I spied you in the corner
Bottles of magic potion
That would make me
Love, think, be well again
I knew you were
In the wrong dosage
I held your precious skin
In my hand
Felt your warm energy
A love potion
That would do for now
Until I felt ready
To lift your lid

My eyes gleamed
At the liquid inside
Your glass
A gleaming light appeared
If I drank you all
Deep into my soul
Where would I go
How would I be?

If I was caught under
Your spell forever
Would you kill
Tame, master me,
Seduce me
Take me over
As your life prisoner?

Or would I be
Cured forever
Of all life’s woes
And worries, laments
And sorrows
Could you lift me up
To higher realms
Where I was in the light
Of God’s love forever
Is this death
Or simply an attitude
Of well-being
Can it be here, now
In this prism called Earth?

Or are we seduced into
That suffering is not an illusion
But a necessary vehicle
To take us higher
I am in love with a dream
One that can float me
To higher dimensions
But where my feet are
Firmly on the ground

I love your sweet
Liquid of love
I will drink you all
And see if I still exist