There is a town somewhere on the peninsula where they have banned those hover toys. When that boy struck one right into my left ear and I had to go to emergency bay I was really pissed off with the whole gadget thing, especially the hover toys. I don’t know why they allowed it in the first place. I got struck by one or two before, but never as hard as this one. It let out a gush of blood right from my artery and it took some time to get over the shock. Ok, so there’s enough technology to mend arteries on the bays now but that’s no excuse. The doctor shot a laser beam at my neck and it started healing immediately. But still, that’s no reason for letting these toys still exist. They think they can neglect almost all health and safety regs now since hospital bays are so convenient and everything is so easily fixed and mended. That’s where they are coming from nowadays. Any minor injury is cured within minutes or even seconds with our portable laser torches, and anything major is fixed in the bays. But, hey, come on, it’s not pleasant walking around in such an environment. I hate it when I’ve got flying saucers swooping over my head every 5 minutes and laser dolls fighting each other in the air space right outside my house window. I can’t believe it. It’s like there’s some war zone going on all the time. Ok, it’s just toys now, and they say its more productive cos kids play fight and don’t want to join the army any more. Not that there is an army. They see it as healthy self expression. They see it as a way for kids to grow up using high forms of technology. Well, I’m really not into it and I’m planning to complain. Just because my artery puncture can be fixed in minutes, it doesn’t mean to say that I like having it punctured. I really have to make a stand against these destructive toys before they really get a grip on us. The kids have just taken over, and half the time its the adults who just want to play hover games themselves. Kids don’t want to harm anyone, they just want to play games.

Anyway I was just walking along Boulevard Avenue when the usual tyrant of hover bombs came shooting across the sky with a hoard of kids yelling and screaming as they watched another hover plane explode and a plastic doll fall out of another. I just couldn’t understand why they still play these war games. Wars have stopped now so lets just forget about them altogether. But the authorities think that if the games stop the real wars will start again, and they’re fixed on that point of view.

I was armed with my petition to take to court. Not that they were going to hear me yet. But I was presenting my case with a few pages of supporters too. They were going to listen to me whether they liked it or not. They were going to give me space for one hour sometime next week. That’s what they’d said.

(STORYLINE: the laser beams which create healing for injuries can eventually be used for healing games instead of fighting games. Kids still need to express their aggression in a positive way in a healing way. So there is another games invented which does not cause any danger or harm to others. Ground level fights and arguments between puppets. Solution cards or press button on a screen to suggest solution to an argument. Kids make up the game themselves – the solutions. At the end of each game there is a doctor who fixes everything and makes it all right. There is the happy laser beam which brings a good feeling to the body but everyone receives this at the end of every game. Everyone has to say what they have learnt at the end of each game in terms of real situations.)

The sky was blue, sun a golden ball drifting in the sky above all the hover toys, though it is school time and not so many around now. It was better. Today there was a dragon breathing real fire just above my head, a few metres up from my head, but even so, it could drop. There was a hover house on fire which the dragon had obviously shot with its fiery tongue. Below that there was a well of water floating towards the house, and I sincerely hoped that wouldn’t tip up and spill onto my head. People just laughed most of the time and thought it amusing, but really it wasn’t. Hover toys were really the craze and nothing, it seemed, would stop them – except of course my petition!

The court was buzzing with people. I saw all the secret butchers going in. They were marked now so you couldn’t miss them. Large holograms of dead carcasses were stamped across all their heads. That was quite amusing. How dare they even contemplate killing live animals for their dirty underground trades! Next were the magistrates who entered willingly, in their bowler hats and scarves.

The lion tamers and circus acts were next, all trudging along with their illegal practices. There were dwarfs and people who posed as the police. All sorts of secret trades were still going on so it seemed but that was the predominant crime these days. I guess there used to be murderers and thieves but they just didn’t really exist these days. The healing centres were enough to cure those problems, just about.

