I knew it was summer when all the leaves on the trees were green and the my aubergines, tomatoes, lilies and hyacinths were ripe and golden like a butterfly coming into its full season. I had even watched as the chrysalis lying hidden under a giant leaf, expanded outwards then the tiny moth had appeared quite unexpectedly. I hadn’t seen such a thing before – maybe they remain hidden in the undergrowth away from all suspecting eyes. Oh well, at least spring and summer was still happening, though summer was from March till October now and spring from February to March and winter was about 25th December to 25th January or thereabouts. That’s what I had worked out anyhow.

It was all changing, but somehow now changing for the better. I could not believe it when they had started taking down the phone masts last year. The first one made headline news, then the second and third were mighty shocks. People even tried erecting their own in case they lost contact with their loved ones forever. I had forgotten how to use any other device myself. We used them for photos, messages, conversations, drawings, video conferences, virtual meetings, films, youtube, Internet, research – yes, everything! Now they were pulling the things down and there would literally be nothing left. People were in outcries in the streets demanding them back or a replacement system. That was the extraordinary thing, that they had not been replaced by any alternative system. We expected some radio wave would help, but no, nothing.

The most extraordinary thing was that the environmental health authorities had demanded the closing down of every mobile phone and Tetra phone mast in the country, next it would be the world. But the UK was insistent that the health risks had become so severe that we would not even have a surviving population if they did not go. And even this did not deter the seemingly idiotic rioters, even if we were all perturbed by it all. But, my main surprise was that the environmental health board would actually do something that was healthy! We had gone through the dark days when herbs and herbal medicine were banned. We had gone through the dark days of bird and swine flue scares. We had been poisoned by the vaccinations. We had suffered through lack of alternative remedies and when people were literally dying in the streets, collapsing and dying under the strain of it all.

But when they pulled the masts down, that was a huge story. Were they really listening now? Had the real message got through? The phone companies and anyone in that industry were outraged. I had given up my smart-phone long ago in favour even of email or some other form of real communication, but the majority hadn’t.

The casualties arriving in hospitals everywhere were nothing like anyone had ever been seen before. It took some years before the connection was made. But the green skins, paleness, growths on people’s faces, brain tumours escalating in huge numbers and general malaise. It was pretty frightening at the time. Young people got it the worst – they’d grown up with it all their lives, most from the age of about 3. The memory loss, speech impairments, visual distortions, inability to spell and pronounce words properly, headaches, dizziness. They even called it ‘mast syndrome’ eventually, actually acknowledging the connection.

But when they pulled the last one down and all communication systems went mad for a while it seemed catastrophic. People were in absolute uproar. They charged through the streets looting, setting fire to everything in sight; there was nationwide chaos. People started charging into the streets calling out to people, crying, shouting, screaming. The ‘mobile phone comforter’ had just gone overnight, though there had been warnings for months. Some people just didn’t believe it would ever happen. Some were trying to invent some new system but none had been made yet. People were getting out their old radios, walkie talkies and whatever they could make use of. Some worked but not much.

I didn’t care myself! I’d had enough of the constant headaches, general feeling of malaise and weakness in my body. I wanted to get away from the things but there was nowhere to go. Wi-fi was everywhere too. There was not a single quiet spot anywhere any more. You could buy the wi-fi shields and body masks and many did – but they were hot in summer and uncomfortable to wear. By the time you’d put on your pollution mask, wi-fi shield and portable contamination shower together with anything else you had it was just plain uncomfortable. Of course many people didn’t bother, and many didn’t survive. They just didn’t realise how severe it all was. But I was diligent and wore my protection every time I left my home, which wasn’t often in that period. I had bought the wi-fi and pollution shield for the house and that kept me as safe as I could be so it was better to stay in and run my affairs from there on my wall screen computer.

