The world is set in the future. A lot of the food has been eaten up. Many animals are now either extinct, diseased or dangerous. Some have grown huge and attack humans. It is not safe to go near them. The sheep and cows have developed strangeness to them due to GM crops, cloning and other chemicals in the air. They have been deemed not fit to eat. The vegans and vegetarians keep telling everyone they should become vegan/veggie but the meat eaters insist they still want to eat meat. As a consequence, all the remaining bird, fish and animal species available have become potential food sources. They are all in danger of being eaten by humans. The divide between the animal and human kingdoms has become so wide now that there is no empathy between the two. The two are enemies as if in a war zone. Of course there are a few vegan humans who are able to relate to animals and who are very concerned about the situation. But they are few. All animals have now become feared, a danger to humanity or weak enough to be a food source. 

Birds are all locked up in cages now and there are helicopter shooters who kill them in flight. Insects are also kept in containers and made into delicacies. Everything is made to look lovely for the palette, even snakes, ant eaters, seagulls, spiders and ladybirds. It has become necessary for the meat eaters. Every living being is now severely unhappy. The eco system is in near collapse. The weather is very extreme. The plant kingdom suffers. There is no honey. The natural world is strangely silent except for the grunts and groans of the more dangerous beasts such as cows and sheep.

When will the meat eaters ever learn? We watch as a family of meat eaters chews through their last meat meal before the strange occurrences really get a grip on them.