Hilary was only 16 when she found the next parchment. This time, they left it underneath her bed guard, Rupert, a huge Dalmatian who slept beside her to stop her being afraid. It was hard living away from home yet it gave her freedom from the fights, arguments and battles she used to be in the middle of constantly. Her parents flew at each other with knives and daggers, yet they insisted on staying together. She crept away in the middle of the night and got a bed at the young person’s hostel until she found herself a small bedsit on the edge of town. She was afraid, particularly at night. She would hear loud bumps and wonder what was going on. Even here there were arguments and drunken brawls above and below her. The floor and ceiling creaked continually, water dripped from the single tap in her room and she only had one ring on a baby belling for cooking.

She would crawl out of her long thick woollen shawl which kept her warm at night and watch as the dustmen cleared and shattered bins along the street, and see the night ‘watchmen’ disappear and the street cleaners appear. She was holding her Twinkly teddy bear, the only remnant of a childhood that was best left forgotten. The secret parchment she had found aged 6 gave her some hope and comfort. Now there came another. The first had been hidden from view by anyone. She knew she had special powers which could have attracted these notes. Or was it all just a hoax? How could a parchment, apparently from some alien species, arrive underneath Rupert in the middle of the night?

She rubbed her eyes and glared over at her tin of tobacco. She wanted a drag, a comfort, something to take the pain away of such monotony and hunger in her life. But the parchment was there, staring at her, as if waiting to be urgently inspected. And this she was about to do.

She had a job to do at lunch time. She washed up in some greasy pub that paid her £5.50 an hour to do 6 hours of washing up 3 times a week. It kept her going but the work was tough. She already had stains on her hands from nicotine roll ups and now chaps and cracked hands from so much immersion in water.

Her semi-boyfriend, Lou, was not a real boyfriend. He was a comfort when times were hard. She couldn’t be on her own all the time and he was around. He’d been found by the caretaker inside a bin by the supermarket skips one night. He’d eaten a whole crate of cream buns and puked all over the pavement. It was her job to clean him up and feed him. She knew it when she stumbled across the scene. Caretaker shaking his arms about, telling him to scarper off and she, a bedraggled wreck herself, trying to find some comfort in a lost city. She stole some buns from the pub fridge and they munched on them together while ambling by the canal. It was late, dark, but lit by heavy orange street lights and a bright half full moon. They were in each others’ arms by midnight and cuddling on the veranda of some almost stately home until the early hours. The milk man arrived and once they’d helped themselves to a couple of pints they ran off. She called him back after that on many occasions. He was a street dweller and she a home girl. The street kids didn’t normally mix with the homed ones, but this case was different. She wanted to get him housed as soon as she could. She never told him about either of the parchments or her special gifts. She just didn’t tell anyone.

She waited till her hands were grubby, sore and wretched and her mouth dry without water before she sat herself down in the late evening to read the alien parchment. She had only had one drag today. The cigarettes were getting less, the yellow hands becoming an eye sore to her now. She smelt her clothes as they loosely fell off her half naked body as she peeled off the layers of fatty, greasy, grubby garments. Her fingers shook a little with cold turkey like symptoms as she reached under the old tattered bed for the parchment.

At first it appeared as a blank piece of paper. But she remembered what she did before and held it up to the light. As she did this, the bold handwriting appeared as if encased in a bright golden light. This is what she read:

To the one who receives this parchment

We know you understand our words. Please do with this parchment as you were guided before by our friends from Zion-X. The one you are meant to show these to will arrive shortly. We are holding council over you so that improvements may be made in your life and that you will be able to pursue your life’s purpose. Read our words now and follow our guidance. Your life is about to take a turning and our words shall assist.

We are ferrous beings, but that does not mean we are ferocious like wild animals. On the contrary, we are pure beings of light who sought an environment to convey our secret messages upon and where we would not be disturbed. So many eons ago you did not exist on this planet and we did. We knew of your forthcoming birth upon your planet Earth. But for this we were not fully prepared. Therefore we made a pact with the great one to stay for a little while, until you had imbued our spirit a little into your your own consciousness. Following the hieroglyphic messages we encrypted underground, we left your planet and inhabited another. That was many years hence.

We re-appeared to meet with your ancient Egyptians and relayed to them about the great pyramid shapes. We convey this to you also, so that you may utilise the great power of such a shape to your best advantage. If you were to invent and create furniture and pictures of pyramids and display these around your homes, you would soon see how much your spirits are enhanced by these simple yet magical shapes. You could indeed find many such powers through jewellery made of this shape. We would recommend you hang these around your necks, as you so often do, and also around your heads, so that the pyramid is pointing downwards towards your third eye. If this point is also encased with a special crystal then it shall be all the more powerful.

We lived off Iron, ferrous, that is what we try to convey to you now. We have found much strength through absorbing the ferrous iron you have encrusted deep below in the Earth’s crust. Through this we gain our physical strength and stamina and are able to withstand harsh conditions, though it was rare that there were any at this time. However, our advantage over your constitution and bodies, is that we have no need to ingest food through a bodily system. All the nutrients and energy we need and desire comes directly through the pores in our skin as we meditate upon it. We are able to ingest whatever we choose. We siphoned out any toxic substances with our cleansing rays, and then we saw quite clearly that many jewels lay at the bottom most crust of your Earth, which we recommend you do not touch. However it is for you to attune to these energies, and here you will find great strength.

