I am gliding through the forest. I cannot yet see the future. It is too dark. I want to know that you, my future and present selves, still exist, because there is no other way of knowing except here. I love you my guardian, Florentina. Where would I be without you and the wood nymphs? Buying a tiger in Supajet and going to a cricket-pool match. Thank you for bringing me into the closeted world of the forest. I come as your infant, walking on a burning platform of debris. I don’t know why I chose to live at this time because it is hard to dwell amongst savages who pretend to be all knowing powerful gods – they know nothing at all of reality. Florentina, show me where to go now and let me arm myself with your protection and guidance so that I will know my purpose and mission here in the forest. Let my true spirit soar above the cruelty of these times and may I be a guiding light to others stuck in the outer world.

Florentina the guardian angel of Sophia-lite takes her infant in love and comfort and guides her through the ferns and oak trees left from another age; an age that was building up to the supermarket governments that were in existence now. Florentina manifested as a tall white being of light holding a sword and shield and guided Sophia-lite to the top of a mound where she could view the height of Supajet.co.uk amid tall pines, elders and plum trees. Sophia was small in stature for a 30 year old, bold, cunning and bright yet she often felt alone in the forest in her underground dwelling place when others were not as in tune with their psychic connection as she was. There was a mission to be found and she was now seeking a way forward. She stood on the mound, baring her chest to the wind as she dismantled her brown robe and loose fitting sack trousers. It was always warm now in summer, winter, autumn and spring. Today she had shrouded herself in the cloak and trousers as a way of camouflage and protection, but now she had Florentina as protection and it was too warm to wear clothes. She loved to feel the air on her skin and know that oxygen still existed in the forest. It was the safest place to be on the planet, until the next ozone siren blared out and she had to run underground again. Most of the other forest dwellers were out foraging and gardening. She had decided to forgo food today for the sake of her sacred mission.

She breaths deeply and raises her arms arch like above her head in front of her light filled guardian. ‘Florentina, I wish to know why I’m here and what I’m to do with my life in the forest. It is futile to spend every day foraging, burning fires and gardening. More has to be done but I do not know where to start. Supajet are planning to burn down another part of the forest and we are already cramped here. Food is running out and cannot sustain us. I am tired with constantly trying to survive like a cave person from aeons ago on radiation soaked berries, weavers and ants. We are in the 31st century. Has life not moved on?’

‘Dearest Sophia there is much to be done and I am here to impart an important message to you today, however it would be wise for you to seek the council and wisdom of your other selves before I embark on the details of your mission. Are you willing to see and hear these other aspects of yourself now?’

‘Yes, Florentina, whatever you say. I am willing to look at what I need to see now. I would like to know what my other selves are thinking, feeling and experiencing in this torrid life.’

‘Then, dear Sophia, I shall bring these selves to you one at a time and you may listen and talk to them as you wish.’

As Florentina speaks she starts to fade away into the distance until only a thin stream of light is seen behind an oak tree with the tree spirit face looking at Sophia with a deep love and sadness. Another being emerges, of the same height and appearance of Sophia, yet in a holographic light form. She is Sophia’s higher self. She stoops down and places her hand through the length of Sophia’s body from head to toes. Sophia shivers as she feels her energy rising with a new vibration of purity and love. The being closes her eyes and transmits thought waves into Sophia’s third eye and as she does this Sophia smiles and nods and the being disappears. The next being arrives in holographic imagery in black cloak and golden sword, bearing a candle. The candle and sword are symbolically given to Sophia and she holds these at her heart centre. The male being whispers, ‘Take away that which is no longer needed on your planet and dispense of treachery and untruth.’ He disappears and another appears. This time an elderly man who clasps his chest in fear and weakness. ‘I am growing weak dear child. I have not enough air to breathe, or light to save me from extinction amongst the rest. I cannot go on for much longer in such torturous conditions upon your planet. Go find me a new home. I am ailing much and the sickness upon this planet is drowning me. I am seeking life not death. I am suffering greatly. I represent all those on Earth in these times who believe they are so affluent and healthy yet are withered old men in their true selves. Goodbye Sophia, make me well again else I shall die before the mission has been completed.