The gates unlocked and we all rushed in. Soldiers and saints, runners and losers, lost ones, crying ones and those who didn’t know what they were doing in reality. I took myself off into the central hallway and was immediately approached by a tall slim man. ‘Do you have a petition, cause, request or new law to present to the courts?’ I told him I had a petition but if it wasn’t successful I would precede to writing a new law. He took me into a small office where I gave him my petition. It contained a list of several hundred people who had received severe injuries as a result of the games and who wanted them stopped. It had taken me a few months to collate but I had my evidence. He glanced at it with obvious interest and curiosity. He stamped it with a laser torch and looked at me briefly. ‘I will present this to court this morning and a decision will be sent to you by tomorrow. You will be informed if the case may be taken any further. Thank-you. That is all for now.’ It was brief and to the point but I was making headway. At least they listened to requests now. Of course hundreds of petitions were presented every week in every township. Some were dismissed. Others were presented to other agencies. Only a few made it into the new law section and taken very seriously. Others could be dealt with in a different way.

I slotted my card into the machine on his table then walked out. ‘Goodbye and thank-you!’ I said grateful that someone was listening. I sincerely wished not to be knocked out by any further flying objects today. I felt that there was little concern about the emotional shock of having one of these contraptions suddenly hit you on the face or head. It was all about a quick fix afterwards at the emergency bays and the excitement value of it all. Some people even seemed excited on a daily basis by the very concept of being involved in the game by just walking down the street and possibly being hit by water, snow, fire, mini-bombs or something worse! I watched now as a young boy, about 10 or 11, was being helped by his mother to get his contraption off the ground. It was a huge plane but he obviously couldn’t suss out the radar system. She was keying in some numbers on the screen and showing him something. If that boy wasn’t stable enough he could end up creating bombs or jet flyers that shot lethal lasers at the whole world. That was the reality of these games. And thank goodness this boy hadn’t got to grips with the technology yet.

I was relieved to walk through my conveyor belt door and snuggle down indoors. I ordered a platter of vegan sausages, sprouted beans, sauerkraut and rice from my order box and it arrived through the chute immediately. I was so glad not to have to cook or wash up like they used to. I took my remote and let the food box fly in my direction. Now, there was a positive use of aerial travel and hover mechanics. I didn’t see anything wrong in ordering my food from the vegan depot and zooming it over to me by hover ray. I wasn’t doing anyone any harm. Sometimes it went wrong but very rarely. If the remote broke or was malfunctioning in any way the box may slip and fall suddenly. That was all. There was not a single living being here except me so all it could do was mess up the floor or my clothes. Nothing like that had ever happened. I slid onto my belly chair and did a few exercises before eating. I put the purified water tap on and drank a clear glass of water from the nearby spring. Now I was ready to eat and it tasted good.

I plugged my screen into the wall socket and made a video announcement about my petition on newyoutube. I hoped more people would come forward and say how wrong these hover toys were. There was one shooting past the window now – some air balloon with a whole Royal Family on board. It all seemed so historic and unnecessary really. Sometimes I felt like destroying these toys. They looked innocent enough but they were overtaking the air waves of the whole township and they were lethal. Kids and adults were too hooked on them to notice the dangers, that was the problem.

I stared at the house tubes, there were too many to mention now, pink ones, blue ones, purple ones, all running all around the house. They kept it clean and fresh and purified the air. All these inventions were practical and safe. Yet these hover toys were the one exception to all that. Maybe some of the positive points of other gadgets and inventions could be incorporated into the toys to make them novel and interesting yet safe and unobtrusive to others. I really set my mind to thinking about these things.

I went to bed that night with new thoughts in my head and asked God and my angel companions to help me discover new ideas in the night to carry my ideas forward into a positive new reality. I engaged with the inspiration lights too and had them pointing towards my head and third eye as I slept. I dreamed many dreams, too many to mention.

When I awoke at 5 the next day I wrote down my dreams and thoughts as soon as my head was lifted. I took the keyboard to my wall screen and scribed it all down.


I scribbled down further notes and it was all looking good. I could really envisage these toys and the positive function they could have on both the kids and adults, with no adverse effects.

My real brainwave was to ask the healing centre if they would consider having a games room for ground level toys so that these games and toys would have a strong healing element. I wondered if maybe the hover technology could be used but in a safer way.