Yes, indeed, we lived at the bottom of your dear oceans. These were massively different to what they are now. We found many sea creatures which inhabited the planet with us at this time, though they are not the same species that are with you now. We lived and talked to these other beings and we worked well together in creating a better energy upon your Earth.

This is what we did: we attuned to the Earth’s frequency and then we poured our love onto all its layers of existence. This we did 100 times, or thereabouts, each day, so that the light became larger and brighter by the second. We healed and sanctified your dear Earth until she became a great ball of light. And this we did from afar also. We hid at the bottom of the ocean for many long times, so that we could construct a new world for you, for when you arrived. At first we were alarmed at the way you killed other living beings for your food substance, and so we were wary of coming up and showing ourselves to you. We realised how dangerous that could be. You were not evolved enough to know us or understand us at this time. You were only at the very beginning stages of communication yourselves.

We braved many years on your planet and then decided to leave when it was no longer viable for us to stay. We therefore found our new planet to inhabit and tried communicating our wisdom to you in different forms throughout the rest of your history. You have not heard all of our messages, but you have acted upon others. The Internet was from our guidance to enable you all to communicate more effectively with one another from across the globe. YOU are in need of these systems before you are evolved enough to telepathise on a global level.

WE lived and breathed underwater in a pool of light. We built temples of light upon the rocks and here we made music, laughed out loud at one another and danced and sang. WE bellowed out our music and made dolphin like creatures come to us. We played together and sounded together with high pitched squeals, similar to your dolphins. We created sound and prayer temples which sent out light to all beings on the planet and to the sacred Earth. We prepared the land for you in this way, but we are saddened now, to see that your sacred Earth is suffering greatly and this is affecting you all. Therefore we have returned, but not in the form we were in before and not in a way that you will ever notice us. Through our existence here we shall send you sound and light until this planet and you revive sufficiently in your vibrational level. With these notes of light energy, you will retrieve a part of your past which has been lost.

Indeed we have left hieroglyphs upon your Earth’s surface, so that you may find them one day. These sacred symbols are there to protect your Earth and you, as a race, sufficiently to enable the survival of your species and the Earth itself. If you do come across our symbols, guard them carefully, since they reflect a new race, a new possibility for you to evolve to the next level of your existence. Your bodies here are dense and sensitive to your environmental damage, and you have little to combat these stresses. Therefore we give you new armour, a way forward with a new molecular structure that will give you a more lucrative body and mind. Here you will find the way forward. We tell you this as an example: if you find a way to live without the need to digest and assimilate food through a biological system, but instead absorb food through your thoughts, then you are moving towards a new bodily system that shall serve you well. However, it shall take many years, before your bodily system has evolved to this level. Please do not try this in your current physical body as it shall not work. We are a completely different species in this respect. Yet without the need to grow and consume food you will find many systems function far better in your world.

Finally, on the note of laughter we engage in this very often and it is wise for you to do the same. The vibrational notes of laughter are very strong in the cosmos and enable new thought processes to emerge and new beginnings. However, sound in general is beneficial for you (in its higher form) since to raise your vibrational level through any sacred sound, be it through the energy of crystals, singing bowls, tambourines or flutes we give you this guidance – sing and play with great intention for light and it shall manifest. Light has its own chord, but can rarely be heard since it is so light a note – of course!

We guide you also to sing and play gongs together often since these energy vibrations bring great power to you and to the planet. Without sound and music we are lost. It is our whole purpose of being, except for other instruments of manifestation that we perform. Now go and be the light in all you do, since the planet is in great need of this. And we shall continue in our mission upon your Earth until she makes a great leap in consciousness and you, as a race, make a giant leap forward and recovery from your current sickness. It is sickness indeed when you do not know what you eat, or where you come from or where you are going. That is indeed a sickness of the spirit that we, as a grand force in the universe, intend to reverse, so that your memories return.

Thank-you for your ears, may they ring out in peace upon your dear beloved planet of love.

The inhabitants of Alchazar

Hilary wept and hugged the secret parchment close to her heart for the next hour or two. It was an inspiration to hear the truth that she knew existed on some level. It brought her home again, so much so that she ran a shower and hosed herself down until she felt clean. She ran into the street and threw all her tobacco in the bin. Then lay down and bit her lip till it bled onto her bed sheets. She was a mess. What was she doing living in this hole of a place, with little proper food and washing up for some tyrant? She resigned to give up everything.

The parchment had given her an uncanny strength and knowledge, even through its very existence. It was not so much what was being communicated in writing, but what was not said. It was contained within the golden light. She knew somehow that she had always been free, yet it did not appear this way. The parchment had given her release. The words she knew rang true and she would need to find the right channel in order to expose the sacred words in the right way. The channel would be a very special one, and this would be her next step forwards…