She meets her guru on the beach. He first comes to her in a dream then he meets her in person and they exchange energies by making love and then they are able to communicate more fully with each other. They do not know what their mission is together although her guru in reality knows everything. They elope together on the beach and live in the cave together. They make love many times. They teach each other many things and then they encircle the beach and the world with a special and light healing energy and they do this through their love making and through a special energy of intention, love and light of a higher dimension using all seven charkas. And that is the magick spell that she was looking for all along. There is suddenly a magickal healing and peaceful energy on the beach and all the weaver fish loose their ability to sting. The little creatures come out of the rock pools completely unafraid for the first time in their lives and people start coming to this part of the beach more regularly. The cave disappears. The woman has done her mission and so has the guru and they elope together their work has been done now and they part.