Sarea looked overhead at the flying hieroglyphics from the healing towers. She wanted to submerge herself in them, merge with the oneness, be the shapes and holographic images that appeared so infrequently now from the sky temples. She could do this here in the Love Zone, but they were segregated from the rest. She, who was called a ‘hippy-freak’, one of the weird ones, the ones who were not allowed in town any more. If spotted they were immediately shot with laser control guns. Sarea had already tried but it was impossible to get into town unless by some specific technique. They were dependant on growing their own non GM food here. They were co-dependant on one another in their tribe on the hills. They had placed the sky-spectrum instruments deep within their third eyes so they could see and feel as much as possible what was going on. But life on the Love Zones was not always easy. The others were too controlled to see what was really happening to them and the councillors had a grip on everyone now. She was only relieved that she’d been able to escape when she did, soon after 2012 along with all the other minority ‘hippy-freaks’. At least 5 Love-Zones had been set up in each region and they were keeping the planet alive. Though negative energies were so strong sometimes. They affected the weather, climate, animals, emotions, everything. It was hard to stay well during these times and most did not. Sensitivity flue was the most common ailment amongst them. The hieroglyphics took it away.

She felt the hieroglyphic symbols on her chest as they merged with her heart making it expand upwards and outwards. She felt the compassion and love rising in her kundalini energy. As the light grew stronger and more peaceful within her she sent out her healing ray to the councillors and people. Others from the zone joined her as they all merged with the 777 psychic energy. Numbers reigned forth from the healing temples penetrating their souls with new vibrant energies. This had only become possible at the dark moon now but it was enough to sustain them. It could only be done after midnight, otherwise it was potentially dangerous with the control lasers around. The pitch had been perfected so as to remain almost invisible to those who had lost their psychic centre. It was what kept them alive on the Love-Zones.

Sarea played with the hieroglyphics and numbers that floated above her. She laughed and hugged whoever was around, Sarea in her golden skin, awakened by a glowing fire and Giselle who bounced hieroglyphics around his head and onto hers. They played around the fire, under the trees and beneath the star light. This was the most joyous night of the month and would go on until dawn when all signs of activity would be hidden. Giselle laughed and stroked Sarea’s hair playfully. It was opening up his heart and dispelling away his shyness. Others were sitting by the pools looking at reflections of themselves and the hieroglyphics. There was dancing in the glen and blackberry juice drinking in the caves. Wreaths and banners were created in the arts tents and creativity took on a new energy. The symbols were cryptic and not consciously understood but when worked with gave great energy and potential for change.

The gong area was loud with the largest gongs and singing bowls playing at once, in tune with the symbols and numbers. Light, sound and visual images combined to create miraculous events on Earth, as they always did. Joy was in people’s hearts once again. And then it was morning time.

Some slept with the energies floating around them as they drank from streams and springs and were then lulled into deep sleeps by brooks and waterfalls. Hearing trickling water and gushing water in one’s sleep was said to be an antidote to depression and other negative emotional states. Those who were more vulnerable always slept outdoors in summer time by the streams and waterfalls. In winter they placed their solar tents in these areas and visualised the streams as warm red energy rushing through their veins and arteries. All came alive at this time. The hippy-freaks were the only ones on the planet who were sane and healthy but they had to get their energy to others otherwise the human race would die out. Working with energy was the only way to stay alive, especially when food was scarce.

Sarea slept deeply by a waterfall with Giselle then woke in the early morning to the sound of chaffinches and giraffes in the nearby wood. The animals had at last found them through the light waves. Animals were travelling across continents now in search of safe places to be. The people didn’t know how they were doing it or how they were not seen. In England they had crossed the channel and escaped in lorry loads on the way to slaughter houses. No-one knew how they were doing it. But the Hippy-freaks knew. Through sound waves and hieroglyphics they were creating new miracles whereby animals were able to become instantly invisible for long enough to escape at the right time. They were then guided to the Love-Zones. Other animals had been given extra abilities to survive the new world – zebras could fly across great distances. Elephants swam underwater for many miles. Species were evolving at a fast rate in order for them to survive and their intelligence grew rapidly to enable them to act quickly. This phenomena terrified the people. Animals were always drawn towards the Love-Zones and knew that they would be protected there. They were given invisibility shields by the Hippy-freaks so they could never be found by outsiders. In addition to this no-one who was not of the light could gain access to the Zones, simply through the power that was emitted here. They had tried but each person who attempted had become violently sick, paralysed or extremely weak so the Hippies had been left alone and considered devilish and unsafe to be around.

