We are the new butchers. We butcher away what has gone before. We have been given this entitlement by the higher government. With the new expansive energies of 2012 we were given the knowledge to build our sonic laser beams of light. We are able to vanish away negativity on Earth under the right conditions. We started with butchers. We started with the meat trade. We began by zooming in on all Earthly practices which reduced animals to meat parcels consumed without consciousness on dining tables. They didn’t realise how much they would be put to test following the laser attacks. We wanted them to see exactly what they were doing. They had to taste their own medicine.

The boy approached the parade of shops tentatively. He’d bought a slab of meat the day before at the butchers or pet shop, he wasn’t sure which one it was. It was no ordinary piece of meat. It was in the shape of his cat which had got run over the week before. He didn’t know why he’d bought it and why he ate it. He was hungry and his mother had asked him to buy something different for the harvest supper. He’d gorged on the cat’s tail as if it was a normal sausage. But then, what was a ‘normal sausage’? He wasn’t sure, just something you bought in packets at the supermarket. The Euro-tunnel markets had been selling all kinds of sausages, not at all normal. Yet nothing had affected him as much as eating that dead cat. He’d puked in the night, yes, but this was worse, not even like an every day hangover. It wasn’t so much the taste of the meat but the hallucinations he’d been having. Dead cats hung up like turkeys at Christmas time, Cats squealing and meowing in such pain as they were hoarded into trucks and taken to some horrific place. He saw himself spying through a concrete hole and the cats and kittens being lined up and having their throats slit. He couldn’t get the image out of his mind. Now, he was returning to that strange butchers without even knowing why. His hands were scrunched up in his pockets like a naughty school boy trying to hide something. It was his memories he was trying to hide.

He looked at the strung up cats and monkeys in that weird butchers shop, their eyes glazed and forlorn, unmoved since the day they were slaughtered. He found his eyes staring straight into theirs and tears began dropping down his frozen cheeks. It would be Christmas soon, turkeys next on the agenda. They didn’t seem to sell turkeys here, nothing traditional like that. He heaved heavily from deep inside his gut. A strange globule of energy rose up inside him like an alien trying to get out. He stood right outside the butcher’s window and wretched. He found himself banging fiercely on the window pane scratching at the glass with his long fingernails, making two of them drop off. He banged harder on the glass crying out in pain. ‘Why are you doing this? What are you doing?’

It set the street alarms off. Two police in balaclavas came running onto the scene and hurled the boy into the back of the van. He was pushed against the hard steel of the hurtling van and tied up with steel ropes. This was an every day occurrence.

We heard his shrieks and yells. We picked his fingernails off the pavement and put them in our butcher’s museum exhibit. The sirens went off and we knew where he’d be spending his days now. ‘The Morgue’ they called it on the streets. Any outrageous behaviour was immediately stopped by sending them to The Morgue. That’s where they waited to die. Nothing out of the ordinary was allowed to happen these days. But we made out we were just normal butchers doing a different kind of business and somehow we got away with it – almost. It wasn’t our intention to see innocent humans locked up. The plan wasn’t well enough established yet. We felt sorry for the boy and wanted to get him out.

We generally put pictures of half-human heads, monkeys, cats and tigers in our butcher shop in place of the usual slabs of meat that look nothing like the original farm animals. We took old buildings next to each other and set up a pet shop adjoining our fake butchers. We had cats and dogs in the butchers and meat in the pet shops. But the meat wasn’t really meat, it was some soya substitute. The authorities took it as a novelty butchers and pet shop at first and were only too pleased to attract additional tourism to the town from our grotesque exhibits. What fun we had creating the very stuff they do to dead animal carcasses. When someone asked for a pet cat we would bring out a slab of meat in the shape of a cat, then surreptitiously laser beams would shoot energetic light at the unsuspecting customer and they would be gradually brought into a new way of thinking about meat. They would look disgusted at first. Some fainted there on the spot. Others ran out in terror. We saved them and ourselves with the lasers. The laser light magnetized people towards the shop. The shock and beams of light put them off meat for life. But it didn’t always work. We got reported to the authorities more than once yet the lasers soon rectified that. We would show them the small print and it all added up. Corrupt sales tactics were in force everywhere and the authorities encouraged it. It created tourism and economic growth.

Most of our customers couldn’t take it any more. They would initially try a chicken burger or cow’s eye, then complain of stomach upsets, severe flue like symptoms or puking up continually. Their bodies had been adapted by the light to reject any form of animal product. And that’s how we did our work. Others took their anger out on us and that was the worst part of it.

I went to the doctor’s you see, cos I’d been puking up a lot, but he said there’d been a lot of that kind of thing lately. They suspected food poisoning. Health inspectors were round everywhere trying to find out where it was coming from. I said, ‘maybe its that strange butcher’s on the corner. I never tasted meat like that before. Made me puke straight afterwards. And the head looked strangely like my old dog who’d been put down the week before. That was the most chilling thing about it. I wondered if they were taking dogs out of the vets and cutting them up.’ The doctor thought it absurd or I was mad. Not sure. He suggested I may have been hallucinating and gave me something for that. But the next week in the local Herald and Post they said a thorough investigation was going out on that butcher’s and the vets practice in the same street. Funny that, how they say you’re hallucinating, then exactly what you’ve suspected comes out in the local rag!

The doorbell rang. Not the norm of course in this line of business. People usually just enter and give you their order. Not this time. Health inspectors. ‘Any licence to run your business here?’ He said it in such a bland and obvious way. All dressed up in white coats, masks and net hatting. ‘Of course’ I lied.
‘Can we see your certificate?’ I nudged Brad to go into the back office. Brad was good at knocking things up quickly and professionally. ‘Perhaps you’d like to have a look around first. ‘Brad, can you get out the licence please.’ I called in a boss like manner. ‘We don’t need to see a lot. Show us your freezers.’

