I was walking across the sea bed when the sun was just rising. That’s when I first viewed the city rising out of the foamy waves. They told us it would happen one day but not yet. But here it was just after the storm. I saw a glimpse of it, that city which would save us from the almighty tidal waves predicted by central government. This great city appeared to be re-emerging from the dead. It was like the city of Atlantis which had been swallowed up by the ocean. This one was rising up as the new world. I was not hallucinating or seeing mirages. It really was there. The new world had arrived.

In psychic school they told us that the city would appear again, just at the time of the predicted apocalypse. Here it was, months in advance, yet just in time. The beings from that other world, the dimension that lived beneath the sea, had lived there for aeons. I was catching a glimpse of them. They, the underwater dwellers, had risen up to save us from mass extinction. They had arrived, yet only us, with well developed third eyes, would ever see them. The city would be invisible to most, but to us psychic students they were now everywhere.

The underwater beings would be around us constantly rectifying everything, putting things right, making it a safe world again. I looked and shuddered at the thought, these ancient beings who lived for eternity, yet never reproduced. They could transform themselves into a completely different environment and survive by manifesting the underwater conditions around their etheric bodies. I was deeply impressed with them. I was also honoured to have seen their city as it emerged out of the waters just as I was strolling along making a psychic connection to all living beings. They taught us to make this connection so as to be in tune with the Earth reality and the needs of the planet. It was about compassion as much as anything else.

When I looked through the mist which surrounded the city, I could visualise and feel their energy, so kind and wise, yet quiet. And as I looked closer they started to emerge. The beings became visible to me through my third eye. They were like glass creatures, thin, opaque, like crystal figures, indeed from another world. Their colour changed with the light, so they were iridescent. They moved, communicating with one another telepathically or just acting instinctively. There was little sound, they were almost completely silent. Their faces moved as if dancing with some unseen music. But there seemed to be a sound echoing around every chamber within their crystal glass buildings. The sound was like the call of the dolphins and perhaps it was just this. The dolphins were their friends and gave them sound healing wherever they were. The dolphins and whales gave of themselves selflessly to aid the welfare of these crystal beings. The sound gave them harmonious surroundings and relationships as well as divine knowledge and inspiration. Movement for these beings was effortless and serene, like a dance. Everywhere they went they sent out sparkles of light from their crystal essence. They were moving entities of light and divine healing. Everywhere they would tread on Earth would be automatically healed and transformed. I wondered if they would need do any more than simply exist here and move around! I was fascinated by their presence here and wondered why they had chosen this particular area and place in the world. But then I remembered that their cities would be springing up everywhere, not just here. They had whole oceans of their cities which would rise up in different parts of the world, only to be seen by the psychically advanced. Yet their presence would be felt and experienced significantly by the whole world. Things were going to change rapidly now.

I went home and slept for a long time. They came and spoke to me in my dreams. They said I was part of their plan and I was to help them gain access to certain places and people. I was to entertain them myself and make myself clearly known to them. They wanted to reside with me, find out more about our species through me. But couldn’t they do anything? I had been told that they could slide through doors and windows, panes of glass, bricks, concrete, walls, anything just as if they were living spirits. But they wanted more than this from me. I was to be their messenger and helper, because I had the eyes and the knowledge. That’s how our relationship began. They called me in the night and by the morning I knew exactly what I must do.

During the night they had entered and I found two in the bathroom. It was a shock at first but then I realised I had granted them permission in my dream. They sat and sucked the water out of the taps and told me telepathically that they were not drinking, but rather siphoning and testing the water. They had many of such tests to do and this was just one. They managed to write some symbols on a piece of paper I gave them. These were hieroglyphics which I interpreted through my book. The symbols represented the contamination of the water and how it was sincerely dangerous to drink or even bathe in. They said they were going to do a mass purification of all so called drinking water so that it didn’t end up killing people off! I was shocked. I knew the water wasn’t pure and contained some chemical leakages, pollution and other stuff but they were adamant that it had the potential to kill, confuse and sedate. Somehow they were able to salvage the problem and purify the water via my bath tap. They handed me a special clear quartz type crystal which they communicated would cleanse all food and drink substances, taking away residues of pesticides, chemicals, parasites, and other toxicities. They said they were in the process of placing these at power points on grid lines so that cleansing could take place on a global and national level. They were really doing fast work.

