I don’t know where to begin my story of mountain heart. You came to me when I most needed you or someone; just a friendly helper, a place to go in the cold snow. It was a wondrous time, us walking together in snow filled hills, me in your arm, you inside my breast pocket. I long to fill those snow capped mountain tops with my heart again, to be in the upper valleys. I cannot be or go elsewhere, not with the memory of you living inside me. I will go to the mountain peaks and re-live it, those times, those lazy times of doing nothing in particular. Why did you go so far away then re-appear as angel heart?

I let you go to know the truth. You never met all of my sanctified mountain heart. Go with the wind, let me be. Tell me to love another but never leave this mountain place since I will always be here looking for you, in the crest of the mountain’s heart. I loved you here, then, always. Will you always be a wandering nomad figure? In your depths you knew the truth. You knew the truth. You must be that and I, a lone warrior. I trekked to other times, places, avenues where you no longer resided. You were the tainted warrior of former times. I had to tell you so many things. Go and be the change that you never were. I long for all that was…is forgotten,…thats all.

You were dead. why did I not perceive that? I had to mourn the feeling of death and know that you dwelled somewhere always. You travelled a long way beyond this existence to find me. We eloped like brother and sister. I surfed my way forwards in life and you yours in death. I re-discovered the place of my own birth. Do you know why I had a long tooth mark scratched into the wall, my birth wall? It was the place where I began yet which was marred by life’s dark corridors, blindness and depths. You disappeared with the wind because that was where you belonged and a long time hence I would let you be, let us be. We met in the wind. It was so much warmer to be with you than without you, thats all.

The candle is lit. light shines brightly for all that we did and did not do. I will hold your hand until all debris has gone, disappeared. I will be your shoulder daughter, long lost warrior, it does not matter if we are not married on the earthly plane. We are a long way from our true home and shall be re-united in another dimension.

He was the father, brother, lover. He took me to different places within my own psyche. He became one with the trees, mountains because that’s where we all end up eventually, He was the brother wounded, the father betrayed and lover in love yet not. I tended to the wounded and betrayed one, nestled there in his crest arms until the pain in us both disappeared. The ghosts that had long lived within his ancient heart were ready to depart now. He is the angel that can never be destroyed and lives on higher realms. I will light his lamp and let him linger on a little longer in my dim heart. He is near and yet far. In the lamp light. I will shield him from the enemy within. I will love him from the Earth. how his spirit rises higher!

He is more real now than before. He knows the truth. Death has come yet not. I will hold him unto my heart and blend his spirit with the pure white mother goddess. She will meet him until his spirit is merged with hers. These two must exist as one for the first of many lights to emerge. That is the truth, the divine and inspirational truth of his birth and death. A soldier lies bleeding in the gutter and his heart rises up to the mountain top. Here there is solace and gratitude for in knowing and blending with the higher truth there will be a new heaven on Earth once all has been forgiven. He shall bear the trumpet of new beginnings and the shining white light shall reign. All shall be at peace once the new dawn has awoken.

I stand beneath the pinnacle of the mountain top and it is here that I am, there with you the tainted brother and father. Here I mingle your essence with that which is mine and all feminine. Through this merging there shall be a bright and glowing new Earth. I feel your death but I know that in this, through this there shall be a rising up of the new feminine and in this your glow of heaven’s light shall be forever stronger. There shall be dying of heavy hearts in the mountain and the new awakening deep within. Your truth, our truth, the truth of the ancient Earth. You have not died, your life is simply just beginning.

Angel Heart I truly love your essence, that which is now pure and gaining new heights. You have forgone your former truth and surrendered to the higher. You have welcomed in the divine feminine which shall encompass your new spirit. She shall rise and be forever more present upon the Earth and she, the Earth kingdom, shall be once more in her proper and true essence to serve us all, dear Mountain Heart.

We are truly blessed. I, the feminine was lost and torn apart from that which was present and spoken. She has new birth now, strong presence. I speak in my throat voice of light and await new beginnings. I am here for you now. I am one with you. I am heaven’s daughter. I have spoken. You will know now how I can aid your existence upon the Earth and how, in truth I have tried to speak to you on many occasions but you have not listened. You have quietened down, opened your ears and are ready. I am blessed to have your attention. You shall be blessed for eternity. I thank you and shall be still now in my spirit yet ready to rise with and for you. I serve your spirit now and forever.

The End