Anyway, those were the days of absolute turbulence. People had breakdowns, both physical and mental, when the mobile phones stopped working. It was havoc everywhere and somehow people had to make contact another way. They stayed at home making long landline calls which most found irritating and long winded. People’s feelings of loneliness, separation, longings and needs came out to the full. New therapies were born and everyone was seeking a healer or counsellor. People met in secret groups for different causes or concerns. New therapy groups emerged. People felt the need to go into the countryside more. ‘Unity’ essence became a necessity for everyone. They couldn’t get enough of it produced. GHAEN had become huge! Everyone wanted and needed to connect to everyone all the time it seemed. There were hugging groups, healing groups, ‘healing the past’ groups, tree hugging expeditions, animal connection groups and ‘zone out angel’ groups. That was a time of mass need – it was no longer physical, but deeply emotional.

I’m 104 now and I’ve seen it all in this century, especially since 2012. They just had no idea what was coming. They dismissed the warnings, the talks, the global upheaval, the Earth catastrophes and mass health concerns. They dismissed the animal attacks, brain tumours, bee disappearance, lack of oxygen in the atmosphere and tidal waves. They just wouldn’t listen to the signs. They pretended it was all to do with something else. And then the masts came down at a time when there was no longer a choice. And people still complained!

Now, of course it’s a very different story. It took years, not months. People would be urgently trying to meet up with one another and realised they could no longer pick up a phone and dial or text. The words ‘I’m on the train’ were no longer heard. People had forgotten how they managed to do it before mobiles were invented. They fumbled about, not meeting people in time, forgetting to make arrangements in advance or getting lost and confused. True feelings were really emerging now: fear, loneliness, confusion, panic, frustration and irritation. Panic attacks were rife. Those who had suffered with mental health problems for years became the teachers in this new world. They were brought in to lead groups on how to overcome feelings of isolation; how to deal with panic attacks, claustrophobia, agoraphobia and addictive habits. Suddenly those with any form of disability were revered and looked upon as great sages and gurus as they had learnt to live with great hardships already. Now everyone was feeling disabled in some way. The crutches of a mobile phone had been taken away.

That’s when the psychics emerged and arranged to give telepathy and psychic skills lessons. People were wary at first, then flocked in huge hoards. It became the new trend and the media latched onto it pretty fast. People were learning how to connect on a deeper level with one another the ‘How r u?’ syndrome became the ‘How are you feeling today? Do you feel loved?’ and the answer would be real, ‘I feel in pain. I still miss my mother. I feel alone. I feel angry.’ This was in place of the ‘I’m cool, yeah!’ A whole new ethos was emerging and people were inspired. It took plenty of practice and people didn’t get it right immediately. With the removal of the masts and other electrical interferences later on, the psychic channels were more able to work. The air was clearer by now and especially the psychic airwaves.

The addiction cleansing process was another area of great upheaval. The psychic classes were only open to those with proof of non-toxification through drugs of any kind: alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, crack cocaine, cannabis – all of these and others were not allowed if one was to become a psychic channel. And people’s motivation in the area of psychic development made it so much easier for them give up. But healers again, were in great demand and it was not easy initially.

The government had to review its allowing of toxic substances into the country. Laws on all toxic substances were looked at with increasing scrutiny. And eventually it was all banned of course. But that was another few years.

My goodness, I’m rambling on! But I remember it all. I have seen so much change it is incredible. I just hope it continues in this vein because the new creatures are emerging from their cocoons every day now – and that includes the human race. I know we’re all accelerating in our psychic-spiritual growth at an enormous rate now so all else changes automatically. But I remember the days when us psychics were hidden away in little back street rooms, unable to attract a single customer. I remember the days when we were seen as mad, eccentric and plain stupid. I remember the days when our advice was not universally sought though we could see into the future and well into the distant past. We tried to warn people but our words were most often not heard. The media out-did us and their stories believed, but I will not go into that now.

I am here to tell this story so that we may learn for future days and days beyond that and days beyond that. I put my pen to paper here as an old sage would, just a memory really of times gone and maybe forgotten, because every tiny fluttering of a butterfly’s wing has an effect on us all. And finally we believed and made sense of that fact, that we are all one, we are connected to every life form on this planet. So finally we live in harmony with one another; not just with fellow humans but with the plant and animal life too. But we must never forget this divine fact, because reversals are always possible and we must not let this happen on this beautiful planet ever again!

Thank-you for reading!

Isabella Moon Child