That is how my work started with the beings from the enchanted city. They would come and go out of my apartment, but always warning me in advance through a dream or two. Others on my psychic course were involved too, but only a very few. We were chosen due to our trustworthiness and ability to believe as well as a dedication to help and work for these beings. I had no children, my husband had passed away a year ago now, and so I had no real ties. The psychic studies had become my main work and would be now for maybe a lifetime. I was deeply committed to my task. It was helping me deal with the loss of Stan. I first got into psychic studies as a way of finding him again. It worked of course but then I discovered lots of other amazing things through my third eye. It brought me closer to Stan too and I don’t feel so alone now.

I rose up the following morning and they were in the kitchen helping themselves to various foods! I couldn’t believe the audacity of it ! But they were doing a job and told me so. They were counting the additives, e numbers, addictive substances, pesticides, GM products, sugar and energy involved in each different food I possessed in my well stocked cupboards. The results were quite shocking considering how careful I generally am at buying healthy organic food if possible. They detected negative energy in most of the food, poor thought forms, dark energy and tiny amounts of addictive substances in many foods. The organic fruit and vegetables were mainly all right but there were still contamination in those in the form of parasites. They resolved to change this situation too and placed more of their crystals around my cupboards and made copious hieroglyphic notes.

It was quite fascinating, though I felt astounded and uneasy finding 3 of these crystal beings lounging away on my kitchen worktops and floor. They didn’t seem to use the chairs at all. They liked the long surfaces where they could lie down and stretch out. They seemed to interlock with one another at times creating unusual shapes and sounds. Imprints of their presence were not visible. It was as if they had no physical body, yet it appeared that they did. I was not sure of the reality of this phenomena. It was so strange. I did not know if they were male or female, both or none. I felt slightly ill at ease walking into the kitchen in my pyjamas or half naked. I felt vulnerable yet not. They were completely harmless, I could sense that immediately. They just didn’t know about privacy issues.

This went on for some weeks until I felt completely familiar with them all as if they were my flat mates. But I couldn’t tell anyone about them and I couldn’t admit to their presence even when I had friends or family round. People would sometimes notice a flash of light, a sparkle coming from somewhere or comment that something felt different in my flat. I had more friends than usual coming round. People loved my food no matter what I cooked, even though cooking had never been my strong point! Everything flowed very easily for me, so much so that I was worried in case they left and everything was back to how it used to be. They assured me that when they left the energy would remain here and on the planet in general. It was just that I was the first case-study and I was experiencing the intensity of the energy early on. Others would feel it later once they were ready for such things.

The beings from the enchanted city called themselves crystal beings and it appeared that their bodies were indeed made of crystals. It was quite incredible. They said they had emerged from the Earth, deep beneath the ocean aeons ago and had gradually developed to become the beings they are now. At first they were like rocks, but the rocks became sentient beings able to communicate, think, create. Over centuries and aeons they grew and developed until they became their final form which I saw before me. They were not sure if they would ever die. They said sometimes a piece of them drops off and wedges itself in the Earth, then it starts to grow and grow and become one of them eventually, but the growing stage takes many years. They never seem to die, not yet anyway. They just grow further and further into a higher state of consciousness and it is the whales and dolphins who are like their parents, helping them grow and develop more.