I had further ideas which I wrote on my hand pad as I ordered fresh dandelion tea and herb biscuits with nut pate from my central tube-box. If kids could play with giant puppets which sometimes fought and argued with one another then the key to the game would be to find resolutions to these fights. The lasers used for healing wounds could also be applied to give a feel good factor when the kids had finished the game. In this way the lasers would heal emotional wounds. But this kind of laser would need to be created first. It really was all coming together now and I was excited by my idea.

The air seemed a bit cooler today. I checked the time. Healing centres would be open and I could take a look and try talking to someone about my proposal.

Kids were rushing off to school with their blooming hover buses and trains which nearly drove over my head. I guess it would take quite a considerable change of energy for them to give up all these toys. There were always crashes but it was like those old fairground rides, the dodgem cars – everyone loved a crash! There was a bus and 6 cars which all collided together just in front of my head now. The tiny explosions were followed by the usual jeers and kids rushing to collect the broken remnants. Then mum would go out and buy them a new one.

What would they do about the Hover Toy lessons though? It was such a large part of our culture now I couldn’t see how it would all stop. I’d have to talk to the schools too. I couldn’t actually see what was so educational about them anyway. Ok, they were learning about hover technology and some history but that was all really.

I clambered over the rails to the healing centre. They were serving raw chocolate drinks and waffles and brewing up the hundreds of different herbal teas and remedy juices. The smells were quite inviting and I realised I hadn’t been here for so long. The giant glass doors opened as I approached and I was welcomed by Harry Stewart and Esme Corriander, the resident welcomers. ‘Hey Solarius we haven’t seen you for ages. What brings you here this fine morning?’
‘I’d like to talk to someone about a proposal I have if I may.’ Esme took my hand and sent warm healing energy which I felt all the way down my spine and to the top of my head. ‘We’ve been expecting you. Please enter and we will take you to Jonathon goodman who will see to you.’

The scents and ambiance of the whole place was immediately so soothing and warm I felt I could stay here all day. I didn’t know why I hadn’t been here more often. I’d been too involved with my campaign, my agitation with the hover toys and my miserable spirit. But that’s probably the best time to be here. There were red faced people coming out of the sauna and massage rooms with muslin cloths wrapped round them. There were yoga and chi gong classes going on behind other glass doors. Hundreds of people seemed to be chanting Sanskrit in the chanting rooms and loud gongs and Tibetan bowls and bells were ringing out. I immediately felt better. It seemed such a different world to the one outside!

Jonathon Goodman approached me. I recognised him immediately. ‘Hey Solarius, where have you been for months? Its good to see you back again, but I realise you have something urgent to discuss. Shall we go inside the smoke room?’ The smoke room was full of a healing mist which contained patchouli and lemongrass essential oils for upliftment and warmth. It was gorgeous. ‘I wish I’d been here a lot more Jonathon. I’ve just been so much into the campaign I’m going to tell you about.’ He nodded silently and offered me a lemon raw chocolate. It immediately perked me up and gave me energy on all levels. ‘High potency Solarius. The idea is to make maximum use of your time in this capsule so as to highlight what your mission is here today!’

I told him about my campaign and the idea of creating a games room for the toys which could be made to be at ground level or used in a safe way. He immediately loved it. ‘I love it!’ he declared. ‘We need to find more healing activities specifically for kids and this is a great idea. We don’t like the hover toys either. We just avoid them here as they’re not allowed anywhere near the premises. I’ll sign you a letter and you can take it to the courts. We have one spare activity room which could be used. So you do the rest, but I give my permission for healing games to happen here.’ He lifted me up energetically and I felt ready to leave already. ‘Do you want a massage before you go or some warm up exercises.’ I hesitated.
‘I’ll be back tomorrow morning. I’ve got things to do now. Thank-you!’
‘Then make sure you do return Solarius! Good to see ya”

I left feeling a lighter air altogether. We were going to get rid of these blooming hover toys for good and I was feeling like it was all possible now. My next trip was to the courts. I grabbed a passing chilli cocktail noodle mix from a wagon then took my hand pad and notes with me to the court. It was all going to change now. It had to.