Sophia sinks to her knees clasping a mirage of sword and candle which merge with her body to become a part of her. She cries into the ground, her sister, and kneeling up she calls out to God, to Florentina, to the maker of all this, ‘Why have you done this? Why?’ Florentina appears and lifts her up with a light beam. ‘You and many others are suffering Sophia, it is true. They do not have the knowledge you have since many have shrouded themselves in the lies of those who call themselves the leaders. All of you are being attacked day and night to remove any psychic powers you have left. It is only by calling me constantly that you remain intact and can access your other selves. Many have still tried but the powers are getting weaker and weaker as we speak Sophia. It is up to you now to bring people their powers back again and to remove the one that takes it away and takes much else away. Those in leadership are misguided by dark forces which seek to destroy the planet. Now take arms Sophia since you have a big mission ahead of you. Supajet and others must be exterminated. Their power and influence is affecting the survival of your planet in a big way now. They will take every available forest and wood and then reclaim land in other ways. They are seeking to take over the countryside altogether until nature no longer exists. If they do this then there will be little way in which you may access me or your other selves. You will be abandoned here on Earth with no link to reality and to our worlds. The Earth shall be destroyed and many other planets shall be affected as a consequence. Please listen now to the mission I give to you Sophia. It is highly important that you do this for the sake of all humanity.’

Sophia sits upright trying to clutch onto a beam of light, Florentina, but she is not of the physical world. There is no other body to hold. Sophia feels alone in the forest with a mission to save the planet. She has special powers that could be taken away if she is not careful. The whole of humanity is at stake. She clutches her chest in fear. ‘What is it Florentina? What is it I am to do?’ A soft fur paw holds Florentina . She turns round and sees a white squirrel clambering onto her shoulder, the albinos that have grown vole paws with the changing climate. ‘I send her to you Sophia, a gift from the gods: comfort, love and purity in an impure world.’ Sophia lets 3 tear drops fall onto the squirrels back and smiles.

‘I want you to obliterate Supatet Sophia-lite. It is imperative that they go now. You have the power in your third eye to make this happen. They have been in government for longer than is possible in order for the planet to sustain itself. Seek like-minded souls amongst the forest dwellers and lead a circle of you all around the Supanet site. In this way you will form a light bond around its circumference. Through the joining of your third eyes you will send light directly into the core of this organisation which will lead to its final destruction. You need 6 others to complete this task so that there are 7 of you in total, the number of spiritual transformation. That is all Sophia, when you have gathered the 6 return to me and I shall give you further instruction.’

Florentina disappears leaving Sophia sparkling with a new light. She holds the white squirrel in her left hand; kisses its back and returns to the world of the woodland underground dwellers. The task should not be so difficult. Nobody likes Supajet. Everyone here is of like mind though there may be adversaries to the cause all the same. She has to be careful with her choice of comrades.

Claira’s name comes to Sophia at once, a soft and gentle soul with a pure intent in all that she undertakes. Sophia sees Claira tending the vegetables with a stone shovel. The only shovels you can get now are sold in packs of 20 in Supanet and made of a strong plastic that turn into an arsenic type substance when burned. The potatoes are ripe and some carrots popping up. The forest dwellers put up GM crop shields but they can’t keep all the spores out. You have to be careful of the carrots especially. Some end up with fish tails or eyes. Claira is one of the few who uses her magic and psychic powers to protect the vegetables. It’s the only way to make things work in this world. That’s why some of the dwellers have regained their gifts. God has got through to the few who are willing to make things better.

Sophia talks telepathically to Claira, ‘Claira, please help – I have been assigned a mission to obliterate Supanet. My guardian has given me full instructions.’ A scroll of instructions falls in front of Claira’s third eye. ‘Yes, Sophia, I will help. Tell me when you are ready.’ The two spirits part company. Granthiam is next. He is strong, capable, cunning and daring. She runs up to him and holds him tightly on his left arm as he leans on a make-shift spade, his curly black hair dripping in sweat as he shovels earth over the compost pit. He smiles as always, his affections run deep for Sophia though they have never been lovers. She takes her right index finger, places it on her third eye and then onto his. He repeats the gesture and then holds his heart. Mission completed. She has 4 to go.

The third is Angelica, strong assertive and a little aggressive and temperamental at times – but maybe that’s what this mission calls for. Claira is unsure about her but her choice of comrades is limited by people’s psychic skills. Angelica has these in abundance. ‘I am blessed to receive this mission’ she calls from her psychic centre before Claira has even approached her. The thought was enough. In this world thoughts are everything and everywhere and once you have one its action takes flight immediately. Claira skips over to her loving friend, Sparrow. He sits perched on a branch playing the flute like an angel. She has a love attraction to him but she is waiting for guidance from Florentina. She has told her to wait until the grand mission has been completed. A love relationship would be a distraction at this stage. He nods and plays an introduction to an old ballad:

Now this thing methinks is clear enough
For the giants must be stopped
I’ll think a while upon the quest
Though my heart knows where to go
Count me in now for I am blessed
To be within this mission
I’ll do me best
For dear Sophia
Has a heart that is
Golden truth

He sends her a heart shaped kiss in the air which lodges itself under her breast.

