Angelina was cutting out images from her head and sticking them on the stone wall. The head device made it easier now. She was taking images from her mind and projecting them against the walls of her shack. She hoped it would transform her life. She had found the ultimate way of transmitting thoughts into reality. Once she had mastered the new technology she would be able to manifest her wishes even faster now. She didn’t tell people her secret. She knew that to tell at this stage would delay the process and dissipate energy. Angelina the Mind-Investigator had manifested for herself a space where she did her magick. She knew she was a magician of a high order. It was part of her sacred arts.

She took the images out of her head by solar ray technology. She would place the device over her head like a pilot’s helmet. It extracted her thoughts like balloons of words and pictures and twirled them around the background walls and as hovering holograms in the air around her. At first the thoughts would tumble out all at once and she didn’t want most people to see them. Some were hideous, embarrassing or ridiculous. She would imagine herself making love with Rosenbury or eating a delicious chocolate-cherry cake baked in Alaska paste or envisage herself rocketing up to the moon and back in one day. Sometimes in a fit of anger she would imagine shooting a whole mob of people with a supersonic laser gun, usually those who had hurt her in some way. She was disgusted at some of these thoughts. When they were projected against the walls of her stone shack her thoughts were highlighted even more. Even if it was just a flicker of an idea lasting a mega second it was all recorded. She was enveloped in the contamination of her own thought forms yet they revealed the truth.

She knew the reality of this phenomena, but she didn’t always wish to acknowledge it. With this new device she could not hide or conceal anything. Her thoughts were all she had in the world – they were what created her reality, and here they were displayed across the walls and air of her sleeping chamber. If this was a trailer for a film, which in effect it was, her life would be havoc. She was not creating for herself the best reality.

This was precisely why Angelina had decided to work on her thought forms with the assistance of the new technology. By seeing them clearly in front of her she was able to delete the ones she didn’t like and highlight the ones she wished to create in her life. Every so often she would paint, cut and paste these images until she was creating for herself what she imagined would be an ideal life for herself.

She held a strong image of Rosenbury who she was falling in love with at the mountain school. He was planning to be an astronomer and she, an astrologer. Together they could make an interesting couple but she was concerned about his consistent logical approach to life on Earth and within the universe. He wanted to be an astronaut and this concerned her. If he was going to be spending most of his life investigating and travelling to other planets and galaxies she would never see him. She would be waiting below, looking up at her lover, somewhere on another planet’s surface or in outer space and never knowing if he would return. She tried to block out these thoughts by deleting the fear images. They wouldn’t change somehow. Even though she tried changing them the image of him travelling in space would not go away, it could not be deleted somehow and that was strange, maybe because it was his chosen destiny.

She yelled and screamed for a while shouting out that this technology was useless and always went wrong. But Angelina grew tired of her outbursts and decided to meditate in order to find reprieve from her inner daemons. If she was to look at her thoughts now they would be horrendous.

Angelina packed her bags. It was time for astrology class and for meeting Ros in person. He was in the 5th grade and she in the 2nd. American terms were strangely used in all schools now. She was15 and he18 but they were at The Mountain School for Highly Intelligent Young People. She had demonstrated higher than average potential for using new technology, understanding the effects of the stars and psychic studies. He had shown higher than average intelligence for science and particularly star life. In effect they were both stars!

The school was in the high peaks of the Himalayan mountains. The stars could be seen clearly here and many lessons took place outdoors where they would meditate on the stars in all classes and receive information from the cosmos. In Angelina’s class she would memorise star formations and watch the sky change each night with its different configurations. Schools now encouraged young people to make their own judgements and opinions on the universe, especially to see what further information could be accessed. Angelina was particularly skilled at this and saw many shapes, faces and even words which would shine out at her in her dreams or through the stars, shining the way forwards in many ways to a brighter new future for humanity.

The psychic classes also helped which were held in every school from the age of 5. Of course it was very basic at that age, but all children were encouraged to develop and use their psychic senses at all times and to live life through their inner guidance and intuition.

When things were not going well in Angelina’s studies or love life or whatever was her main concern in life, she would use her projection device and study her thought forms. Once these had been projected outwardly she was able to edit and delete them until she had refined them down to images she really wanted to manifest in her life.

Angelina stared at Rosenbury, a tall, slim and dark skinned boy with a faraway look in his eyes. He was half Peruvian and half Swedish. He was deep in thought, studying star configurations projected onto the mountain edge and hadn’t really noticed Angelina approaching. They were good friends but the romantic yearning was only in Angelina’s imagination and Ros’s thoughts occasionally. ‘Hey, Ros do you wanna go for a walk behind the mountain? Shall I show you the crystal mountain below?’ He looked round slightly irritated. ‘I’m just trying to figure out how Mars and Jupiter are connected Ang. Can you wait a while?’ She looked down mournfully, playing with tufts of black hair which had tiny crystals encased in the hair follicles. ‘Ok, Ros. I’ll go there myself anyway.’