All of this communication took place telepathically. Just by looking at them I was able to receive all this. When I had understood something they would read my thoughts, transcribe them out loud and then nod their heads in agreement. We watched TV together for a while until they insisted that I removed this evil object immediately. I told them there were some interesting programmes in-between all the ads, but they would not have it. Finally, after several days of watching day and night time TV with me all three of them pointed their thin glass fingers at the screen and I watched as incredibly the whole set disappeared, dissolved into thin air. I could not believe it and was fuming with anger initially at these intruders having the gal to destroy my TV which I had bought at some sale 5 years ago. In their own way they just seemed to laugh. They then demonstrated to me the energy that was released just from staring at the screen, and then the effect of various different programmes and adverts. It was horrendous and mind blowing. It was like a total manipulation and mind game. I decided they were right. At first I threw a fist at them. ‘What do you think you’re doing in my flat, destroying everything? Get out of here and never come back!’ They shot me with their crystal energy and everything changed immediately. It was like bathing inside a crystal in a blue lagoon. Everything was suddenly fine. I knew they were right and I was wrong again. I hated it, but even my life which I thought to be quite all right, was not.

Sometimes I got tired with them hanging around my home and I just wanted a bit of peace and quiet alone. But apparently I’d made this contract with them in my dream and they wouldn’t go away until the task was complete. On this particular sunny Sunday morning I took a deckchair out on my little roof terrace and started to read a novel with my favourite beverage, banana and cacao smoothie. I listened to the birds, watched the people and traffic below and tried to forget that the little mischievous crystal people even existed.

I was as usual suddenly disturbed out of my peaceful state with the loud sound of a gong. I looked up to see if it was coming from the street or some carnival. But it was definitely coming from inside my apartment. The sound became louder and louder. Then there were bells and symbols, a tambourine and a familiar ringing sound echoing all around. I immediately slammed my book down on the terrace, gulped back the smoothie and ran inside.

Upstairs in the attic room I had hidden away various musical instruments. Now I knew what was going on. It was like having naughty children in the place, though I had never had any I could imagine it. I raced up there in my lime green shorts and bikini top. The crystal people were all there like some kind of odd band, banging and tapping, blowing and biting all my old instruments. ‘What are you doing?’ I yelled out wanting it all to just stop. They did stop and I received through my third eye that they were just trying out different sounds. One came forward with the old Tibetan bowl I had been given on my 18th birthday. I had barely used it since. The crystal being presented it to me like a present I had never received before. He/she banged it with the stick and it rang out that mystical, spiritual sound I had forgotten about.

They were reminding me about the sacredness of sound and that these instruments had special powers. He/she/it handed me the bowl and invited me to play. I banged it and listened. I felt the vibration pulsating through me and my mood was changing instantly. The energy of the room was being uplifted too. Another played the gong again. That contained 7 metals and had the OM sign marked carefully around it and a third eye in the centre. I knew it was powerful. I had just forgotten.

They formed a circle around me silently. Sitting in their interlocked positions like icicles dropping from the same window ledge they waited for me to play. As I picked up the gong that was handed to me an amazing thing happened. Their voices suddenly rang in harmony with the sound. There was no discussion between them. They just made this incredible sound together which was identical to the sound I was making with the gong. It was like two gongs playing together. They swayed and danced in unison with one another as a group and gradually we made such a high pitched, high vibrational sound together it was almost as if there was no sound at all. I can’t explain exactly what happened. It was a unique sound and vibration where I felt no pain, no worry, no irritation, no anger for the duration of this sound. I was totally at peace. This sound seemed to echo into space and then return to us in a magical moment. We may have all drifted off into unconsciousness for just a moment. I cannot really say.

They stopped their mischief then for just a short while but started moving things around a bit. I was mildly irritated when I watched them taking the cobwebby boxes and bags full of all kinds of junk out of the room. One of them was blowing and whistling onto the cobwebs hanging in corners. Another was blowing onto the floor and all the crumbs and debris were being swept up somewhere yet disappeared! They seemed to have their own internal vacuum cleaners. Dust was sucked away by them placing their delicate little crystal fingers over anything dusty. It was amazing. Now it made sense to me why the apartment was always remarkably clean yet I wasn’t doing any cleaning. I also had 7 little crystal beings living with me.