Sarea sat with her lemon and tofu soup and pondered on the day ahead. She loved to wake up with Giselle but they had not devoted themselves to one another yet. She had her own work to do but it was unclear to her what needed to be done today. She gazed at herself in the pool and watched the children playing behind her. She felt sad that so many in the outside world were suffering, so many deluded and so many completely controlled by the council that they had no life of their own. Some worked in factories making weapons or GM food. Others operated the supermarket tills from giant computer rooms. Some stayed at home looking after young children but even they were monitored constantly by cameras and then at the age of 5 all children had to be passed onto the residential council schools for global training. People didn’t realise they had no lives of their own any more.

Just then a rose bud fell onto Sarea’s head. She looked up suddenly but nothing was there. On her lap was placed a note from an angel, like a hologram yet very visible. She read it carefully, ‘Go into the outside world Sarea and make things change. We will protect and guide you and you will not be seen or harmed. The time is right for new happenings to occur. Go into the outer world and transform the energies. You will be given the tools you need which will enable new seeds to unfold. Go now our child for the time has come.’ Sarea had dreaded such a moment. She knew it was her destiny to work on such a project but why alone? Why not with others? The angels heard her thoughts and responded, ‘We, the angels of heaven give you dire warning dear child that to go alone will give you strength. Others will pull you back and be afraid. You are the strongest here and cannot be harmed. Others have not reached the spiritual strength that you have now. You must complete this task alone and do not mention this to others since their energies are still in fear. Go Sarea. Let this be your task for today!’ The words had appeared in the pool very strongly and she knew what she must do.

She played the largest gong around her aura and jumped into the cleansing bath of flower essences. She then placed the invisibility shield around her strongly in the form of a giant golden pyramid and prayed for strong protection. She asked all her guides and angels to accompany and guide her in her task as she was unsure what she was to do in the outside world. She took her wand, sound wave instrument and protective spray and made her way out of the Zone without anyone seeing. Giselle glanced her way as if feeling her energy but she looked away quickly and retracted herself instantly. She had not physically been into the outside world for 7 years now and that had been difficult.

She meandered towards the hidden cave where she needed to walk through an underground tunnel to gain access to the outer world. Here the stench of chemicals and factory fumes was hard on her lungs immediately. She reached inside her bag for a mask and carried on trekking through the parched debris of nature along the track. Most trees and plants had been burnt out by the over hot sun. There was a prevailing blackness everywhere together with dead animals lying under bushes and trees, scorched, burnt or otherwise poisoned by the air.

The outside world felt like it was crushing her spirit already, though that wasn’t possible in reality. She was protected. The harshness and disillusionment was like an iron bar coming down over her chest and compressing her air chamber, making it difficult to breathe. She noticed straight away that everyone had on their pollution masks and eyes were downward, looking at the ground so as not to make contact with others and breathe in germs or arouse suspicion. Screens were everywhere on the tracks and roads telling people to venture into the supermarket for reductions and food and to deposit money in banks. People’s eyes were on the screens or ground. The council were out in force making lines along the roads wearing gas masks and carrying their laser control guns. The dogs sniffed in her direction sensing her approaching, but she shot them with calming spray which mellowed them out immediately.

The supermarket shelves were decked with highly poisonous GM and chemical foods which smelt of chemical fallout dust. She sensed they were imbued with codes and subversive messages of control. Immediately she found herself retracting these messages into positive energies of love through number sequences and sound. Some people shivered or glanced suddenly at the shelves as if hit by a laser. She had started her work.

The next thing was to influence the minds of supermarket managers and the council. By subverting their minds and taking away the negative influences that had been controlling them for decades, she would start turning things around. She would need access to the temples in order to make this global but for now she could start here. As she began her work the more sensitive people started to suddenly collapse on the ground in-between the 20 foot supermarket shelves. Sirens went off immediately and guards rushed down. Any unusual disturbance caused the sirens to go off. Usually people got stuck in the elevators as they were taken up to view the top most shelves. Shopping had become the nightmare people used to say it was before 2012. Now it was such an arduous task searching through everything it was often a 6 hour job. People were given 12 foot square storage containers for their food items which were delivered automatically yet at extra cost. There was always the fear that food would run out though hard to believe when the shelves were always so full. Sarea realised that the fear was ingrained in the food to make people buy more. That way they were also seduced into believing they needed the storage containers. They deposited their money in the banks as they were told it was the only safe place but there was always a great cost involved. Sarea saw all this through her third eye and through the truth shield she carried.