She went off, trying not to look back or give away her thoughts. She wanted to make love with Ros at the crystal mountain. She went there anyway. There had been a giant solar flare and meteor shower here decades ago and somehow this crystal mountain had been formed. It was hidden at first until the last generation of degenerate-humans had died. Once the planet became enlightened and the new light had spread widely after 2012, the crystal mountain was found and named. This was a central part of their studies and part of the reason why they studied in the Himalayas. There was a geology class based on the crystal mountain, an extra-curricular activity that any student could attend.

Angelina was attracted by the high energy of the mountain. It had been a mountain like any other and still was beneath, but it had become covered in giant crystals which were now encased within its crust. Once she sat on this crystal skull, not exactly a skull but the mountain’s crystallised crown chakra, she felt in her element. The energy was so high she did not need to consciously meditate, it just happened. She saw the highest visions of herself and her world. She saw visions of humanity in a far and distant past and future. She became aware of angels and spirits in their highest forms too. All the other dimensions of higher realms met here and she could communicate with beings from other planets.

She now felt so excited by these experiences that making love with Ros seemed unnecessary and trivial. Her mind extracted information automatically from the crystals and she recorded these by installing the device over her head. Any thought or idea could now be recorded just as the thought appeared. Written notes or lengthy essays were no longer needed at the mountain school. Thoughts and sights were stored as written words and images which could later be organised. Angelina always took her device to this place to record all insights she received straight away. She was a highly gifted intuitive as well as an intelligent astrologer. She had already started giving readings to adults and young people from the age of 7. No one had ever disputed her powers. She was great. There was no denying such expertise.

She loved Ros but didn’t know how to deal with love issues. It was all new to her and though she had tried he was engrossed in his studies and perhaps was not worth pursuing any more. She decided to leave it. That was the insight she received from the crystals. She decided to change her thought forms now and transmute her yearnings for him into the light of the crystals. She asked for a more appropriate soul-mate to come forwards. She was not yet ready for her life-soulmate but knew that she needed a temporary companion soon. Although she was only 15 it was imperative she left home after her astrological studies so as to focus on her life gifts and purpose. She was hoping to live somewhere in the mountains but also to return to England to help the people there.

She had a vision of a turf roof shack in Wales or Ireland and the summer spent in a hut near the crystal mountain. In this way she could retrieve her energies in summer and receive greater insights about the world and universe. In Wales or Ireland she could share her gifts with others and be in remote areas close to nature and to the elementals. That was her dream and as long as she monitored and kept editing her thought forms this would all happen. She hoped another astrology student or psychic master would partner her for a while and then she could live supported elsewhere away from her parents. They were happily getting on with their lives and did not need her any more. She would manage alone if she had a strong companion.

She would hire a server to help her with domestic concerns and one happy enough to accept her services in return. It would all work out well, she was sure of that. It was just a matter of finding the right companion for her and creating this new life. College term would finish in October and then she would return home to England reluctantly unless one of the natives were to let her have a hut for a while, but she would be unwilling and unable to look after herself adequately alone so that was not really an option right now. All these thoughts filled her young mind and the space around her when the projection button was pressed.

Angelina left the mountain school in October that year. She was a highly advanced astrologer and it was recognised that she would not need to study for the final year. She missed the mountain and the times she had spent with Ros. She realised though that he was not as advanced in his life purpose. She sought another who would look after her in the foothills of the Welsh black mountains. Agor spoke to her, her friend from planet Zion. He spoke the words she had heard many times over.

‘Dear Angelina, you have been searching for a while for your match, for the one who will take care of you, but it is us now who will look after you whilst you seek your life-soul mate. We will protect and care for you and will inhabit bodies of humans and we will live with you in the Welsh mountains for a while. However, watch out because many fraudulent ones will also claim to be us. So listen and tune in wisely and carefully and know when it is us.’ She had projected an image of them upon her father’s roof attic where the solar panels gleamed on the roof, out of date models and not highly effective. She understood they were from another generation and were not as used to technology as she.

The alien beings spoke once more. ‘We will give you a holiday in the Welsh Mountains and there you will find us and we can make arrangements then.’

Angelina wished that the holiday would come soon and wrote the words and images inside her mind. She projected these outwards onto the loft walls. There were communities of light in Wales and she wanted to stay at the one with the Great Giant Pyramid. Here she would find answers but she needed permission from her parent-carers to go.

