There was a lonely traveller who had tried many times to find the formula that would make her whole and happy but the walnuts didn’t sustain her and the cheap trick she bought from the market stall had not inspired her greatly. She decided to take a swim in the rock pools by the sea edge. That was when she spotted the weaver fish, not a particularly big one. It was undernourished and had just had lots of babies. She watched the waters edge and the middle of rock pools where hosts of these fish were caught in a fishermen’s net but the net was not in use. The fisherman was dead now. She saw his boots and fishing tackle in a pile by the pool and she knew somehow he had drowned at sea and drifted onto land yet she knew he had been ready to die. She took the net away and let the babies free.

She had come here to die too but not in the physical sense. She had lost much in her life, her mother and father and now her brother in a fatal car accident. She would find hope again if she could regain the truth from somewhere inside her heart. She was swimming against the current deep within her heart now. The tides of the heart are long and streaming with outlets and currents that you don’t find inside rock pools and oceans. The important thing was that she was finding the essence of her soul now and that thing called love which she still could not fully define. She had gone to the valleys at first but they did not hold the answers yet inside her heart were many hundreds of chambers which she did not even realise were there.

It was when she stared at the eyes and body of the weaver fish that she knew what she must do. She had to extract all the poisons from her own system and start again. There were too many poisons from too many centuries and now she was a lost fisherwoman who had decided not to fish any more. She knew all the fishermen and their boats, the men who had not escaped the weaver fish, the bodies thrown overboard in vicious storms. And when their boats were neglected the holes in the floors and canvas of the sails would attract the sickle creatures from beneath the waters who chewed into sail and wood until a sickness killed every man and woman aboard.

She left her fisherman’s home, the one she was about to marry. She was flying free now, watching herself grow stronger again by the rock pools. Her heart had yearned for this place for centuries, her true home. She did not need to fish any more. She wanted more than anything to make friends with the fish and all living creatures since to kill God’s creatures was a crime against the Earth. Her face was shining back at her in the guise of the killer weaver fish. He was looking back at her with hunger in his eyes for a piece of flesh, for the injection of poison which would put an end to all of her and she knew that there was a part of her that wished this too. She could not be a fisherwoman any more and she could not be with her fisherman husband but she had no other place to go to, no guise to follow.

She decided to build herself a nest upon the beach and become one with the sea anemones and monsters of the ocean for to become friends with the ones you fear the most is a way of capturing the essence of who you really are. It was one way of purging the past guilt forever. She would never kill another of God’s creatures.

She walked on for a hundred miles until she found the cursed stone she had been looking for and in the face of the stone was a fish and the fish looked back at her through crevices and strands of green and said, ‘I love you so much oh daughter of the sea and I will do you no harm if you too honour the skies, the seas and all the living beings who dwell amongst you.’ The weaver fish had come back, communicating from the heart of the ocean and spoke of all living creatures that dwell within. It was the sign of her final mission on Earth.

She was to build herself a nest inside the cavern above the ocean floor and when the new fish are born she was to give them a baptism. She would welcome the fish to the watery world and tell them that she and the world loved them and that they would be safe for eternity. Her heart dropped a tear as it remembered how her fisherman fiancé had once loved her but when they were about to be wed she disappeared to another dimension as she would not kill the living flesh of another being again. She cried many a watery tear into the deep seaweed green rock pool that had heard and seen many a soul’s story upon these shores. Without her lover she was alone yet he would come to her again in another guise and form.

The rocks encircled her and told her to make her day nest amongst them and in this pool of knowledge she would find the deepest of her desires come to fruition. And then the squeak of fish could be heard and the suction of crabs’ claws along the bed of the pools edging their way across a watery land where grubs and smaller fish were merely prey. She would change all this and make the system better, God’s system which was not meant to be this way. She knelt down beside a golden pool and bent her head inside the water. Here she smelt the greenness and watery inside of castle tombs and gates opening up for her. She heard her heart mumbling and roaring telling her to do this purification ritual often as the water had agreed to perform this act for her.

