pain like a wounded sea bird then let out an almighty scream that penetrated the rock face making rocks and stones crumble and tear down, cracking open a portal inside the cave wall, the cliff pocket. She reached inside, grabbing hold of the cave wall, the cliff face crumbling and breaking apart around her. The others looked on startled by what was happening. Mouths gapped open they watched. Her hands scrambled and grabbed hold of something. 

God give me the strength and wisdom to live as I was meant to live on this planet, to be in integrity with myself at all times; to be the master of my dreams and destiny and not to be swayed by others’ words and energy. God give me the strength to do this and grant me life!  I call upon you God, the universe, Jesus, Mother Mary, beings from Pleiades, Buddha, Anastasia of the Siberian forest and dear Amma. I call on the fairies and other elementals. I call on my own soul. 

And while she had her head full of prayers her right hand held the latch to the secret cliff gateway, a golden handle inside the cave. She pulled and pulled and as she did so, her right foot missed its hold. She grabbed the golden latch fiercely and it pulled her up, steadied her.

The cave became a blur. All around her was total white. She felt suddenly drunk or stoned; a feeling of floating on white bubbles of air engulfed her. She felt as if she was sinking into her mother’s arms, lost for words. The mother of her dreams appeared to her in front of the cave. The spirit embraced her and merged with her. She felt as if it were God’s hands holding her in the most loving embrace she had ever experienced. Crystal light scattered itself all over her until she was immersed into another world. She didn’t cry or scream. She forgot momentarily where she was. She was inside the arms of God. The colour gold enveloped her. It was emerging out of the cliff; nothing solid at all but a strong presence of gold. She had no idea where her legs and arms were. It was as if they were suspended in space and held by a gigantic mother who would never let her go.

The sound of sirens, but not the usual kind, it was like the sound of light. The sound of angel horns or mermaids calling her from the sea. She was inside a misty swirl. From somewhere far away she heard her advisors strong male voice, Jes!  But it was in the distance and she somehow had no voice to call him back. She was alone in a world, a misty magical world filled with love, hope, with magick of a very special kind. She had no fear. She was in bliss.

Suddenly it was as if she bolted straight out of that world to somewhere else. She looked down. Her feet were on the earth, on green fresh grass. Above her was bright blue sky. Below was a deep cliff with a blue-green sea at the bottom. I am alive! she called out. But how did I get here? Her advisor came running up to her, wrapped his arms around her then placed both thumbs on top of her head and touched her third eye. You did it Jes. You are well. Only magick knows the secret of how you came to be standing here. We didn’t see you climb to the top. The mist came down. It was too misty to see a thing for a while. Strange, because it only lasted minutes then it was gone again.

Jes smiled to herself, knowing something yet not quite knowing what it was. A deep inner peace filled her in a way she had never experienced before, not even in meditation. Something very different had just occurred yet her memory of it was vague.

Three weeks later Jes received medical confirmation that the cancer inside her body had mysteriously and rapidly disappeared. She went on to become a highly magical holistic doctor of worldwide popularity. She cured many through the magick she had received from the cliff that very few have the courage to climb. And that is the nature of true magick and deep deep healing…