They say I am an avatar of peace. I have the blue ray of protection, that is true, But I am not always attuned to the light and my ray becomes dimmer sometimes meaning I cannot see or hear them clearly. My reality is blurred here. It is like this all the time for most on this planet. But I must make it possible for Zions to communicate with me clearly so that I am The Channel. I have discovered that the Earthlings no longer have enough power to sustain themselves and when they reach the lowest level on our X scale of physical endurance and ability to survive it will be red alert throughout the solar system. Some of the planets, which have wanted the destruction of Earth for a long time, will wish it to end quickly. They will want it euthanised just as people here do with their sick pets. But on Zion-X we will find a way for this planet to survive. We will have to infiltrate time and space around the Earth as well as taking form in human bodies, just as I am doing now.

If they refuse to change, even under our influence and gentle guidance, this planet will self explode. We cannot have its negative influence in our solar system any longer. She will no longer be accepted here and we cannot help her under these conditions. This will be her last chance to change. It can be rectified but without our help she cannot go on for much longer. Her inner energy system has become extremely weak with the mass extinction of certain species of animals and the slaughtering of animals, birds and trees. With this energy of violence and violation how can she move forwards in any way? We, The Light Throwers of Zion-X, will destroy any negative influences from beings that do not inhabit the Earth. We shall then be in charge of all new systems and will sift out negativity on all planetary and human levels.

We are working on the bio-sphere primarily, the bio-sphere of negative emotions which have caused a damn in the Earth’s crust. It is here that explosions are waiting to be released. Humans cannot do it through their emotional channels, therefore they are extracting and releasing through the Earth. This will cause mass explosions, Earthquakes, shudderings of the Earth’s plateau and many Earth shattering events such as stars falling and burning buildings and towns. The sewers may well erupt and underground passageways be infested with mice, rats and unfamiliar creatures. There will be mass slayings, knives, fighting, diseases and wide-spread contamination.

Since these emotions have been buried deep within the human psyche for many centuries people do not even recognise them any more. We are planning a mass exodus for some and a prodding for others who can bare to feel the tremendous stream of emotions they hold within them from childhood trauma. The human light workers and healers will help extract emotions through their own processes and by healing others but it is still not enough. We will plan a mass exodus of emotion on 24th March 2012. The planet will then be changed and altered in its course. The human race cannot continue until this mass emotion has been extracted. They have had years, centuries and multitudes of events to release these emotions, but still they deny many. This results in so many physical ailments which often lead to premature death and decay.

I am wearing my blue cloak of protection and have the blue ray enveloped around me, Still I cannot see through this Earthly darkness sometimes. It hurts me sometimes to see so much washed up and wasted emotion. It has been thrown against nature, the scape goat of a depleted human-Earth heart. We have managed to extinguish certain pains that made the planet heart beat too rapidly like a giant heart palpitation. We have unplugged the arteries of the Earth which became clogged like sewers from so much misuse. The planet herself has little left to feed on. There is chaos going on in all her energy systems, her chakra system, which is failing. The ground is shaky. For humans it is like walking on a moving platform. We bring down our saucers to help heal the wounds we see in these areas – some of these are healing now, but human scientists are watching us closely and we may be under attack when we place the sacred motifs on the Earth wounds.

Yes, these you call crop or corn circles. Actually they are not always geometric circles but have other shapes and forms but the circle is a hugely practical healing tool that we use often. This healing symmetry will make the grass greener and the trees lighter in that area, and the animals create new and special homes in our sacred healing spaces. But you too must learn these things, these healing techniques. We cannot sustain you for much longer since we have our own planet to guard and our own projects to see to. We will help you as much as we can during this crucial stage of your and our evolution but we do need you to change sufficiently so that all will be well in this our dear beloved solar system of which you know very little. That is all dear Earthlings. One of you will find this parchment and then act upon it, but it will only be visible to the very very wise, brave and evolved. Thank-you dear one who finds this. Make it your mission to carry out our embedded instructions very carefully now. That is all.


