I guess I had brushed with the past often, down the old Kings Road and London Road. It was funny to see how they used to be full of pubs and meat shops and places where you could buy liquor poison and that kind of thing. I had seen in the museum how people used to walk down the streets with smoke coming out of their mouths, nicotine, and how people ambled about begging for money. They didn’t have the fund then and few healers so it wasn’t easy for them. I felt sorry for those times and those who had nothing more to do than search for these intoxicating substances. My heart went out to the past and that was why we were having the ‘healing the past’ gathering in Pyramid Square. The past had to be dealt with entirely now so as to clear energies away. I often viewed it through my third eye: the scenes outside pubs and cafes where ideas were exchanged between artists and better ways sought, but they often had a glass or cup of poison in their hands blurring the vision.

The square had been inundated with swarms of flying ants and beetles for weeks now which seemed to symbolise negative energies rising up again. I had them caught up in my hair and nails. The city health council met and declared that we needed to rid the air of negative history pollution. I was looking forward to the event and to seeing Jack again. He was nearing his 140th year and could almost remember those long lost times of ancient St Leonards! At-least he had heard the stories from his grandfather and often talked of times when he was offered beer and cigarettes as a boy of only 9 and 10. I shuddered to think of such a thing.

The golden pyramid was gleaming in the square against a rising sun. People were on their way to the prayer gathering and early morning chant. I was going to miss it today in favour of a walk along the lanes which led directly to the East Hill. At sunrise I would be able to hear the chanting as I ambled my way there. I watched as people in their white, orange and lilac gowns emerged from their solar powered huts and gave their peace greetings against the rising golden red and orange sun. I felt a knowingness in my heart that everything would be well today and we would extract the fumes of the past forever.

The boy, Lincoln, appeared, ‘Hey Solarias where are you off to?’ He came running up behind me and sounded urgent. ‘Just meandering up to the hill Linc. What are you up to?’

‘My dad’s sick – can you help him. He can hardly get out of bed and his alarm’s gone off. His health has gone down a lot. Don’t know what healers are around now. Can you come Solarias?’ I shuddered to think of Ben in his small hut, unable to move, it was such a rare thing these days. ‘I’ll come Lincoln, but please go to the prayer gathering now and tell them to pray for your father.’ He rushed off inside the pyramid and I made my way to their home. Billowing smoke was making waves out of the roof – at least they had the warmth of their woodburner fire inside, even if it was a bit ancient.

I walked in, ‘Ben?’ A crumpled up man was lying under thick hemp blankets – too thick for springtime. He was wheezing and congested in his lungs. ‘What’s happened Ben? Did you give up on something?’

‘Come here Solarias and bring water please. I’m dying. Can’t get back my strength. Just help me pass over peacefully. I don’t want to carry on any more. Get me that jug of crystal water please…’

I rushed over with a glass of water and the clear quartz crystal. ‘Are you sure you want to go Ben?’

‘My time’s at an end Solarias. Those days from the past are creeping up on me. I’m one of the elders that has to go. You know, ever since Rose left me I can’t live happily any more.’

‘But what about the ‘love finders’ Ben? You could find yourself a new wife or companion. Do you not want that?’ I placed my hands on his heart chakra and sent out pink rays of love. ‘I don’t want that. I’ve had enough Solarias. I miss her so much. I just want to join her again. There’ll never be another one like her. Just send me away will you? Do the ritual with Lincoln – he’ll understand.’

‘Is he ready Ben? Will he cope?’

‘He’s a strong boy – take care of him for me will you?’ I felt concerned. I couldn’t look after Lincoln full time. ‘I’ll get a group together Ben and we’ll share the care of Linc. I can’t do it all.’

‘He’s 14. He’ll be all right Salarious.’ The little wooden door flew open and Lincoln rushed in flushed and in a sweat. ‘He’s going, isn’t he?’ he managed to mumble in my direction. I nodded back. Lincoln approached his father and clasped his hands while soft tears rolled down his cheeks. ‘I love you father – will you not reconsider?’

‘I’m going Linc, my boy, I love you but I can’t live here without my Rose. I’ll talk to you from the other side. I’ll help ya’. It’ll be all right. Solarias and others will look after you.’ Lincoln cried more and I held both of them strongly.

I lit 6 candles and surrounded the rose quartz crystals with their gleaming light. The essential oils of rosemary and sage lay in a pot which I burnt for letting go. He had it all arranged long ago. Lincoln pulled the gold cover from under the bed and placed it over his father who was now smiling. I took the holy water from the urn and placed a dab onto his third eye for protection and inner-seeing. ‘Is there anyone you wish to forgive Ben?’ He promptly handed me a long hand written list he held under the bed covers. ‘I’ve been thinking about it a long time Solarias. I want to release all my enemies now! No, they’re not enemies of course, just the ones I struggled with -the bank manager who took all my money back in the bank days!’ Lincoln chuckled. ‘They won’t find any use for that now, will they?’