I took this white uniformed man into the freezer area where we had our stocks of soya and tofu shaped carcases. They were more like sculptures or museum pieces than slabs of meat. The man gasped, ‘What the….’ I caught Fran as she came back from her lunch break. ‘Get the lasers quickly!’ The freezer was oozing with horrific like corpses, blood stained human heads and cats screaming. It was all fake. Fran’s boyfriend had designed them and Bill was the sculptor. The man started to jangle something in his pockets as sweat was oozing out of his forehead, his eyes glazed. He looked like he might pass out and I hoped he would. ‘You’re a bunch of bloody murderers! I’m arresting you under false business, possible murder and treason.’ Fran marched in with laser gun pointing directly at the hygiene inspector’s head. She shot a beam at him immediately. ‘They’re all bloody murderers mister inspector! What do you think butchers do? They cut up dead bodies. They cut up bloody bodies that some other murderer has slaughtered. Do you think its ok to kill a cow but not a cat or human? Do cows, lambs, pigs, ducks, chickens and turkeys come lower in rank than everyone else on the planet? Then go out and kill a chicken yourself. Make your own burger and see how you feel then!’

The laser was making him woozy and unsteady. His eyesight was obviously going blurred. But he’d pressed his pocket alarm already. The cops were at the door. ‘You’re all under arrest! Get in the van or we will have to use force!’ Fran shot them with lasers. ‘What have we done? We’ve done nothing wrong. See our wares if you like. Its all bloody soya. Go on, taste it. What crime are we committing? What exactly have we done wrong?’ There was a struggle, a commotion. The cops were trying to catch us out. ‘That’s fake butchery. We want to see butchers selling real meat, not soya products. You are going against the 2012 trading standards act. That is a criminal offence and warrants arrest. There are serious consequences for your fake trade. What is this anyway, a pet shop or butchers? We will have both your shops closed down.’

The meat eating cop stood there thinking he knew it all. Fran stabbed him hard with the laser. That doesn’t mean a real stabbing. It means raising the level up to 8 or 9 which is a strong dose. Its given to us by the higher government. They give us whatever strength we ask for. The white netted hygiene man was lying on the floor covered with a blanket. We don’t kill people. We just want them to stop eating meat. The other cop came in and smashed up the laser. Too bad, we have hundreds of them. We expected this kind of thing. We have mini-ones, large pointed ones and huge cannon like guns. Most are locked away.

Brad pressed the buzzer in the upper chamber sending a huge light ray into the whole building affecting everyone there. That was our emergency laser. The police and hygiene man were all in a daze now. A line of the usual passer-by faces were pressed up against the window pane watching it all like hawks. There was nothing more interesting to do in these times. Any scene like this was better than the kind of cinema around. Fran guided the police and Mr hygiene out of the shop, placing them on the pavement seat, and locked the door. ‘We’ll have to close down. Try another tactic.’ She said urgently.
‘We can’t close down. What are we going to do? How do we affect people? What’s all this work about if we can’t do something to create change?’

We were all stunned with the thought. The authorities were on to us now heavily. Could we keep up this pace? How long could we keep the cops and hygiene inspectors out? Would it just use up all our energy and laser power keeping them out and quiet? Was the job working? We sat down in a semi-circle and contemplated it all with the lights switched off and door locked and barricaded. We had 6 t-lights and two LED solar torches and were deep down in the basement. No-one would find us here.

Having the two shops makes people confused of course. They think they’re buying a pet but we tell them, unfortunately the ginger cat was slaughtered and we’re selling them in their dead form. But if they’d like a live one before slaughter they can go in the butchers next door. We mix it all up to confuse people and of course they complain and say its disgusting. We say, ‘what did you eat for dinner last night?’ they usually say ‘corn on the cob and a chicken nugget’ or ‘noodle stir fry and fried lamb heart’. That’s because KWC advertise them every 20 minutes on SKY. We say, ‘then don’t complain if we sell you a dead cat. You can cut it up and burn it on the barbecue. If you have enough space in your back yard or garden we can give you a licence to breed more cats and then we will buy them off you and take them to the abattoir for you. Its all part of the service.’ People look absolutely shocked of course and rightly so. Yet they ate their chicken nugget last night and seem perfectly happy with that. Its all theatre of course but it initially causes an uproar.

We don’t let them kill the cats and dogs. The lasers see to that. Obviously they’re upset at first. We’ve had people burst into the shop slamming their soya meat on the counter in outrage. We’ve had kids chucking stones at the windows calling us ‘mockers and losers’. We had to get 2 windows replaced and we can barely afford to do that. But the laser light is so strong our customers are unable to kill another living being on the Earth ever again, not even the tiniest insect. There have been a few casualties along the way. A couple of people killed their pet chihuahuas and hamsters and some complained about us to the health authorities. Obviously the lasers need some adjustment. But all our customers certainly won’t eat another chicken nugget or fried lamb’s heart. We say, ‘kill your brother and eat his heart, then think about the poor lamb who suffered for the sake of your nugget.’ We don’t in general need to say these things. The light does all the work. It shoots golden arrows into everyone’s hearts and they can’t possibly think of eating another living being. It goes against the golden heart rule.

I thought about it all while watching the flickering flame of the T-light and munching a soya crab. I’d wanted to do this all my life, since the age of 3 when I’d become vegan. Lucky I had such a forward thinking mum. I’d been prepared for the threats and potential violence. I thought I’d been prepared for everything. I believed we were invincible. Maybe not. Fran was great but I hated the way she always had to have a cigarette or joint in her mouth. She’d given up alcohol but couldn’t seem to crack the smoking habit. It slowed her down somehow. I watched her rolling one and Brad scratching his scalp. He’d loose all his hair if he carried on like that. The wind was penetrating the cracks in the old window. Winter time and short days. Time seemed to be slipping away.