Oh, my angel Sparrow, I wish I could just sit up on the tree with you, play music and make love. I wish we could run off to some faraway country where there are no supermarkets, no genetically modified fish carrots and where the sun goes down sometimes where we can be in the darkness and cool air for a while. I wish we could just lie inside an oak tree, sing each other ballads and play flutes. Oh, Sparrow, you are so sweet up there – playing to brighten everyone’s day. I love you so much. Help me to make the supermarket go away please. Once this is done we can be together, somehow. He replies as sweetly inside his head as the noises he makes outside, ‘Oh sweet Sophia, how loving you are. Wait and we will be together very soon. I will do what I can through the vibrations of my music to transform the dust and dirt to star-shine.’ She sees a star-light glisten pour out from his flute. It lands on 2 remaining flowers and makes them grow quickly.

She is suddenly interrupted by the daily announcement booming through the sky from Supajet. ‘Laser-cricket match now on. Book your tickets online at supanet.co.uk or call into the store for more details. With 20 bags of Supanet washing powder or 30 boxes of chocolate-scrubbies get in for free for the first game. Game starts at noon tomorrow till midnight. Hurry! Get your tickets now or loose points on your shopping database. For the greatest 12 hours you’ll ever spend!’

I want to cry for all your sordid little games, brainwashing, scrounging, making money. Oh, how I would kill you all. But I won’t. I’ll just do what Florentina has suggested. She remembered her thought shield just in time before it reached the heads of Supajet. Then she remembered Jacobella, a dark haired beautiful elf like woman in long sarong taking water from the bore hole in typical Aquarian manner. She had Josh the baby in her arm sling and was singing him lullabies. Her soul-partner Darrenella was right for the mission too. She was sitting collecting the water jugs with another baby on its way. They had been to the sperm injector a few times. I never believed in that but they wanted a baby each. They had subtle plans. I drew them together with my palms until we stood in a triangle together. I imparted the knowledge through my third eye and they responded immediately though Jacobella was concerned about Josh. I spoke to Josh but he was happy with the mission and wanted to be involved too. I needed to ask Florentina about that. In my head she told me it was ok for Josh to join and he would not be counted in the 7. His presence held another function.

The team was complete and now she must speak again to Florentina. The forest darkness was shading in a little, not night time as night rarely happened these days – the light was too strong. But smog and Supajet pollution usually creates darkness at this hour. She kept close to the trees for oxygen, clasping the thick bark in her hands and arms like a breathing apparatus. This is what it had become.

Florentina appeared to her immediately. ‘Go back to the others Sophia. You have chosen well though there will be a conflict from one of the group. For now I see that these are the best choices. Gather yourselves around the supermarket at midday tomorrow whilst the game is on. That way the charged Arien energy together with the full moon in Aquarius will aid you. You will be able to disrupt the game as well as the organisation. Be sure that each participant aligns their chakras with one other person and that you align chakras with every person on the team. That way your energies will be enhanced at all levels. Give each person the golden shield of protection and sword of strength; place these symbols within each person’s heart chakra. Circle the Supajet complex and visualise a pyramid of light from its rooftop. Once this has been completed for 30 seconds create a sound beam together utilising Sparrow’s flute and voice together with your voices. Pitch the sound until it has become one specific note of high vibration. Send light around your circle from one to the other and connect to the pyramid of light. This way you will have the optimum power source of light. Direct it through intention to the hub of Supajet and wait silently for any immediate results. Once this has been done the mission will be completed. Summon each person’s guardian spirit and we shall guard the circle while you depart. The rest will happen in its own time but it is imperative that you each remain positive in your thoughts and have faith that transformation and disruption of this organisation is not only possible but vital for the survival of the planet.’ With her last words Florentina disappeared again leaving Sophia feeling overwhelmed and anxious with such responsibility and power. She felt the bark of the tree again, holding her up somehow in an unstable, unsafe world. She hugged the tree tightly and heard the tree spirit whisper in her ear, ‘you are safe with us Sophia. Your mission is important. We are keeping you alive, safe and protected. Always come to us in times of distress or physical discomfort as we have the power to heal and transform also.’

‘Thank you oak.’ She cried into the soft bark.

The night was quiet as usual; sound blockers were working and the only way to keep out incessant sound messages from Supajet and other government forces. They try to disrupt sleep with brain-washing messages about how you have to get 20 bags of sex protectors, or 500 disposable chairs for the party you have to have next week. They make them out of degradable plastic but you still throw them in the pits and buy more when you have another party – no-one wants 500 chairs. But it’s cheaper than getting 30. Then most people get a heli-flier and fly people in for gatherings and meetings and they sell very well apparently in Supajet.