At the courts there was a notice outside, ‘New Law Courts Extension. Wait until further notice while work is carried out.’ How annoying. I would have to wait and return tomorrow maybe. I decided to enquire inside. There was an elderly court woman standing at the welcome kiosk. ‘What’s happening here?’ I asked.
‘There’s too many new laws coming in m’dear and we are having to make some extensive alterations in the way we deal with the influx. If you return tomorrow some of this should be sorted and we can see you then.’ It was good to hear that things were moving on so rapidly in the world of law but also disconcerting that so many people were unhappy with the way things were. However the courts were accommodating all this. Not a bad thing.

I waited and waited. I looked over my notes and sat in the gardens to rearrange them into a cohesive law. Having more time to work on it wasn’t a bad thing after all. I decided that there could be some hover toys, ones which did not give off bombs or fire or water or any other leakage or jet of anything. Perhaps safe soft ones would be acceptable in allocated areas – play areas, not main pedestrian walkways. We needed to have these toys enclosed in specific areas and not bombarding us wherever we went. We also needed new healing toys on ground level which may have the capacity to hover but that would not be the main purpose of them. The law I created had to be reasonable and practical to implement. Otherwise it would not be accepted. It was lovely to hear the birds singing to me and the breeze wafting through the sycamore leaves. It was a beautiful aroma from the lemon blossom and pine leaves. I loved coming to the gardens and realised I should do this more often. Toys weren’t allowed in here. These were the peace gardens.

I wrote all this on my pad then ambled back home for some chilli pancakes and lemon cake. I had them in my cold store so just needed to heat them over the grill. I thought it fun being a law maker. You had to qualify first, show to be willing to look at all angles of a situation. I realised my anger and frustration with the toys had over ridden my logic a little so it was a relief that I was forced to re-think my new law now. Since they invented the cards and the work options it was all so much easier: no regular hours, work from home or wherever you liked, use your own skills and creativity and with no boss. And then the cards mean you have unlimited access to anything just about: healing, food, transport. As long as you have an official task and report in every week your card stays valid. That was the best law brought in 15 years ago now. In fact that was what inspired me to become a Law Maker. It was such a relief to everyone when the money was faded out, but then they all went a bit mad at first. But I guess laws need a bit of working on at first. I was discovering that myself.

The dawn sun came and went. I slept well and wanted pineapple juice and lemon sorbet for breakfast. I meditated on my cushion in the moonbathing glass room. It was almost the full moon and I’d invited a few friends round for a moonbathing ritual. I would focus on my new law all night so that it really happened. Most of my rituals worked, but I had learnt more about rituals now and how to make them create new realities. There were specific techniques involved.

I packed up my bag with notepad screen in hand and ambled down to the courts as early as possible. There were a few people waiting outside. All looking at their pads and waiting for the giant glass doors to open. Some were sitting by the pools washing their faces in the pure spring water, others were juggling or walking on stilts. A few younger people were doing cartwheels and other acrobatics. I sat in the lotus position under the burning hot sun. Within minutes the doors opened. I gasped and drank in the fresh air from the nearby mountains and visualised this law becoming accepted into our society.

My interview-chat went well. We talked a little about the law and the potential for it to become a reality. I was questioned over every detail until my interviewer was satisfied enough. She was a tall slim woman in her early twenties, quite advanced in many ways. She read my mind, I could feel it. She knew I was genuine. That’s why they wanted the younger people in these positions. They were astute and usually had very well developed psychic and spiritual abilities. That’s why the young ones knew precisely whether a law was possible and of benefit to society. But it still had to be brought before the new law courts.

I waited 2 weeks for the result. But each day I went up to my moonbathing chamber and prayed, chanted and meditated. I performed several rituals and used my third eye to contact the courts. They were in favour of my law, I could feel it. The news came on the Friday morning. They were happy with the new law and would start implementing it immediately. I was so happy, I invited all my friends round to celebrate.

I will never be hit by another blooming hover toy again now. But not only that, the new healing toys and games rooms will be set up in all healing centres globally. It was all fantastic news. It gave me hope for my career as a Law Maker now and I was going to investigate further and see what other laws I could create!