The original plan was to go out on the town tonight to slam down more real butchers with the laser torches. They rarely see us. The light shines so strongly through the glass that there’s no choice but to shut the shops down. It usually takes a month at the most. Nothing happens except for the surge of light which hits the shop, the butcher and shop owner. Things start to change rapidly. Usually they sit down and cry. Their imaginations are filled with sordid images of animals waiting in utter terror at abattoir doors. The cries of animals haunt them day and night. The holographic mirages of cows having their throats cut and blood surging out of their nostrils fills the shops in a virtual world around them. They watch people eating these dead animals for Sunday roasts and suddenly they see images of animal heads creeping out of the meat and crying out in pain. There are cries that wake them up at night and torturous screams. They see the harsh conditions of the farms in their dreams at night. They are absolutely haunted day and night by the harsh reality of the business they are dealing with. It never stops until they turn the lights off, push down the shutters and close the business for good. If they attempt to sell the business or keep it going in any way the torturous images just get stronger and stronger and the hallucinations turn to real events. It doesn’t stop until they have finally given up. They feel compelled to tell their neighbours, friends and relatives about their nightmares and soon whole families and streets become vegetarian or even vegan. That is the way of the light.

Fran started to fidget. We’d been sitting in near silence for 45 minutes now. We weren’t particularly into meditation. We just needed to work things out. Brad had been scribing down all his thoughts. Fran was at least trying to smoke a herbal cigarette now, in between the odd cough. She knew she had to give up the weed and tobacco. She was doing her best. I’d been playing with bits of spaghetti soya, making sausage shapes with my fingers. Throughout this time we’d had the lasers beaming onto us while we sat in contemplation. They gave us the answers. It was a strange concept to get used to. Fran looked a bit like a karate kid with her black bandanna, loose fitting faded jeans, black flowing skirt and stripy top. Brad was more of a scientist and his spectacles were always hanging off his nose. He was inquisitively inspecting his notes. Sometimes we heard cat meows in here and we never knew why. Fran said it was the spirit of a cat guarding us. I didn’t much believe in that but I hoped somehow that something was protecting us. I’m Frank, leader of the whole operation but not really the leader. We’re more of a co-operative and we work together. But it was my idea initially following my chance meeting with the scientist, Francis Quinn.

Francis was the great discoverer and inventor of our lasers so we are eternally grateful to her. She got a bad name for herself inventing The Truth Seat. For anyone sitting on this seat it was impossible to tell a lie. The seat would burn a liar instantly and it was painful. It had been used in the courts and with the police so many times until it proved to be the authorities themselves who were lying the most! Politicians, police and other officials were all found out and arrested. The chair proved remarkably truthful and accurate.

We took Francis on board with her amazing advanced technological knowledge and asked her to come up with an idea that would harness the ability to quell meat eating for good. ‘Beams of high vibrational light will destroy anything encased in negative energy which is not for the highest good!’ she stated unemotionally. ‘You just aim it towards the aspect you want destroyed and it will obliterate, exterminate or transform but without violence or visible damage. Energy will simply transform. It may happen quickly or take time.’ We were surprised to learn of her secret. ‘I went to a top class spiritual guru. They take away people’s karma in an instant, so I figured they must have some power that the average person certainly doesn’t.’

‘I saw the guru and asked to harness his power to destroy the meat trade. He said he was only too happy to help. He took his energy and sent it across to the laser beam. In an instant the ray was buzzing with life. I sent it towards a pickled lamb sausage and straight away it started sizzling and squirming up like a piece of ash in a fire, and then it just disappeared. I did the same thing with a pickled gherkin and nothing happened. It remained unmarked and untouched in the jar. The guru said it was all about ‘intention’ and once the intention had been ingrained inside the laser it would only perform that action. He created several of the guns and sent the energy through using his 3rd eye. I tested it time and time again on small pieces of meat and the same thing happened. I could destroy anything with meat in it. I started having fun going to dinner parties with meat eaters and shooting the light at their disgusting piles of roast duck and lemon chicken. The meat would disappear and I just laughed. They thought I was mad of course and I was often asked to leave. I didn’t mind. I just did my experiments and they worked. So there you have it!’

‘But why do you believe in the power of gurus if you are such a scientist? Do you believe in God? Do you believe in divine miracles?’ I asked curiously. She said she didn’t believe in miracles or God or a divine force of any kind. But she had experienced the effect of a Feng Shui device which had been able to eliminate the effects of electro-magnetic fields inside a building. She believed that if this device worked so well (and she had tested the fields and discovered how effective it was) she should investigate it further and see if the same energy that created this device could be applied to other similar mechanisms. Through her investigations she met Guru Shaun who had created the device. He told her that it was his high level of consciousness which had enabled the device to work and that it was through his high intention that it had been so effective. She employed him to create the laser lights.

We were amazed. We wanted her to mass produce the lights, but first of all we were to use them ourselves and start experimenting. We were going to gather others together eventually to banish the meat trade altogether. It’s my life’s work. When I met the others we made a mission statement. No animal shall be harmed, killed or used in any way for the benefit of the human race. We shall win, the animal kingdom shall thrive and there will be no more meat eaters on this planet by the age of Aquarius 2020. The meat eaters will be completely wiped out as a species and the animals shall live! We shall never give up till our dying day.

After such a long silence Fran spoke and startled me out of my thoughts. ‘Look, its late now and we’re all tired. Let’s move into operation zone 4. Forget the butchers. We can’t reach every butcher on the planet anyway. We’ve got to work on a much larger scale now. We can’t keep the shop open for much longer. We’re too much under threat.’ Brad looked agitated, probably because Fran always spoke first and he’d made his copious notes. He shuffled awkwardly. ‘We need to get everything out of the freezers first Fran. We’ve got to make these shops empty by the end of the week otherwise the authorities will find a way to lock us all up.’
‘But surely the lasers will protect us?’ I emphasized.
‘For how long though, Frank? Sure, I believe in their power, but we’ve got to be realistic here. They’re coming down hard on us now. They could raid us tomorrow and get us all arrested. Its hard work using these lasers. They could find the others and smash them to bits. They’ve got every right to wipe us out completely and there have been enough complaints about us now. How can we keep going safely?’