Anyway, the sound blockers mean I get to sleep now. Before I was dream and sleep deprived. They do that to city dwellers, but we run the blockers on solar power. We don’t receive any subliminal sound messages in our underground homes here. The earth is our protector and the trees our life force. I’ve called the team to a chanting and movement session in the morning to charge up our energies and clear chakras for the big mission. I wish I didn’t have this job sometimes, too much responsibility. But I want to do it. I want it to work. Something has to shift soon. Something has to cool down or the planet will explode. We sleep in our thin hemp covers and even then we get sweaty. Winter is the best month now – at least we get the winds and a few cold rain showers, not like the hot ones in summer. The rain can burn your skin quite badly. I hate that. It makes it dangerous to be outside often. When I think about it all, it just fires me up even more to disrupt their government corporation which believes we’d all die if we didn’t watch laser-cricket every week. The reality is actually they know people die every time they watch it – it’s another way they get into our psychic centres and cut them off. They’re just trying to gradually kill everyone and the planet and it’s us in the forests who know what’s really going on.

Morning – never a good time, the sound blockers go off and the clanging and banging and voice messages and sirens all go off at the same time somehow. Someone has to adjust the blockers to make them work again. People scuttle around lighting fires and searching for beetles or pine nuts or some vegetable that may have survived. And then we have a group hug. This morning was going to be very different.

Through my third eye I summon the team before the fires are lit. I send a light beam to each of the 7 third eyes and gradually each team member appears through the sun streamed, pollution of forest morning. Claira is first, bathed in light her naked body appears through the trees. Others come, some in their sack trousers or hemp chemises of different pastel colours. Jacobella and Darrenella are naked this morning carrying Josh between them to enhance his energies and create a family energetic bond through their chakras. The booming of Supajet’s voice has begun already. It is about 5am though we have no time in the forest. We watch the sun. ‘Get your tickets online at Supajet.co.uk or buy in store for further offers – major laser cricket match on today 12-12.’ The sound blockers don’t even work against these blatant messages but the important thing is to keep the subliminal ones out. It’s imperative that we start the chanting now and focus. Today is the weekly holiday so everyone goes to the match. It keeps people focused on the wrong thing – that’s how it works. There will be a lot of energy to work against today yet a lot of dark energy to disrupt too.

We join hands in a circle of 7 with our index fingers touching each one by our side. Josh has chosen to sit in the middle gurgling. He represents the birth of something new and positive. He has offered himself as the symbol. I am grateful for his foresight and integrity. He will be a great leader. I lead a forest chant of love, light and blessings from the other worlds with protection from the nymph and tree kingdoms. We pitch our voices higher and higher until we have blocked out the voice of Supajet. My etheric and physical bodies are vibrating at a high frequency now. I am shaking, trembling, we all are. I feel light emanating out of my crown chakra and merging with the others. It is incredible that our group has enough power to do this. I feel inspired now. The mission is possible. Yet I see Angelica becoming restless. She is not in tune with the rest. Her energies are withdrawing. Her weakness and resistance creates a group weakness. Some begin to fall to the ground, breathing becomes rapid. There is a piercing deep in my heart. It is all changing again.

‘I don’t want to do this Sophia. Why are we working so hard before the mission has even started?’ She’s gone into Earth mode. Some get affected even here. Her psychic centre is so powerful she picks up magnified disruptive energies. I look into her auric field. She is absorbing all the negativity of the group. I call Claira telepathically. ‘Angelica, we have to chant to raise our energies for the mission.’ Claira and I work on her energetic body, removing the lower, darker thought waves with our third eyes. ‘Yeah, but you have to be the leader in all this, why’s that? Why you Sophia-lite? Who has chosen you? What qualifications make you so special? I mean, what makes you suddenly a leader on a big mission? Or is that too great a question for you?’

I feel my stomach burning. I do light work on her aura but I am being drawn into the disruptive energies. I don’t want to lead this mission. I want to sit up in a tree and make love with Sparrow. I want to fly away with him somewhere. I want to disappear off the planet altogether. This wasteland is no home for anyone. I don’t like my leadership job but I have been assigned it. I need to do this job. If I say all this the mission may fail. I must be strong. I cannot be drawn into an argument but somehow I want one. I don’t like Angelica talking to me like this. Part of me believes what she is saying. Why me? What special gifts do I really have?

Sparrow intuitively helps. He raises his left arm upwards and his right takes his tiny bird whistle. The sound vibration is beautiful. ‘So you think you’re going to make a difference with that do you?’ Angelica is un-moved. ‘Ok, it’s a difficult mission, I know that, yet it’s not. We have been given specific instructions and this could lead to the collapse of Supajet. We have an opportunity today. We are a team of 7. I have been assigned this leadership role by Florentina. The mission and my task are for the highest good of all on this planet. Listen to this truth Angelica. Let’s place our negative feelings and thoughts into the disposal pit which I am placing 3 feet above us.’ The sound of screams, yells and panic emerges from every mouth until the pit is full and sent off to sky disposal unit. ‘Thank-you’ Angelica has agreed to continue. All negativity removed.