‘I cried out to you many times from my sea fishing boat but you did not listen!’ The rock pool answered back, ‘I am the water and I carry all new birth and protect the life force within. I do not marry those who do harm to these life forms and therefore I did not answer you then. However you have made your declaration of love for all living beings and you are a protector of the universal life force now. Together we can bring great peace and happiness to all living beings by the water’s edge. They go through many changes here. There are whisperings as the sea comes forth and every day at different hours it sweeps away what was and is and changes it for the better but the sea creatures never know where they will go and be and it is not a secure place to be at all. For at the waters’ edge all is in constant flux and the more you try to keep it the same the more it shall transform just as butterflies hover above us and the clouds are constantly re-forming. I love to watch you grow too and you will change much as you sit beside us day by day and watch as life forms evolve under your surveillance and protection. The heavens are opening up for you now child and shall give to you all that you ask for and deserve since your plight here is a lonely one yet a sacred mission. We ask that you feed yourself well on seaweed, kale and other greenery and bathe within our cooling waters which shall give to you nourishment, life, energy and flow which shall ease your way forward now. That is all.’

The woman made her way to the hut on the beach, a cavern made of simple rock. And in this she cried all night and watched as the water took away the baby weaver fish and the crabs edged their way under rocks and the seaweed disappeared under foaming water. She spoke again to the sea and asked, ‘Sea, why do you rush in so quickly? Why do you move in unpredictable ways and have enough power and strength to kill a whole nation?’ Ocean did not answer immediately. ‘Yes, I am all powerful. I ruin cities and valleys and all life. I do great harm yet I am a giant healing force too. I will not see the harm and destruction you cause to me any longer. I talk of all of humanity who insists on killing me with poisons I will not even speak of. You of course are here as my protector but it will take more than one of you dear one. I am waiting for humanity to change its ways. My poisonous fish are the ones who bite back and they will inject you with poison if they feel poisoned. The poison I am injected with daily is far greater than any you will receive from my dear friends the fish. I too am deeply damaged and poisoned and I am very angry and worn down by such damage. I am trying to tell you that such damage will have devastating effects on all of you. I will not tolerate such a violation of my body and in so doing I will ensure that you are slaughtered, maimed and killed at no expense. You are my sons and daughters. You are the ones who can look to me for wisdom, power and healing but instead you decide to destroy me. I am in communication with our sun who is desperately trying to come to terms with the damage she is doing to the planet inadvertently. She does not wish to destroy the planet any more than I do but she has no choice since you remove her protective layers. She is so sad, so disillusioned for all you have done to her. She will vanish one day and never come back again if this continues. She has been crying for so long now, she has let her tears run out and you have been almost drowned now by the rain that has hurtled out of her brow. Yes, she has done this through her own sadness at the way in which she has been treated and how she can no longer protect you from her harmful rays. She wishes only to give to you love and protection but she cannot now, she cannot give to you the protection you need and she sees you and her slowly dying. She is trying to get everything fixed now but it is so hard. I love you all too but you must stop your harming ways now before it is too late. The weaver fish is my protection and he will hover about near the tops of the ocean very soon and be like the devil in disguise killing many before this century is out. It is simply the level of destruction you too create in us, in all of nature. That is the end of my long speech now.’

She looked up and cried only one tear but it dropped into the pool like a piece of melted gold that had been torn from a golden eye. She looked at the face in the rock again and said she was deeply sorry for all the hurt and pain the Earth had been caused and now she wished to help all life forms in whatever way she could.

It was time for sleep and as she curled her body around a rock of green she had many a dream which gave her instructions to help cure the sad situation upon the Earth. The fisherwoman had become an Earth warrior and though it was a lonesome job she had many a bathe in cool waters, a soft bed of seaweed and a warm cavern to lay herself down at night. All was well in her world and she was about to undergo the greatest test of all.

At midnight the terrible storm raged and raged inside her head making her dream nightmares of ravage and distress. She saw the whole Earth overrun with weaver fish and then the weavers began to glide over to the moon since the people threatened them with knives and sticks and harmful chemicals but then she got out her magick knife and slaughtered all the people. There was king weaver fish who had been growing from all the poisons that had been thrown into the oceans and now these poisons had made him into the biggest, giant of a fish ever and he was about to take over the entire world with his poison and ravenous body which would eat entire nations if they did not change. He was alerted to those who threw poisons and chemicals into the ether and he threw it right back at them in his sharp venomous sting. She woke up horrified at such a prophecy and yet knew immediately what she must do to stop the people from harming the Earth in this way. She had to create a powerful spell that would put an end to all destruction, hate and poison in the world. Through this even the weaver fish would agree never to sting another out of malice or fear again.