‘All right.’ I agreed. ‘Let’s do it. You’re right Brad and I’ve gotta admit I’m even nervous myself now. What’s the point of doing this work if we can’t even do it any more because we’re all at the Morgue?!’
‘Let’s move into operation zone 4 then comrades and get the shops closed down first.’ Fran always seemed to have the first and last word.
‘Done’. That’s how we made decisions. It was operation 4 next and hit the abattoir.

It was Fran who heard it first, a clicking sound at the front door. Letterbox opened. Rustling and wind getting through the crack. ‘Get the fuck out of here you bloody morons with your sick carcasses!’ It was some boy on the street. Next we heard thumping and banging on the door and windows. ‘Raid operation one!’ I called out immediately. We had to move extremely fast now. The cannon laser was in the upper section. Fran ran like a young boy up the steps to switch it on. The beam was the strongest we had. It hit the boys who were in some kind of gang. We viewed them through the porthole window, six or seven of them. They were wearing black masks and were spraying cyanide gas at the windows. It was an old trick. While the laser did its work Brad and I raced down to the basement again and started our mantra chanting to Ganesh and other deities, while Fran operated the cannon.

Through our x ray specs, which we carried with us at all times, we watched the boys as they were hit by the lasers. They started to gradually wobble and fumble, dropping the gas canisters and began talking in slow speed voices, until they finally dropped to the ground. Police arrived rapidly and we saw them being taken off without a struggle in the Morgue van. Their risk more than ours. Two of the windows were smashed however and gas was leaking into the building.

‘We’ve gotta get out!’ Fran stated. Brad and I unlocked the safe and took what we could. The most important thing was to get the rest of the lasers. Fran ran to open up the van in the under-basement parking lot. We grabbed the lasers and all important documents and made a run for our vehicle. We’d done a lot of work but the carcasses could wait. The gas was poisonous. I could already feel that constriction in my throat but repeated the mantra over and over again in my mind to keep myself going.

Van revved up and we were off, while a missile from cops or passer by (we didn’t know which) hit the back of the vehicle. I was driving and still fighting with that constriction in my throat. I willed myself to carry on and drive at maximum speed while Fran shot a continual laser out of the window. It must have been around 2am by now. We were on the edge, on the border of being arrested, locked up in the Morgue or attacked by public outrage.

Finally I drove the van into the under-basement parking lot of Fran’s flat and we hid there for a while until there was no sign of movement or sound from attackers. I have to confess my teeth were chattering and nerves in a turmoil. Brad just stood there making some kind of mathematical analysis of the situation, probably just to hide his nerves but maybe it was helpful. Mission completed and apparently safe enough to move upwards, we planned to camp out in Fran’s basement flat for an all night vigil. But we were all on edge, thinking we heard sounds, not sure if someone was lurking around. Once inside they would have no right to enter the flat, whoever was out there. I looked around, down the track. Car headlight beams were on just round the corner. Could be anyone. Could be the cops. We had to get inside and stay there. We each carried our pocket lasers, the only security we had.

Fran didn’t live there full time any more, just stored a few things. She lived with vegan arts activist Sam Cleaver in another part of town. He worked with us from time to time but not so much now. We sat down and drank Tulusi tea which Fran emphasized had great healing powers. At least she was getting into healthy herbs now. Brad had his usual agitated look about him and insisted that he had something of great importance to convey to us. We sat on the giant colourful cushions in an otherwise empty living room, drinking tea and listened to what he had to say. ‘We need to create a radar system around the flat if this is to be our new base. We’ve got to protect this building thoroughly otherwise we risk further attacks and invasions from the cops and others.’
‘How do we do that Brad?’ It was Fran talking in a slightly cynical manner and not sure about having her flat encased in radar. ‘Ask Francis to make the system. It shouldn’t take too long. There’s a way of doing it economically and effectively. We need extra strong protection around us now at all times.’ I was baffled.
‘Hey, Brad, what about the lasers? They are our protection! They’re supposed to do everything. Why do we need another system?’
‘They can’t do everything Frank, otherwise we wouldn’t have been chased, attacked and inspected. They’re not invincible. They do a lot but we need other systems in place too. I know what I’m talking about. The radar will also detect any unsuspecting attackers in the vicinity if we put that intention into the system. Francis will know what to do.’ Fran and I nodded and said the usual ‘done!’ and Brad was onto Francis straight away.

‘Its 3.30am Brad. Won’t she be asleep?’ I emphasized.
‘She told us to call her at any time Frank. This is urgent. We’ve got to get on with the mission and not be deterred. We can’t afford to be attacked and put in the Morgue. That must never happen to any of us. We have to complete our mission without fail. You know that.’
‘All right.’ Francis was surprisingly awake and immediately knew what Brad was talking about. ‘I’ve been waiting for your call Brad. I knew there was a defect in the laser, not a bad one, just a minor adjustment needed. I’ll get onto the radar. I’m working on something else at the moment but I’ll leave that for now. Your situation is urgent. Leave it with me.’

We arranged for Francis to have open access to the flat at any time so she could test out the radar. In the morning before dawn we started clearing out both shops and packed all stock into Fran’s flat. Nearby police and inspectors smiled and even laughed at what they considered to be our final closing down and failed business. They didn’t know a thing. They couldn’t get us for anything now but they were watching us closely all the same. We were suspects. We locked everything up extremely well, took extra lasers to Francis’ lab and the rest we packed into the van ready for operation zone four. We were under tight surveillance by the authorities now. They would try to slip CCTV mini-cameras through the letter box, onto the roof and anywhere else accessible to them. We stuck the letter box down, but the radar was the real answer and I apologized to Brad for being sceptical myself. He always seemed so hard done by even though his intelligence was well above the average philosopher or scientist.

We had the dogs and cats as well of course. We couldn’t keep them any longer and all went to the local sanctuary for safe protection.