She watched as people dropped down to the floor, elevators got stuck and computer check outs crashed. Guards and systems operators were filling the shop now and no-one knew what was wrong. She had altered the supermarket vibration. With every false message she saw stored in every food item she changed to the truth. She was able to do this through her golden ray. The supermarket was in chaos and she exited through the giant automatic glass doors laughing to herself. People didn’t know how to react or respond. They weren’t used to interacting with one another. They’d forgotten how to be themselves and how to love.

Next port of call was the library. Here she witnessed young children being fed information about banks, supermarkets, cleanliness and a state of control. The sections on Supermarket Heroes were the biggest here. They were all E-books of course, but whether they were cartoon stories about people being saved by the Supermarket Hero or in depth analysis about Supermarket economy they were all here in their multitudes. Of course there was only one giant supermarket chain now called The Supermarket which existed in every town. The sirens and influential laser beams were sent out every morning at 6 and throughout the day at 2 hourly periods in order to draw people in. It didn’t say that in the books. It said ‘High tech laser beams and sound sirens make The Supermarket the best in the world for bringing you up to date information on all our products to fulfil your daily needs.’ Sarea started influencing the words shown so that it read instead, ‘We are here to influence you and control your buying so that you spend as much time and money with us as possible. That way you will forget who you are and what your divine purpose is in life.’ Immediately the library siren went off and with a chuckle Sarea made her exit again but on her way out sent her own beam of light into the building to influence all knowledge and to show the truth.

As she turned back she spied the group of young children giggling too. They were the most in tune with their true selves and knew the truth had now been told. Things started to go wrong everywhere though in Sarea’s eyes it was all going to plan and going very ‘right’. Buildings were literally starting to collapse and tumble down. The very foundations of the town were crumbling. As more and more of the truth was laid bare to the people their own truth waves woke up and their inner minds decided to rebel and quell the system.

Uprisings had already begun. The angels and Sarea’s ray had really speeded up time at a dramatic rate. It all had to be done very fast now for the new energies to come into place. She telepathised with Griselle quickly and urgently. She believed she couldn’t possibly handle this level of turbulence alone. But he felt the goings on and felt terrified for Sarea, ‘Don’t tell anyone!’ the angels almost screamed at her, but in her fear of responsibility she called out for his help. She knew it was a mistake instantly. Her energies were weakening somehow. The force that had kept her stable, calm and energised was being pulled back by a great magnetic force. ‘Run for your life now Sarea and get out of town!’ the angels seemed to be calling her through a thick mist now but somehow she heard. Like walking in sticky treacle she made her way back through the crumbling town in search of proper air. She quickly took a breath from the spray in her bag and ran across the town terrain where laser guns were being fired in all directions. The crumbling of buildings was incredible. They had only been standing up on lies, deception and manipulation. Once the truth was revealed to the people their energies regained a new collective power. Even the councillors were randomly setting fire to themselves, crawling on the ground like insects or randomly firing at the buildings. No-one seemed to know what was happening. Sarea regained new strength and walked at a fast pace. She sent healing rays to the whole town as much as possible but it hurt her third eye now and she had no energy left.

‘Run to the temple on the 1st mountain Sarea!; the angels called to her. She ran and ran, breathless and panting. Her invisibility shield starting to shed its first skin so she was now appearing like a ghost or hologram. She merged herself quickly with the holographic adverts and hid herself when possible. Time was speeding up. All the time lost and anger and suppressed emotions of the people bellowed out like a mass scream.