I took my golden pendulum from under my skirt and waved it over the list. ‘May all these people and beings of love be forgiven for any acts, thoughts or defaults that have negatively affected Ben over the years and may Ben and they be released from any guilt or negativity.’ Ben gave a terrific sigh and his wheezing diminished immediately. ‘What would you like to say Ben?’

‘I love all my family, I love you all. I love this town, St Leonards that has given me a home for so many years. I am grateful for the past, present and future. I wish for this town to thrive and grow with more strength than ever before to make this an even brighter future for everyone. May love and healing thrive in all ways and may I join with my beloved Rose once more and do my light work from above.’ He breathed deeply and Lincoln was almost bruising his father’s hands from squeezing so tightly. I nodded at Lincoln. ‘What would you like to say Linc?’

‘I love you so much father. I’m sorry you’re leaving me. I will do what I can to carry on your work, to be a warrior and healer-musician for the people. I will talk to you when you’re gone and ask for your advice often. Thank-you for all you have ever done for me and please forgive me for any acts I have done against you.’

‘My son. You are perfect and never could I have wished for a better son than you. Follow your own path now and see to it that you join with your heart’s desire when you are ready. Love and be loved and you are always safe. Farewell to you Lincoln. I am going to a lighter place now but you will be well cared for here I know it.’

The time was nearing completion now and I had not expected it to be so quick. ‘I love you Ben. Please talk to us in the meditation and channelling sessions if you wish and thank-you for your time here in St Leonards, giving us all hope and joy from your singing and music. Now may your passing over be calm and peaceful and one of many blessings.’ I sprinkled rose petals over his head and holy water over his temples. ‘Blessings to you forever our beloved one!’ He closed his eyes softly and went away. I pressed my right hand to Lincoln’s and we watched as Ben’s soul was lifted upwards to the other dimension. We cried and hugged each other.

That was my unexpected morning and now I had a new son. We had a meeting later on in the day and discussed how a group of us would care for Lincoln. I was to move to a shanty hut next to Lincoln’s and Lincoln would live alone but with many of us around him to help. I looked forward to listening to his minstrel sound of healing music, to his stories and watching him dance. It would be a pleasure to watch him grow up closely and I had no children of my own to care for. My role was that of a healer and care-giver to whoever needed my help at any time. I never knew what would happen from one day to the next. Just walked my path, wherever it led and prayed that the right outcome would happen every day. The body was buried at sunset along with others on the West Hill. It seemed fitting to bury Ben on the day of the ‘healing the past’ ritual. I had not expected him to go so suddenly but it was his wish and he and Lincoln were eventually happy.

I took the lane up to the East Hill early afternoon, breathing in the smells of the sea, incense burning from the temples and raw chocolate from the cafe on the seafront. I’d already had my raw chocolate fix for the day in the form of raw chocolate chai followed by raw chocolate cheese cake! Amazing. Life felt so much easier now all the banks had closed down. We just did our work whatever it was, got paid in rupees and then bought whatever we needed. There was always the hardship fund for anyone not able to earn a lot, but it was hardly ever used. Everyone had something to offer, and everyone was paid. I got 100 rupees for sending Ben over. Lincoln got paid wherever he played his music. The law of exchange was followed in earnest here. St Leonards was a fair place to live and no-one went without. Those days were far gone.

It was hard to think back at the time of the Earthquake but that’s when it all finally changed. It was like a crashing down of some old system that didn’t work any more and once that crack surfaced all over town bringing down buildings and basically the past, it all had to be re-built. They brought in a new band of town planners, healers, psychics and healing-minstrels and together we brought a totally new ethos and energy to the town. We have always given many thanks to God for such a catalyst to spark a new beginning, but many were not thanking anyone at the time. It appeared to be an absolute catastrophe. But then, catalysts and catastrophes are very similar and yet create diverse reactions. I liked meandering down the East Hill lanes and pondering on things, it was my favourite activity. I was so happy that the nature lanes from St Leonards to the East Hill had been created. I loved the flowers, trees, springs, fairies and elementals. It was a magical walk and delightful to connect the two neighbouring towns in this way.

I would return to town just in time for the ‘healing the past’ gathering and just in time to buy some vegetable waffles and fruit salad from Veggies-a-go-go cafe-shop. And just in time to sit by the wise old oak tree at the corner of Kings Road and watch Lincoln play his flute and sing some tunes of positivity for the future. I would help Lincoln connect to his father often and we would pray together every evening. I was looking forward to being a carer for Lincoln and I was sure he would teach me a lot too. He was one of the latest Rainbow children and they have a lot to give to the world.

Thank-you for reading this. It’s time for our ‘Healing the Past’ meeting now. I had a lovely walk and now we are going to release all negativity from the past of St Leonards so the ants and beetles will leave us in peace and the flowers will grow for ever more beautiful by the minute. The angels are with us. They tell us so every day through the joy that fills our hearts and the healing that inspires new beginnings and the love that is bountiful in every way – for that is the nature of LOVE.