On her 16th birthday her father told her he was sending her to the community of The Giant Pyramid as a birthday treat and they would let her stay there for one or two weeks. She was ecstatic with joy and went to pack her bags immediately. There would be new opportunities there for her she knew. The Black mountains would provide great power too. The community of the pyramid was a high place of light in itself and she would find many of her own kind there. She heard them whispering in her mind then, the beings from Zion. They were going to arrive shortly.

That morning her parents waved her off as she climbed on the family camel making her way to a new life. There were tracks made out for the ones who wished to travel by natural means and Angelina was much preferred animal transport. She had a strong connection with all animals and could talk to them easily. Nothing like this was unusual any more. There were the hover cars, high speed jets, solar bicycles, horses and wagons. There were many ways of travelling and in general one did not impose on any other. Pollution was no longer in existence and travel generally a pleasure.

Angelina rode stealthily towards a dim horizon of new beginning. She would meet her friends from Zion for the first time. Nothing would stop her now. She had refined her thought forms enough to make them really work for her and she knew she would be away for longer than 2 weeks. If she could manifest her thought forms like this for herself she help others do the same.

After 2 days and nights, spent camping at two communities of light along the way, she found her destination. A huge bright pyramid, the colour of pure gold gleamed against a rising golden red sun. It was here that she felt a pulse of connectivity she had not felt since being at the crystal mountain. She was already with her kindred spirits. This would be her new home and no other could compare.

At the giant pillars of the gate she was met by the guardians of the land. They greeted her with a giant OM sign and with palms against hers. ‘Welcome. We have been expecting you.’ they said in unison. The light was apparent everywhere. Everything seemed to gleam and glisten with a taste of purity and tranquillity. There were lions, tigers and giraffes all sharing the same field and not a tremor of aggression or territorial separation existed in any one being. They were united and so was every living being on this community. She had visited other communities of light, but this one was definitely of the highest vibration. She felt it in every cell of her body as soon as she stepped foot on the land. The angels and Ascended Masters resided here permanently, she was sure of that. She could see some of them, tending to people constantly.

The guardians asked her what her intention was as soon as she sat down on a tuft of grass with them. She told them she needed to meet with alien beings here from Zion and that she needed a companion to look after her so that she could leave her parents home and pursue her sacred life purpose as a healer, psychic and astrologer. ‘Then you have definitely come to the right place!’ the woman declared. She was dressed in a long violet robe with white head scarf. Her male co-worker was wearing the same head gear and wearing a long white and gold tunic.

They stood in a small circle together holding hands and raised their arms up to the light. ‘We welcome you Angelina to this community of light and may the great spirits of Angels and Archangels and your Zion friends guide and assist you in all ways. We shall make sure that a new home is provided for you here and the appropriate partner shall be found for you. Do you have anything else you wish to ask for?’
‘I am very happy to be here and I wish this to be my new home for summer time at least so that I can return also to the crystal mountain in winter time. I wish for the right companion to be with me to assist me with my life work and with practical day to day living. I thank you most gratefully for giving me this opportunity and for helping me to find this wonderful community at the perfect time.’

They hugged and embraced one another strongly as they all remembered previous incarnations together as the memories were activated by the light. The camel stood there looking mournful and left out so he was hugged and given a handful of grains and grass by the woman guardian. ‘We will take your camel to meet with the others where he can stay for a while. Does he need to be returned?’
‘Its our family camel. All is well. There is no need or hurry to return him. My parents do not use him so much. He is mainly mine now. Of course my parents went through the trials of 2012 and before that as the Earth was changing a lot in her energy systems and climate. They are not used to animals so much. They are not completely at home with the new ways of being. That is why I need to be here now. They were used to long harsh winters with snow and ice. They are not acclimatised yet to the desert conditions and the long hot summers we have now. It is all unfamiliar to them but I feel much more at home here already. Thank-you!’

It was just the beginning for Angelina on the newly formed GHAEN community of light. The golden pyramid gleamed out and she was definitely with her kindred spirits. The lions, pyramid, straw bale huts and solar astrology lab were perfect for her. She recognised the beings from Zion immediately. They were in human bodies but all had long golden blonde hair whether male or female. They had striking blue eyes and an energy of love and freedom. Bilbo was immediately the one she was most attracted to. They eventually fell in love and made a new home together.

Angelina wrote many books about astrology while staying on the community of light. She showed and taught people about the stars and how they affected people and the planet. She showed people her visions and demonstrated to others how thoughts could be edited, deleted and created to form new realities. Her own life itself was a prime example of how it could be done.

Angelina the star was born and through her many other stars too. The community of light called GHAEN really does exist and you may find it one day if that is what you wish! Many great things can happen there for you too in whatever way you find it and it finds you. Remember, it is your thoughts that will guide you there and create whatever existence you choose to have.