They were trying to show me something now. They placed all the sacred instruments in a long line along the side of the back wall. I had Tibetan bells, 2 gongs, a crystal bowl and Tibetan bowl. My days of Sanskrit chanting and sound healing had long gone now and I wondered why. They placed cushions, mats and rugs on the other side, but only a few selected items. They placed two candles in holders in the centre then demonstrated that they wished to communicate something important to me.

What they conveyed to me via telepathy was this: that this attic room could be used as a sacred space to raise positive energy in my home but also this energy could be sent elsewhere. They said I must not have electrical gadgets in here and must not eat in the room. It could then be entirely devoted to spiritual practice and to raising energy using the sacred instruments. I was delighted with the idea though confused about the eating rule. I didn’t much use the room anyway, but thought I may wander up here eating an apple or munching a chocolate waffle. ‘No, no no!’ they were adamant about this rule. They said that physical eating would be a distraction to spiritual alignment and nourishment. And this room should be devoted entirely to the spiritual. I half understood but there was nothing to loose anyway. I didn’t need to eat in the attic. I was annoyed with the dumping of my stuff in the hallway but then it needed sorting out anyway.

Later that day we all had a meeting together in the kitchen. They liked to do this kind of thing with me, to join me at meal times. They never ate. They just sucked nutrients out of plants, fruit and vegetables by absorbing their energies. Sometimes they even went into the garden and made a circle around the old oak tree. They told me they were absorbing its strong Earth energy. This way they connected themselves more directly to the Earth and received information on a global scale.

On this particular evening I was eating vegetarian spaghetti bolognese with a tomato sauce, courgettes and onions and sprinkled with a little cheddar. They sat or lay around me (I think to keep me company while I ate) and did their usual thing of pointing their crystallised little fingers at my plate of food. They told me it was to raise the energy value of the food so I appreciated that. It was still disconcerting having all those fingers waving around my food. They said they wanted a dinner meeting with me. It was they who seemed to pick the timing of everything. They told me not to eat the produce of any animal. I was angry at this point and told them I didn’t eat dead animals and only ate vegetarian food anyway. But they insisted that to eat any produce from an animal was lower frequency food and would affect me karmically as well as nutritionally. They said there was no need to treat the animal kingdom as servants and we should let them get on with their lives without interference. ‘Huh, so you don’t call this interference?!’ I just about shouted back at them. But they were never deterred whatever level of anger I threw at them. They just sat and lay sprawled about in my kitchen waving around those annoying little crystal fingers.

I went to bed that night, thankfully alone, as they did give me some privacy. I’m not quite sure what they got up to at night. Sometimes I heard distant music, like chimes and a high pitched choir. Maybe they were singing to themselves. Who knows! But I had a dream. It was like this: there were cows in a field being milked. But they were tied up and gagged and chained to some fence. The farmer was brutally clamping up their legs and digging something sharp into their udders. I was getting the feeling as if I was one of the cows. I felt as if I wanted to run away into the woods and hide away from humans for good. I dreaded having those heavy gadgets on my udders which felt uncomfortable. I felt like a slave to humans and I wanted to be free. I was just like a robot cow, doing what I had to do every day to serve the human race. But it wasn’t what I wanted at all. I had a mind and body of my own.

I woke up after that dream and wanted to become vegan. Those little crystal beings sat there at the end of my bed in their mischievous little way pointing their fingers at me. Yet there was nothing really malicious about them. They were just doing their Earthly task. I knew it deep down. I was irritated to have to admit to them that they were right after all and I’d have to give up the cheese and milk.

That was just one issue they dealt with in me. There were numerous others. The next one was the attic room which they were really excited about. I could tell when they were excited. Their movements became much faster and lots of sparkly bits shot off from all parts of their crystal bodies. These were iridescent particles which affected everything they touched. The walls would suddenly shine and shimmer, my clothes would glow or hair sparkle. It was amazing.