It was a cold December evening when we ventured onto the land of those dirty abattoirs. We figured it was the safest time to lurk around. It had taken us 2 days to drive out of town but we had planned for that. The abattoir operated 24 hours a day now. There was never enough food on supermarket shelves so of course the authorities decided it was just a case of mass killing thousands more animals every week. There were hundreds of sick animals here who had committed no crime but to be alive on the planet. No-one could imagine them doing this to people, children even. The lambs and calves were only 6 weeks old, born to be killed. It’s plainly mass murder, psychopathic killing. If these were human beings it would be an absolute outcry!

We parked Cyril, the horse-box, in the wood next to the abattoir ready for the operation. We’d acquired 3 horses from the Sanctuary and had been having intensive riding lessons for 6 weeks now. The radar was set up at base and most of our time was spent in Fran’s flat. She was on the solar-phone to Sam every day but the distance between them was getting greater. She was really working on her smoking habit now. Herbs were her thing. She was getting stronger.

I was trying to ignore it but I was strongly attracted towards her and she to me. I was longing to spend time alone with her, hold her hand, comfort her, but the mission took over everything else. She was ignoring it too. I looked at her behind the van, ‘Are you ready Fran?’ She nodded enthusiastically with a glint in her eye I hadn’t seen before. Brad interrupted us as usual and thumped up behind me in his big boots, ‘Better get going gang. I’ve set the laser up round the van and horses so they should be safe.’
‘Ok Brad, done!’ we both said.

When we first undertook missions at the abattoir we would sneak in at the back, film it and display it openly on our shop walls. But often people wouldn’t come in. They denied it was really happening. They separated the pictures from the meat they were eating.

Sadly kids were coming into the shop munching on their beefburgers completely oblivious that it was a cow they were eating. They thought meat was some food stuff like beans mashed up or just something out of a packet. They didn’t know that animals in the fields were all being killed and that was the purpose of their very existence. We told them the truth but they didn’t like it or didn’t like us or they just walked out huffing and snorting. We gave up trying to convince people. We lost many hours of sleep while we contemplated what to do. We had discussions that went on well into the early hours. People didn’t want to know about the truth and it was a waste of time telling them directly.

I checked on the horses again. They were nuzzling against each other. I wanted them to be me and Fran. I watched her running towards the abattoir gates with the large laser gun. She was always trying to do the heaviest job, even though she was quite slight. It never bothered me or Brad. He and I were more studious types. I’d never enjoyed doing manual work. I had been an animal activist journalist for years, until the system got me down. The full moon was out now, perfect. We’d timed it for the full moon eclipse, moon in Sagittarius, perfect. Stars were shining down on us brightly, a rare sight. Some kids had barely even seen a star these days. In the city they were too mixed up with satellites, planes, jets and other lights.

People were too separated from nature. Most kids weren’t making contact with nature at all. They didn’t know what a real live sheep or cow looked like apart from the virtual pictures they saw on their sky boxes. Cities and towns had grown like giant cobwebs to capture people where they were and the new kids were only learning about the countryside from their sky boxes. It was a black and white virtual world for them and they could constantly change the images they saw, making them grotesque or surreal. It was just a game. They had no idea that these living beings were being tortured and killed just so they could eat their burgers. There were even games where you could lock the poor animals up in dungeons and decide what torture equipment to use on them. The dark games had really taken over. Kids were taught how to play with animals as if they were just toys with no souls or feelings. Playing with nature was just a dangerous game.

The authorities were making it harder and harder for people to get out of town; mass traffic jams, huge queues for buses and trains, escalating public transport costs and difficulties getting through the city smogs. On hot days it was too dangerous to travel at all with the lack of oxygen. On high wind days buildings would just collapse and they told us trees were the absolute enemy. They could fall down and crush us to death. It wasn’t safe to venture out into the countryside any more and it was all part of THE PLAN. That was another reason for people to totally disassociate live animals in the fields from what appeared on their dinner plates. You had to be pretty cunning to get through all the government loop holes and manipulation and stay sane. Fran, Brad and I were going to keep our sanity and convince others to see it all clearly as well.

We huddled together in our team behind the horse box; Brad, Fran, Francis and me. Francis was with us on this one, quite an eccentric looking character in her thick beaded necklace, rose quartz ring on right index finger, Edwardian looking dress and rubber cerise boots. She came over and kissed us all on the cheeks strongly and wished us all good luck with the mission. Her consistent confident air never always amazed me. She was a rare breed. We drank Tulusi tea from the big flask, then held hands in a circle and chanted our usual Ganesh mantra to overcome obstacles. It always worked. Fran suddenly flicked the roll up out of her mouth and stamped it on the ground. ‘That’s the last one comrades. Fran the fickle one is giving it up for good!’
‘That’s a contradictory statement.’ Brad added his usual logical remark.
‘Well done Fran!’ I said, finding myself throwing my arms around her enthusiastically. I’d always been a bit wary of women. But my work wasn’t enough any more. I shuffled my cold hands around in my pockets awkwardly and backed away from Fran. She beamed back at me in a knowing kind of way.

It was just the beginning. We got our X-ray specs out and watched through the abattoir gates. Lame lambs and frightened cows were being herded into the blood stained building like Auschwitz victims ready for their torture and death sentence, just for being alive. We watched as the abattoir workers performed their murders unemotionally as if this was some mundane job. Would they be doing this if it wasn’t for the money? Would children eat meat if they had witnessed this? Would adults for that matter? Would those cute little cartoon characters advertising burgers and other junk food have a different look on their faces if they were to reveal the truth of that burger? The stench of the place was beginning to reach us. It was disgusting and though we had masks on it didn’t seem sufficient when we were faced with such a harsh reality. We could barely look at what was in front of us. Fran turned round and threw up on the grass. Brad was scratching his half-bare head continually. I was clenching my teeth so tightly it felt as if my cheeks were bruising. We were all animal lovers and this was a death scene. It was like the witch trials but somehow worse.

Instead of thinking any more about it or passing out we took the most powerful lasers out of the van and shot the intentional light at the abattoir workers, animals and building. Sensors around the building had picked us up already. A siren went off and security guards were edging their way towards the fence. ‘Radar, Brad! Get the radar ready!’ Francis was taking control now. Together she set up the radar with Brad from the back of the van. Nothing could get near it or penetrate us. We were in some kind of bubble. Security were getting closer. ‘What’s gone wrong Francis?’ I bellowed out in my panic.
‘It takes time Frank. Just wait. They can’t get us here.’ I wanted to believe her but it was difficult.