  1. Look after your children well and they shall look after you in your old age and will serve the planet well in its survival and evolution. Listen to their needs and act upon these. It is not for you as adult humans to tell them what to do, but instead to let them choose what they have chosen before birth to do on your planet. This is in the wide scheme of things.
  2. Look after yourselves well with healthy foods that serve a strong nutritional function. Do not indulge in alcoholic beverages, smoking and drug taking in any form. These deplete your systems (they do not enhance them as some of you believe they do). They disconnect you from your inner core-truth and immerse you in a fog of disconnection from your reality. Do not eat sugary and fatty foods or those with pesticides and harmful toxins. Do not eat foodstuffs that contain artificial flavourings, colourings or Genetically Modified ingredients. Do not eat animals who have once been alive. On no account eat the animals of your Earth kingdom. You are creating a disharmony amongst all life forms that is severely destructive to your planet and to your well-being. You are building up a reaction of cause and effect now whereby the animals seek to poison you and fight back in other ways. Beware on all levels of this phenomena since you will be alarmed at certain outcomes which will be a severe threat to you and the planet.
  3. Make sure your elders are well cared for in community homes were they are loved and cared for and where they may impart to you their wisdom of many years. Do not lock them away in decrepit buildings where they are simply waiting to die.
  4. Do not allow yourselves to indulge in obsessive TV watching or other distracting activities. You are on the planet at this time to serve a sacred purpose in the Earth’s evolution and history. It is not wise for you to neglect your purposes on the Earth, but instead to reflect and see who you are in your full essence, Look inside yourselves, take time out to recuperate from life’s stresses and look carefully inside. It is not for you to be told what to do, think and be by outside influences, but instead to work these things out for yourselves through inner meditation and reflection.
  5. Be love at all times in all ways is the ultimate goal. Seek to love above all else. Love yourselves and all those around you in the best way possible. In spreading love you will create yet more love for yourselves and others. The planet will benefit from your input of love. We love you but you do not even feel our love when you are distracted and inundated by negative images and messages from so many external sources. We recommend you spend more time in your natural world. See and feel the trees, grass, plants and flowers, even the natural water on your planet is there to be enjoyed. Time spent in nature for any length of time is worthwhile, and here you may feel, see and hear us and other beings of light in a multitude of different ways. We will enhance your spirit.
  6. Make a note of what you plan to do in life to serve others and the planet. It may only be one thing but this thing could do more than you imagine on a global level. If your intention is pure enough and you truly wish to make it a better planet then you have the power of a thousand angels by your side to help make your intentions a reality.
  7. Smile, sing, be joyous in all you do, chant, pray, celebrate, feast on healthy foodstuffs, dance and make joyous music since the world will love you for your fine contribution to positivity. The angels will rejoice and bring you many gifts.
  8. Remember, the more you give, the more you receive. Please try this out, you will be surprised. Abundance comes to those who give.
  9. Be love, receive love and comprehend love. It is all you have and all you need for everything.
  10. You are all it takes to make a difference in your life and the lives of many others. You have the power. You have the will. You have the wisdom to fight against what is not valid any more on your planet. Please fight against adversity (through advocacy of non violent practices) and be in the moment what you wish the planet to be.
  11. Protect yourselves at all times from the adverse disharmony, contamination and pollution you have on your planet. Surround yourselves with the white light of purity. This is all you need do: imagine a pure white light around you like a huge egg encompassing your whole body. Ask God or Archangel Michael for protection and this shall be done. We believe there are various devices available to protect you from other forms of electrical disturbances such as your phone masts, pylons and household electric items. Do not under estimate the damage these appliances do to your health and well being on the planet. It is wise to live away from pylons and phone masts and to breathe in nature’s air as frequently as possible. Please be aware of the harsh, damaging rays from mobile phones, excessive use of computer screens, and the new ray we see on your planet, Wi-Fi. This one is extremely toxic and has taken hold of much of your planet now. We can only advise that you take on board our warnings and seek protection through devices available to combat electro and geopathic stress. We shall be bringing to you more powerful tools of protection and more importantly new ways forward for your technology which shall not be harmful to you or the planet in any way.
  12. Seek nature in all ways and if you are unsure about anything in your life, sit under a tree and ask the universe for an answer and it shall give. Everything you need to know is written in nature, even more so than in your many books. Take a hike, walk, sit or lie down on grass, sand or moss and see what happens and what pops into your head as you may be pleasantly surprised.

I will leave this parchment for you now as my energy is weakening on your planet and I must return home. They are calling me and my duty here is almost complete. These points are not in any specific order of importance, yet if you study numerology you will see a pattern and meaning behind the numbers and sections they relate to. I will return with the others when the planetary advisory centre on Zion-X has chosen the time. Until then, I wish you well my friends and may this parchment be found by the one who will help you see the truth through my writings and to await and prepare for our return. You may not recognise us as being any different from you in our bodily forms but our presence will be strongly felt. Thank-you for your ears and eyes which see and read our transcribed warnings and messages in this parchment. Agor.

I took the parchment in my left hand and held it close to my heart. I know that Agor exists somewhere and I was meant to find his-her testament. I could feel his-her heart-breath on the paper. It was so warm and pleasant, with some kind of scent that I had never smelt before. I wonder what I should do with all these warnings and advice. I wonder whether to show it to anyone at all. Maybe I could keep it to myself. I don’t want the aliens from Zion-X destroyed or captured. What if they are in danger? I don’t doubt that the message was left by Agor. I dreamed about them the night before. The next morning I found myself digging under the pear tree in our garden. And there it was – at first just a straggly piece of old paper with nothing on it. But when I held it up to the light, writing started to appear, just as it does when you use an invisible ink pen – something like that. And I knew it was all the truth. I can’t read all that writing but I heard through my third eye what was written. I was looking forward to meeting them sometime – but I didn’t want mummy telling me off for speaking to strangers. I would have to go off on my own somehow. I’m only 6 years old but I like playing with aliens. I see them in the dark sometimes when I’m just going to sleep. They talk to me and give me a warm glow in my heart. It helps me sleep when I’m frightened.

I wonder whether to tell anyone about the aliens from Zion-X. I wonder what I should do with my secret parchment? I wonder if you will ever read this, whoever you are. And will anyone ever listen to you Agor? Will they care? Will human adults ever understand these things? I hope so.

If anyone ever reads these words, I’m Hilary by the way. I’m 6 years old and Agor helped me to write my thoughts on paper, just as they do on their planet. I didn’t have to write at all. The pen moved across the paper just as I had the thoughts and I heard Agor telling me in my head that I needed people to read his words, and my words. And thats how it all came about really. So I have to send this off somewhere but I don’t know where really. I just don’t know. Some kind people will help me though, I know they will.