She found herself in the dead zone, dead leaves of yesterday’s trees and yesterday’s life. She found herself near death and decay. The place where nothing could live any more for the parched chemical air had killed it all. But just beyond here was the golden temple and this was now the answer. ‘Just lies! You breed lies like rabbits!/ she bellowed out now on top of the dark tree zone, the place where no tree would ever flourish again and where a pile of animal and human remains and skeletons lay. She called out, ‘huh, you call us the freaks! What sort of freaks are you then, who can’t even keep your buildings in tack when there’s a slight energy change? Who are you to call us freaks? Who exactly are you? You are murderers, that is who you all are! Murderers of the human and animal races and more besides!l

The bright red sun had started to lower its raging head now as Sarea made her way upwards towards the mountain temple. The slimy feeling had left her and now the brighter energies of temple love gave her soothing and warmth all over her body. She started to feel well and alive again. She was greeted by Warrior boy Steel who escorted her the last trek of the way. The temple dwellers knew of her coming and had prepared the way for her. ‘Come!’ the priest beckoned her through the large oak and gold door. A feast had been prepared for her of walnuts, salad and turnips. ‘For restoring of energies’ she was told. She sat on a golden cushion and ate.

‘I want to know what will happen next?’ she asked the priest.
‘All in good time Sarea. Though you do not need to ask this question. The Earth is changing and you have laid the spark that has been much needed for decades, no centuries, but none have had the power or willingness to venture forth into the outer world to perform this task. You were given such a gift and task since you are more of the spirit than the others. I cannot go into town as I am more so than you and my job is to keep the temple alive. As you know I can never leave this place for any reason. But all shall change now. We will work together to send out rays of light and invisible numbers and hieroglyphics so that it shall never be the same again. If you agree, you may become my apprentice and assistant. In that way we will work together to create global harmony. Do you agree or would you like to accompany me to the healing chamber for more clarity on this position?’
Sarea looked at him with mournful eyes. ‘I so want to help the Earth, our priest, but will I ever be able to return to the Love Zone and be with Griselle?’ The priest laughed.
‘You will indeed be with Griselle at the perfect time. We will send him regular telepathic messages and your love energy will help him thrive. Though you will need to commit to working alongside me now till the next dark moon which is in 3 weeks time. During this period you must not venture out of the temple and you must not spend long periods with thoughts of Giselle or in idle mental wanderings. This time is sacred and the work crucial to change the Earth’s history and current time schedule. You saw how much time speeded up suddenly. This is just the beginning. Tell me what you desire most and I shall ensure that this is manifest for you. In return you will be dedicated to this work for 3 weeks as a preliminary. For now, I will escort you to the healing chambers and you may contemplate this mission.’

Sarea spent the whole night in contemplation with herself and felt betrayed by her own longings for Giselle and for mundane things such as raw chocolate blocks and waterfall swims back at the Love Zone. Here her food and drink and everything necessary for her survival would be provided for yet the task would be an immense one. She had never committed to such a responsibility in her life before and it scared her. But she would not be defeated. She would not let this opportunity go. She wanted to help change the course of the planet’s history forever. Her decision was made by dawn and she prepared herself for the bathing, embalming and dedication to the mission. The priest was in a state of great joy and smiled knowingly at her once she made her decision openly.

‘Great angels in the kingdom of heaven, hear our words of committal and make it known to us what we must do together her until the next new moon. Be our guides and protectors always and deliver us from our cravings and base needs so our work may be of the utmost quality.’ The red cloth was placed over the alter with gold and amethyst crystals laid upon it. The bright light of an eastern sun entered through the crystal glass and shone the number 7 upon the stone floor. They clasped hands together and made their pledges known to the Archangels and Great Masters above. Prayers were said and gold laid down beneath their feet and the golden pyramids placed above them. This was just the start of great great work. For the priest and priestess were about the change the course of the Earth’s history forever and fight for the survival of the human, animal and plant kingdoms equally. It was a fight of the light and light will always win in the end. Though Sarea feared her job even so and the great priest insisted that it would continue beyond the next dark moon if the mission had not been completed in its entirety.

And that is how the Earth started to spin westwards into a new galaxy and how the people had no choice now but to change, for the spinning of the Earth on her axis got stronger and stronger until it spun in a completely new direction. And Sarea never returned to her Love-Zones and neither did she wish to. Her love for Griselle remained yet she knew her work must come first now and he was not of this ilk yet. She became the high priestess and her work was done. They did not marry or make love for this is not the work of priests and priestesses. Instead they made many pacts to change the world. And like a great computer tower they operated the world from the temple and the world was never the same again.