I watched as the black figures approached. ‘Put the power up on the lasers Fran’ I shouted out. She edged the button up to 9 or 10, maybe 9 and a half. Then we watched and almost laughed as the approaching men started wobbling and loosing control like cartoon characters. They attempted to shoot their red-lazer guns at us but the shots back-fired on them. They lay in a heap on the ground, except one who was running extremely fast towards the abattoir building. ‘It gets people in different ways.’ Francis said, giggling. She really was quite unusual. ‘Look out!’ I yelled. The fence was throwing out jets of red sparks while more sirens were going off. Francis pulled Fran away quickly. ‘Don’t touch it! Keep sending the lasers! Its voltage energy, we mustn’t touch it or we’ll be electrocuted badly. We’ve got to exterminate it first. This level of voltage is lethal everyone. Beware!’

Three of us were shooting lasers at the fence now. I thought I felt some spark hit me on the nose. It hurt badly, like a severe burn but I carried on. Francis had her wits about her. ‘Here, chuck this on your burn Frank. Its dangerous.’ She threw me a canister of water. Goodness knows how she saw my burn mark in the dark. It was really throbbing now so I dabbed it with water. Brad was too intelligent for our good. He had edged so far away from the fence we could barely see him. Fran and Francis were as close as possible. The lasers were starting to work. Sparks suddenly died down, turning from red, to orange, green and then blue. ‘Different levels of intensity.’ Francis explained. Soon the blue died altogether and there was a sizzling sound all along the fence until that stopped too. Fran was clutching her knee. I rushed over. ‘Are you hurt Fran?’
‘I’m all right, but my knee caught a spark. Its really painful.’ I immediately threw a canister of water over her knee and clutched it tightly with my hands without thinking. I prayed over it and said the healing mantra several times. She patted me on the head in a funny kind of way and smiled. ‘You’re a true mission worker Frank. Thanks comrade!’
‘We better get going’ I said and we picked up the lasers and put on our x-ray specs.

The light was doing its work. As we watched with our specs things gradually started changing. One of the abattoir workers lunged himself onto the blood stained floor and started yelling and screaming out for redemption. The other workers looked in shock and then started looking at the cows and lambs with pity and distress. The reality of it all was hitting them full in the face. One man propped himself up at the wall, hitting his head while giant tears rolled down his face. The cows and lambs saw their opportunity as the doors were flung open and they all fled. More alarms and sirens went off and the authorities from the nearby office station ran out. We shot them all with lasers. We shot at the sirens, cameras and police cars which arrived on scene pretty rapidly.

Everything was haywire but we just kept sending shots everywhere from behind the fence. Lasers can reach an area of up to a kilometre away depending on what distance level you set them at. The shots were not visible anyway, and the good thing is they never run out. We just kept firing at everything and we were quite well camouflaged ourselves with invisibility spray (another of Francis’s inventions). It was like a ball of sunshine hitting that horrible dark place and everywhere things were manic yet strange. The animals ran free and we willed them to run as fast as possible. The light meant they could get away without being caught or shot. There was mass confusion everywhere and the police didn’t know where to fire their shots. Some just went up in the air or fired at the very machinery that was there to kill and torture innocent victims. We laughed and sometimes it seemed as if our jubilation woke up the spirits of the dead carcasses lying on the abattoir floor who joined in and chuckled too.

‘Get the saws Brad!’ I yelled out. We had large and smaller ones, whatever would do the job. Some were electric. We plugged them into the van and ran the lead all the way to the fence. Now we could start cutting the fence. Sparks were flying everywhere. ‘The electric’s still on Frank!’
‘Yeah, just cut it Brad. Where’s the power source? We have to turn it off first.’ Francis was onto the case. ‘Look underground. Its usually dug into the ground. Start digging and use the detector and dowsing rod!’ Brad was fumbling about, checking his notes every 5 minutes. ‘Can you just dowse for the electric supply Brad!’ I was trying to keep as calm as possible. Fran dropped the laser and went for the dowsing rods. ‘For goodness sake Fran, don’t leave the laser down there!’ I tugged at her arm. A warmth spread all over me. ‘Can you hold the laser Frank? I want to do some dowsing.’ I smelt her musky orange perfume for a minute then ran for the laser. Two security guards were coming towards the fence fiercely. I shot them with a number 10 and they back tumbled onto the ground. It was like the computer game I used to play as a kid. Two down, twenty two to go.

Fran was dowsing rapidly all the way down the fence. ‘Got it!’ she yelled out. I breathed a sigh of relief. ‘Get cutting then!’ I shouted at her and Brad. My patience was waning seriously when I saw Brad making notes again, leaning against the back of the van. ‘Brad, cut the fence, the animals have gotta get out man!’ I sincerely wondered if Brad should even be on the team at times like this. If it wasn’t for his high brain power I would have asked him to leave by now, at least to forgo these practical missions. Cows and sheep were edging their way towards the fence, desperate and confused. They banged their heads against one another, rammed up against the fence and some got electrocuted with short bursts. ‘Fran, cut a section out quickly!’ I struggled over across the muddy track towards the pile of saws and we all started cutting. ‘It doesn’t add up comrades.’ Brad started, whilst we were urgently trying to get the metal fence free. He stood there not doing a thing, pondering on his bloody notes. ‘We will have too many animals to manage in the wood. We don’t have enough acreage.’
‘Yes, you’re bloody right Brad, but we’ve got to just let them out now. We can’t do anything now. Just get the animals out of here.’ He shook his head in that irritating ‘know it all’ fashion and went to pee behind a bush. ‘Leave him Frank’ it was Fran’s reassuring voice. She gently put her hand on my arm for a brief moment. It was like sitting by a warm fire for a moment. I was fired up now and hacked away at the confounded fence. The animals poured out and ran in all directions.