They took me up to the room and sat in a circle placing me at the centre. They then showed me visual images through my third eye of lots of people in this room playing instruments, chanting and praying. It looked very vibrant, colourful and joyful. I have been quite a solitary person recently, especially since Carl passed away. I’ve been spending most of my spare time developing my psychic abilities. Otherwise I work in the Oxfam shop for 2 hours a week as a volunteer. I was unable to go to work after Carl went and haven’t got back to it since. I suppose I’ve been a bit lost really. The thought of all these people here seemed unusual and unlikely. But the crystal people told me to invite many people to this room for chanting, praying, music and celebration. They said it would raise the energy of the room and raise all our energies too. I said I’d think about it.

It didn’t take long. In fact I barely had time to think about it before strange synchronicities started occurring. I had phone calls, supposedly callers getting the wrong number, but wanting prayer meetings or singing groups. Then there were emails coming through from people I barely knew looking for venues to hold Sanskrit chanting events. I started going out to cafes and events and meeting people who wanted to play bowls and gongs. I went to a Hare Krishna event and met people who were looking for alternative places to chant. I wasn’t familiar with this kind of thing but I did it anyway. I collected everyone’s emails and phone numbers and started making lists. Then I planned my first event. Of course the crystal people were going to be there but no-one else would see them apart from me!

We sat cross legged around the central alter of candles and crystals. I took the Tibetan bowl and welcomed everyone. There were 7 of us in total. We chose a couple of chants to begin with and a tall elderly man with long grey beard brought a Harmonium to play. The sound was amazing. The whole time those little crystal people entwined themselves around people pointing their little crystal fingers at everyone’s heart areas and heads. I watched as myriads of tiny fragments of their crystals went right through people’s auras and into their physical bodies. The whole room was alight with these crystal fragments, yet no-one seemed to notice! We sang more and more powerfully and strongly. I really enjoyed the whole energy of the event and soon everyone was playing an instrument. Some got up and danced and swayed, not even realising that the crystal beings were dancing with them!

By the end of my first Sanskrit chanting event I felt a warm glow of something I had not experienced for a long time. Those little mischievous crystal beings had been up to their magic again! I planned another event straight away and had even more replies this time. I became strangely drawn to that little attic room more and more. I started playing my gong and crystal bowl more and more. Sometimes the crystal beings were with me and sometimes not. I asked for healing for myself and many others. I talked to Stan often from that room. Sometimes I just lay there for hours and hours. The crystal energy was so high in here. It was like bathing in a pool of light.

The crystal beings started gradually leaving then. First 2 disappeared and then the the next, the next and finally the last 2. They didn’t say anything. They just disappeared. And maybe that’s how it was meant to be.

Ending: And so they left me at last. I dearly missed them at first though they had been a pain at times and quite a disturbance in my life. But I just didn’t realise at the time how much they had given to me. That room became the start of something profound for me. I prayed and meditated and made my sacred sound in there every day. I sent it out to the world, to my home town and to my own living environment. I know it made things change and still does. They visit me from time to time in my dreams and give me new tasks to do. They went back to their city in the sea because they missed it so much. They missed the sound of the dolphins and whales. They missed the real water. They’ll be back again, I know they will, in another time and place. But I can always talk to them through my third eye whether they are with me or far away. They tell me things even now, about our planet and about a better way forward. So things are improving and will get better. They’ve left their mark and nothing can take that away. They are always in my thoughts and dreams now and I don’t really know how I managed without them before. If I have a question they always answer it. They give me strength, guidance and protection whenever I ask them. They really are miraculous beings and they are my eternal life assistants.

They could be extremely annoying at times and I’m glad to get my kitchen back to how it was – or rather how it was in a physical sense. Nothing will really be how it used to be. But things are more in order again and I don’t worry if I walk into the kitchen half dressed, not knowing who’s in there! Its nice not to see lots of strange interlocked crystal bodies all over the work surfaces but then its a shame they’re not here at the same time! They left their energy, that’s for sure. I get lots of visitors, I have a new boyfriend and my third eye has opened even more. All the food and water tastes so much better and I have more energy. I have a lot to thank the crystal people for but I can never really tell anyone, because no-one will ever believe me. What do you think?