We made our plan known to all the poor animals who lay bewildered waiting to die at the abattoir gates. We knew they would survive because of the lasers but we had a lot of work yet to do. It was getting late. We had to leave quickly and urgently so as to get the other part of this important work done for the night. We had to secure new and safe homes for all the fleeing animals. It wouldn’t be easy. They should never be seen and never be heard and never be harassed ever again. Yet they needed to eat. They needed to be free. There were no end of needs and we had called on Francis to yet again deal with this problem. She had it all in hand and had devised a new plan for the animals. It was lucky that Francis was also a vegan as well as being a non spiritual scientist but she certainly had her heart in this project and she knew exactly what she was doing.

‘Get the horses now!’ she yelled out. ‘And cut out an energy drain around the abattoir building.’ She’d trained us in this beforehand. We led the horses out and saddled them ready to ride over to the escaped animals. The two energy drain workers, Fran and Brad, started cutting a giant circle with the lasers around the abattoir. This circle would act like a huge magnetic drain pulling all negativity from the site deep down into the Earth to be destroyed for good. It operated like a giant plughole working rapidly to dispel the chaotic energy and events around us preventing things getting out of hand or reverting backwards. Bullets were firing all over the place now. Sheep and cow heads were being tossed around in blood filled concrete dungeons. Abattoir workers were slipping on the bloody floor trying to find a way out of all the confusion. Police were attempting to arrest innocent men. Nothing worked. It was more like a clown fight in a circus ring.

We built the circle around them stronger and stronger until the magnetic drain started to work. Some of the workers and police were being dragged in. ‘Francis, is this supposed to happen?’ She wrenched back quickly, while operating equipment at the back of the horse-box. ‘Just let it happen. Sometimes it goes like that. Whatever happens is the right thing. Let it be!’ She was sounding more like a guru than a scientist. I hated what those brutes were doing there with those animals but somehow seeing them being sucked into the Earth looked too much to bear. Guns, rifles, armour, all of it was floating in the air being sucked from people’s arms and hands and thrown into that giant pit. The blood and innards of the animals was all being cleaned up somehow and thrown into the pit too. Everything that had that air of dirt and darkness around it was thrown into the pit. No-one had time to think what was happening to them.

The horses were rearing up, ready to go. My dad used to drive a wagon of horses to the French market every year for slaughter. I used to eat horse-meat. Now I’m vegan. I’m 35. I rode from the age of 2 but I never knew those horses were being taken to slaughter every Christmas time. I just never made the real connection till I was 15. Then it was all fire let loose and I ran away from home for a good 10 years to work it all out in my disturbed little head. But that’s how I learned to ride. Fran said to use the horses to make a fast getaway and to make a closer connection to the other animals. She seemed pretty spiritually minded for a scientist. She was seeing to the magnetic drain now.

I quickly led Rover out of the horse-box. We saw the herds of cows and sheep in the foreground, charging ahead not knowing where they were going. ‘Hey, Fran, they’re too far away! How will we do this?’ Patches of visibility were beginning to show on us too. The police were looking our way, catching bits of us and our conversation.
‘Stun them with light!’ she yelled back. We took the lasers and just shot as far ahead as possible towards the animals. ‘Use your intention all the time!’ She called out. ‘Ask the higher government for help and protection all the time!’ I used my mind, my third eye and all the power I had to send it with the laser beam towards the animals ‘Keep them safe! Make them stay where they are till we get to them. Create a safe home for them!’ I felt sick inside as I sent the laser out. It was taking a lot of my psychic energy and I was inwardly terrified of what we were doing. No-one on the planet had ever done this before. The sun was rising now. Why did they insist on these all night slaughter houses anyway? The meat trade had become a hidden business as sick and dark as drug trafficking.

I felt more powerful on my horse but the others were struggling. We hadn’t trained enough. I berated myself again for not doing enough. ‘Hey, just give her a slap on the side. Sit tall. Be confident!’ It was all just coming out of my mouth. But then I remembered the lasers. I shot one at each of the team members and instantly they settled onto the horses with no problem. We cantered off and Fran instantly cheered us. Her job was to see to it that the magnetic drains did their job. The strain of it all was making me woozy again and fearful. I immediately shot myself with the laser and the wooziness and fear went. I had be a brave warrior. I had to face whatever was in front of me now. We were going to obliterate the meat trade for good, save the animals, all the animals on the planet. This thought kept me going and I cantered on through the bright and golden hues of a rising deep blood red sun. The others charged up behind me and we cheered and shouted out our mantra, ‘We are the rescuers, the source of fire, to obliterate and exterminate the ugly meat trade on this Earth. We shall triumph, we shall overcome! We are the ones to make it happen! Hola, hola, hola! Om Shanti, Om.’

I didn’t know then whether my eyes were deceiving me, whether I was seeing a mirage or half dreaming but a strong apparition appeared just above my head, right in front of me, blue and white. It was blurred at first, then gradually took shape. The face was strong and bright, surrounded by a golden halo of light. It may have been man or woman, but maybe man. He held a glowing white sword in his left hand and shield in front of him. Behind his body were giant wings. I clutched tightly onto my reigns and dug my feet into Rolf’s body. The sunlight was streaming across the field now and I could barely see the others. It was as if I had entered another dimension. Was I hallucinating? The voice echoed through the sky loud and clear, ‘I am Archangel Michael at your service. I am here to help. Get your animals to the woods and lay low. You are safe.’ I stared in disbelief at the shadowy form in a half daze. From a distance I could hear the others calling out to me but it was as if I was in some half coma and couldn’t speak. The voice spoke again, ‘Your lasers have called us. The light within your apparatus is attuned to us, the archangels. It is we, who you call the higher government, who help you. You are protected. I am archangel Michael.’ And then the form disappeared. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or hearing. Nothing had changed in the outer world. The trees were wafting in the breeze, angels singing somewhere. I heard them. Sun was rising slowly upwards and beaming orange and gold.

The others were somewhere in the distance now charging ahead. I was in some dream world but I was cantering now. Rolf had started cantering without me even asking. We were catching up with the others. ‘come on!’ I willed a nearby cow and sheep. ‘Keep going!’ I was talking to myself as much as to the animals. It was all in hand somehow. I didn’t know how or why. But it must have had something to do with that angel. We really were being watched over. I could feel it somehow. We were going to be safe and so were the animals. Francis said that what we had done would effect everything on a global scale. The setting free of animals and the energy drain were powerful methods to affect abattoirs worldwide as this intention had been injected into the lasers we used. It was like some miracle. We really were winning! The animals were winning. It was a bright and golden day!

The crisp winter air was filling my nostrils with fresh fire. We left the chaos and death scene behind. We were riding across plains and fields towards a rising golden sun. We carried on that dawn morning and didn’t stop until we’d found the animals and driven them all into Wallaby’s wood, kindly donated by Wilf the land owner and farmer. I hadn’t even realised my hands were cold underneath my black gloves, my nose frozen with the fresh air and my stomach starving for food and drink. With numb fingers I dialled Dave, head of back up team. ‘almost at base. Animals on way. Prepare resources fast. Frank J.’

Sarah and Dave had already been at the wood an hour, their lorry loaded with fences, pop up barns and huts. They handed us hot flasks of dandelion and ginger tea and made porridge over a burning bright fire. They’d got most of the animals into the fenced up areas with feed-boxes full of food. Sarah, Dike and Richard were still herding the animals into these rough structures. One or two escaped but we figured they’d survive in the wood for a while anyway. The lasers would attract them back again anyway. The sanctuaries had been generous offering food grains, structures, bedding and other essentials. The pop-up huts were for us. 5 of us were to stay here looking after the animals full time. That was Fran, me, Brad, Dave and Sarah. We weren’t counting on Brad doing much practical work, but he’d work out the logistics of it all. He’d sorted out an invisibility shield which would protect us and it was unlikely anyone would find us here.

We were in the back of the old marshes. No-one ever ventured out here. We were surrounded by completely derelict land. No-one wanted land any more. It was away from civilization and everyone had been led to believe it wasn’t possible to survive unless you were in town. If you were like us and didn’t watch the news flashes every five minutes you were protected from thinking in this way. We’d all had survival training and we had good access to food for us and the animals. Wilf was out here growing his legumes and sprouts away from the GM crops and had special permission to do this.

That evening we sat down in our usual circle around the glowing fire made by Sarah and Dave. I felt like I’d walked through a burning fire in bare feet with my hands tied behind my back. Fran looked amazing. She was frazzled but fierce, not in a bad way, just strong and determined. Her black hair drooped over her blood stained face and her fierce jet blue eyes sucked in the fire. She stared at me. It wouldn’t be long now.

We held hands in our circle with the fire in the centre and lasers on the outside. We chanted a mantra and asked for protection. Fran stood up, boldly taking one laser and pointing it at the sky and I took the other facing her. We stood there in silence for a while and then started our bold ritual to complete the mission. As the lasers pointed upwards 2 archangels of the higher government appeared dimly in the sky above us. We’d all seen and experienced them now and it wasn’t so strange. We realised it was possible to see them and use our third eyes and psychic powers out in the countryside. That’s why they didn’t want us out here. The councils wanted control of our minds. They didn’t want independent thinkers and workers. We were now both.

‘We affirm that we, the rescuers of all animals on Earth, will boldly abolish the meat trade for good with the light power you give to us. We ask for your help now and always to do this work. May this ritualistic mission demonstrate our commitment to this task and may it affect every abattoir in the world from now on. May there be a global transformation of consciousness through these laser lights that will terminate the slaughtering of all animals and meat trade worldwide. May this be done now!’ We repeated our declaration 3 times as the flames flickered and grew stronger and brighter as we spoke. We pointed the lasers north, south, east and west across the landscape. One of the Archangels spoke, ‘We place our energy in your light beams and shall do your divine work for you. By the end of this century there will be no meat eating or killing of the animal kingdom on any part of this planet.’ They disappeared.

I looked at Fran with such love I had never really felt before. I knew it was because we had the same mission, the same passion. We would stand by each other and be strong until it was done. We stared into each other’s eyes then I took her hand and we walked under the dark tree branches to the stack of pop-up huts. We popped one up together and made it ours. There was nothing else to say. There were grunts and noises from the animals all night. They would take a while to adapt to this new lifestyle and so would we. But now I had Fran. Now I had everything I needed. We had escaped just as much as all the animals. We were out of town, out of that unseen enforced prison.

It was a humble beginning. The animals were in shock for a while and we started with little. But gradually, gradually we formed our sanctuary in the wood. The animals lived with us as our close companions. We cared for them and they cared for us. We built a healing place amongst the trees and ferns and Francis eventually joined us. It didn’t take long for her to become the true spiritual person she was underneath all that scientific logic. She also held some practical solutions to obliterating the abattoirs for good. We did it from our sanctuary in the woods. We created more and more lasers. We held meetings of light and created a strong connection with the cows and sheep so that they trusted us. We looked after them well. We have already converted 16 countries to meat free societies. I don’t think it will take much longer to convert the rest.

Two years following this incident the meat trade was banned worldwide. After this a few meat eaters still existed and ate meat illegally from their own animals. However another 2 years later no-one on the planet ate meat in any form. There was far too much light around for a single person to even contemplate the idea.

Wallaby’s wood sanctuary grew and grew. Many animal lovers and carers lived there looking after the animals, and more farm animals continued to arrive. Fran and Frank lived together in their wooden hut happily promoting the welfare of animals. The Archangels continued to do their great work as did Francis the spiritual scientist. Humans and angels (or the higher government) worked together on all projects to make this great progression in human history occur. The animals are truly grateful!

Thank-you for reading this and please contribute your own energy to this global project if you feel inspired. The animals need as many of us as possible on board. Eventually they will be our true friends, and we will be theirs.